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Introducing Vaping Excellence With The Innokin iTaste SVD2.0

Today we are extremely proud to announce the ground breaking alliance of Innokin and Evolv; the two leaders of electronic cigarette technology and advanced personal vaporizers and have joined forces in a partnership that has created a force unequaled.

The international vaping community has demanded that we produce a next generation device powered by Evolv technology and we are very happy to be able to fulfil this wish and exceed your expectations.

Vapers demand more power, more intelligence, more control and more durability. We need more in our vaporizers and we need them to be intuitive to operate, enjoyable to hold and incredible to look at.

To create the ultimate vaping device the teams at Innokin and Evolv have worked closely together over the past 8 months and have created a revolution in vaping that is also destined to be a milestone in vaping history. We have created the SVD2.0.

The iTaste SVD2.0 is a device that is powerful and beautiful, ultra-intelligent and also priced perfectly.

Read more in our full blog post on the Innokin itaste SVD2.0 here

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