Endura T18 Vape Pen

The Innokin Endura T18 Vape Pen is the ultimate smoking alternative that delivers a superior experience in a compact, durable and affordable all in one kit.

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Innokin Endura® T18  Vape Pen profile

The Innokin Endura T18  Vape Pen is Perfect for Beginners. Great for Vapers !

Optimized Power Output and Tank Design deliver Amazing Flavor and Vapor!

Long Lasting, Easy to Charge 1000mAh Battery with built in overheat & Safety Protections.

Easy to Top-Fill 2.5ml Tank made with Top Quality Stainless Steel & Pyrex Glass!

Simply fill with your favorite eliquid, Click the button and get ready for a Great Vape!

The Innokin Endura T18 Vape Pen is the ultimate smoking alternative vape starter kit that delivers a superior experience in a compact, durable and affordable all in one kit.

Crafted with top quality materials, the Innokin Endura T18 is a 1 button, easy to fill & easy to use affordable vape pen that is durable, compact and stylish.

Optimized at 14 Watts with 1.5Ω replaceable coils, the Endura T18 vape starter kit delivers a perfect vaping experience every time. The Endura T18 Pyrex and Stainless 2.5ml Tank is top-fill for quick and clean refills and the Japanese organic cotton wicking material delivers maximum flavors from your favorite eliquids.

Advanced integrated safety protections guard against overheating and over discharge and greatly improve charging safety and overall reliability.

With 1000mAh of real battery capacity, it can be conveniently charged via standard Micro USB cable and features Innokin’s ‘Vape While Charging’ technology for a daily vaporizer that you can rely on.

The Innokin Endura T18 is an all in one vaporizer solution that is beautifully packaged (24mm thick) and includes the Endura T18 battery, Prism T18 Tank, Replacement Coil, Micro USB cord, and Vape Stand. Contact your favorite Innokin Sales representative today for more information and order the new Innokin Endura T18 complete vaping kit.

To download the Endura T18 Complete Vaping System Pictures , Click here http://imgur.com/a/JLQ8r


Endura T18 Vape Pen review


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  1. This appears to be an excellent option for those new to vaping; perhaps even a viable backup for more experienced vapers. Well done, and thanks for your contributions to the industry.

  2. yup.
    I thinks so. ENDURA is a very excellent vaporize for those new vapor customer. Recommed this option positively.

  3. I am a seasoned vapour and have just added this one to my ever growing collection. Great flavours produced with a sleek design

    • Thank you Rob!

      Innokin is very happy that you are satisfied with the ENDURA.
      Thank you for your interest and we will work hard to provide you with only the best products!

  4. I was supposed to have won one of these in Twitter Xmas competition. After giving out my personal details I haven’t heard anything. No answer in emails or Twitter. Was there a comp or was it a scam? Thanks

  5. This is a fun device, there are a few drawbacks however. I’ve had one for only around 2 1/2 weeks, yet I’m already on my 3rd coil, because the wick can’t be relied upon to stay wet without manually rolling the tank on its side every now and then to make sure the top (where the coil is) is actually staying wet. Today I burned the my 2nd wick out after only a few days use and with a half a tank of liquid still in it. I walked out of a store and got it from my pocket, turned it back on and went to take a drag and poof. Burned cotton and nothing to vape until I got home and replaced yet another pricey coil. Also I think I got one of the original batch with the firing issue because around 4 times now the button has gotten stuck, I just looked up the replacement process and it sounds like too much hassle to deal with, but that’s not such a big deal really. I just can’t see parting with the battery since I use it with an Ifree20 tank and kind of prefer that setup. The prism has a lot more spitback then you might be accustomed to from bottom coil setups, and is a pretty warm vape.

    • got replacement battery and put in new coil, filled up tank, let it sit about 10 minutes. Rolled it around on its side to make sure juice was getting into all the holes, fired it up…and disgusting burnt cotton. Really getting sick of this device now. Top coil is a horrible idea. Stop this nonsense.

  6. Just got this yesterday. I must say, it is simplicity at its best, with a sleek design. I am a smoker. I am looking forward to adding the word ‘former’ to my previous statement. I feel that I can finally do that with the Endura T18. As a super busy mom, I dont have time to build coils or spend any real time dealing with the device that is replacing cigarettes for me. That is what makes the Endura so wonderful, it is easy to prep, easy to use, and totally satisfying. I have tried many vaporizers, and so far the Endura is my absolute favorite as far as design and convenience. Flavors really pop with this device, making the draw that more meaningful. I look forward to continuing on my journey to be cigarette free, with Innokin leading the way.

  7. I’ve had this for about a week now and like it a lot better than my halo triton. Much much better vapor production and flavor is outstanding. I need some guidance on choosing the proper wall charger. Do I need to be worried what mA number the charger is as long as it’s CE/UL stamped? Is there a mA number that is too high? For example my kindle charger does something like 1.8A. Or on the other hand is there a number too low? Or do the mA just effect charging speed and I should focus on high quality ce/ul? Same question for desktop PC’s. Does USB 3.0 vs 2.0 matter or should we be okay with any modern desktop/laptop USB port?

    Thanks so much for any guidance you can provide.

  8. Hi, i do reviews, i lost the name of my contact, so i am contacting you direct. I never heard back. Can you please email me the contact person i dealt with? never received a T18 so i bought one.

    I never received one for review so i bought a silver kit. I have to say, i absolutely love it. Ive been vaping since 2011, but i have never been able to sub ohm. I am a mouth to lung hitter, and 1.5 ohms is perfect, especially if you like a higher vg content. I am vaping at 1.5 ohms 80vg 20pg no problems. First tank ever….no leaking. Love the top fill.

    If you want to change juice or change the coil, you will definately lose juice with this tank. If you even have a minor amount of juice, it will come out all over the place out of the mouthpiece. There is no way of preventing this from happening. THE DESIGN IS GREAT ACCEPT FOR SEVERAL FLAWS. If it comes out when you remove the coil make sure juice does not go into the top hole of coil head. It will flood it. ALSO, THICKER RUBBER SEAL NEEDED ON TOP OF COIL HEAD, AND SILICONE SEAL NEEDS TO BE PUT ON BOTTOM OF TANK where it screws into place

    Perfect tank, would use only this, if changes made. Planning to get 10 more of tgese tanks if changes made
    1. Rubber seal top of coil head…make thicker to make tighter seal
    2. Rubber seal bottom of coil where is screws in
    3.gasket near mouthpiece, so that juice does not leak when laying on its side
    4. Change design where you can pull out the coil head without juice coming out the other end

  9. Hello, my husband and I just received these and are looking forward to using them. One question, though: what are the assorted sizes of rubber rings meant to be used for? Thanks!

  10. My missus bought me one of the t18 s a couple weeks ago and have so much trouble with the battery it says it’s fully charged ie a constant green colour led but nothing when I press the button to vape! It’s done this a few times now then just decides to work after a while for a few hours and stops working again it’s not the battery running low cos it never has a chance to run down and go red!! So annoyed I just wanna Cape for gods sake! Please help ! Quick

  11. Hi there I brought one a week ago and its over heating it lights up. Changed the coil but has made no difference. Can anyone help ? It’s burning my insides. Thank you

    • Hi Jo.

      Do you mean the coil is getting too hot? Try filling the tank to the top and let it sit for 10 minutes. Afterwards, take 2-3 second puffs and see if the flavor and heat have improved.

  12. Hi, I recently bought this product and the vape is very hot and has a nasty taste in my mouth after depressing the button for just 1-2 seconds. Please advise, thanks, Josh

    • Hi Josh.

      Try filling the tank to the very top with your favorite eliquid and let it sit for about 10 minutes before vaping. It should give you smooth, warm flavor.

      If the coil already in your tank is burnt, please replace it with a new one.

      I hope this helps!

  13. Hi
    I love the Endura – But i have a problem.

    I’m thinking that it’s time to change the coil. I’ve just spent an hour fiddling with it but I can’t get it to fire.
    Old coil still works so I’ve that back in.
    I’ve tried cleaning all of the connections but it still won’t work. The light stays on green for a while but no firing.
    Any ideas?

  14. Just wanted to post and say how great this device is. Found giving up my long-term 20 a day habit very easy – and now actually prefer vaping. Was previously using a Mudder vape stick and thought that was fine. However, since the first pull on the T18 I can see that it is a superior experience. Well made, quality piece of kit. Well done!

  15. I was very unhappy with the charging and battery life. It dies within an hour. I’ve tried different chargers as well. Really disappointed after all the reviews I read about it.

  16. It produces some very tasty flavor from your e-liquid. I was blown away at just how good my liquid started tasting. I will definitely buy more for friends and family. It’s really easy to use as well. It is the perfect beginner kit.

  17. I’ve just purchased one of these, and been using it for a few days. What tank would you recommend as a second as I like to vary flavours?

  18. Hi, having problems replacing coil, could you confirm name of the 1.5 ohm coil for tank on T18.

  19. I just replaced (for the first time) my coil on the endura T18. I replaced it, added the liquid, turned it on and waited about 5 minutes then tried it. Now it taste SOOO burnt!!! What did I do wrong?

  20. Been using the T18 for a few days now and I’m impressed.A really nice piece of equipment and provides a really enjoyable vape.What I would like to know is where can I get an Innokin backup battery? Searched everywhere I can on the Internet with no joy.

    • Hi Richard.

      We unfortunately do not offer batteries as a stand alone product. However, we have received a lot of feedback on this and have plans for better options for our Endura mods in the future. In the meantime, if you’d like a spare battery, I would recommend ordering a second Endura. Thank you!

  21. Hi!

    Today I got my first ever vaporizer and now I am a T18 owner. I like it so far, a good alternative for my everyday cigarette.

    But I have a problem :
    In the manual it says “vape while charging” but it doesn’t seem to work. Maybe I just don’t know how to turn it on while it’s plugged in.

    Thanks in advance!
    Keep up the good work!

  22. I got this product literally yesterday and I have had nothing but problems with it. From the start it’s been doin noting but burning my throat and I’m not getting the juice flavor, I’m getting a burnt flavor as well as taste. Every now and then I’ll get it to give me actual juice flavor with no burning, but now, when I press the button it is lighting up green for a few seconds and not doing anything. I’m really angry because I didn’t buy this to have a product that doesn’t work, I’m really trying to quit smoking cigarettes and this is not helping and quit honestly adding more stress that I just spent this money on this for nothing

    • Hi Cheyenne. A few questions for you:

      What VG/PG ratio and nicotine line is the ejuice you’re using?
      Did you fill the tank up to the top and let it sit for a little while before its first use?
      Have you tried swapping the coil out for a new one?(The original one may be a dud)

      Generally, when you burn cotton in your coil, that flavor will last for the remainder of a coil’s life, and it’s hard to get the flavor to go away. If you can answer those questions hopefully I can better help you resolve your issue. Thank you.

  23. I just want to sing the praises for Innokin Endura T-18s!! I now own three of them and the vape is great. I smoked a pack a day for nearly 50 years and have been able to quit thanks to vaping. Your T-18 outperforms my first mod, too (it was a Christmas gift from my sweet son – a Kanger SubVod) because I am a MTL ‘hitter’ and your product just hits the mark for me. AND it doesn’t spit, gurgle or leak (which I absolutely love and cannot say about either of my Cubis or iSub tanks). What more could an ex-smoker want? I have no desire to build my own coils or vape something that takes 2-4 batteries I have to synch up and fiddle with. I just want to put in the juice & vape! Thank you Innokin – much ♥ to the developers & those who test the products to make them safe. That is HUGE to me. Thanks again and again!

  24. I just got the T18 today and for a newbie at this, it works grrreat. I should be ride of those nasty butts in no time.
    I would like some extra tanks to use other flavors in what should I be asking for?

    Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Michael!

      Spare tanks are not currently offered directly from us, however you may be able to find them online. If not, purchasing a new T18 kit should suffice!

      Hope this helps.

  25. I have been enjoying mine for as few months now. I just ordered the Joytech AIO to see if it would be better and I can tell you that it is not. IMO the T18 has the perfect draw while the AIO is much looser, even with 1.5 coils. The T18 has superior flavor and the coils last much longer. This led me to order another T18 which should arrive next week.

    Now for the next model, try to shrink it down a bit and have a larger battery and tank capacity. :)

  26. I wanted to do a review on this but never received it. I bought 1, loved it so much I bought 5 more as gifts. I want to say…..I have been vaping since 2011. I am one of those people that cannot sub ohm. I have done many reviews on several other companies and I have to say this is my favorite in 6 years. If you change the model I will be so upset. I love the tan Is, the first tank that has not leaked until now, I’m guessing because of the rubber gaskets. The only negative I have about it is 1.when you have to change out t he coil you lose all your juice, so try to syringe it out from the top be for opening. Also, supply extra one rings or make thicker ones. These of rings wear out quick. So if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but INNOKIN, THE ONLY THINGS I WOULD FIX IS HOW TO CHANCE THE CO IL WITH OUT LOS ING THE JUICE. otherwise best in class for mouth to lung hitters. Good flavor, can handle high vg. LOVE IT.

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