Advancement in E-cigarette technology: Temperature Control

Following the e cigarette boom, there have been various technological advancements that have been made to improve the performance of vaping. When e-cigarettes were first introduced into our society, it was a marvel that sparked many people to view it as an alternative to smoking. This idea has spurred on many companies to arise and undertake the task of developing this device into one that will not only satisfy the users desire to smoke but also provide a safer and less harmful method of smoking, or as it is called, vaping.

In Adrianne Jeffries article, “Circuit vapers: the e-cig is getting an upgrade”, which can be found online on The Verge, Jeffries mentions that ‘“we’re seeing this e-cigarette category grow exponentially,’ Cordisco says. ‘It’s already a $1.8 billion industry and it just really came here and started in the US in 2007. This inflection point with e-cigs is really reflective of adult smokers’ desire to look for alternatives that are a better fit with the 21st century’”. With the demand for e cigarettes on a continuous rise, vape companies have constantly refined their products to fit the needs of their customers. What started off with the Minis and Ego e-cigarettes have upgraded into Mod devices, the device that is in trend currently.

One of the latest technological advancement that e-cigarettes have undergone is the temperature control ability. According to Tim Hanlon in Gizmag he states in his article “Temperature-controlled e-cigs: The next giant leap in harm reduction of nicotine use?” that “there are a growing number of electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) with temperature control functionality, allowing a fool-proof way to avoid either the overheating Propylene Glycol (PG) and Glycerine (VG), the common carrier liquids for nicotine and flavoring, or a ‘dry puff’, where the wick becomes too dry to produce vapor, and simply burns instead”.

Temperature control for e-cigarettes opens up a new platform that creates greater potential for e-cigarettes in becoming the ultimate replacement for traditional cigarettes. The benefits of temperature controllable e-cigarettes has been outline by the E-Cigarette Lobby as they claim that there are two main reasons why it is good to choose devices with this function. The first is the “Temperature control makes vaping safer. We all know that vaping is safer than smoking as it seldom contains nicotine or any other harmful chemical ingredients. However, improper use of high wattage box mods may cause damage to vaping device or even explosion. Vaping devices with temperature control function can limit the temperature before it goes too high to avoid burning coils, dry liquid and explosion of the batteries”. The second reason that was stated was that “temperature control provides you with a better and more enjoyable vaping experience. Temperature-control mod will give you a hint by cutting off power when the temperature is too high, otherwise the coil may be burned and the liquid may be dry, which may definitely produce undesirable flavor. Fortunately, by using temperature-control vape devices, when you want the vapor to be warmer, you can simply adjust the wattage a bit higher and the temperature control board will automatically adjust the voltage to provide you with warmer vapor and provide you with better and more enjoyable vaping experience”.

With the invention of the e-cigarettes, there have been hot debates between two opposing sides. One side claiming that e-cigarettes are an adequate alternative to traditional cigarettes while the other argued that there are still dangers that are still unknown. However, with new innovations such as temperature control, e-cigarettes are becoming a device that users may rely on for both safety and performance. Even while e-cigarettes are already seen as a safer alternative to smoking, with the constant technological development regarding e-cigarettes, users who want to quit smoking may look forward to vaporizers that fulfill both the crave for cigarettes along with safety from the diseases that follow from smoking traditional cigarettes.

E-cigarettes Boom in Korea

With the rise of e cigarette in our society today, we can see it becoming a world phenomenon. In the case of South Korea, the e-cigarette boom has come only recently. Though most people were still smoking traditional cigarettes, the e-cigarette boom has only occurred starting in the year 2014.

The incident that spurred on the popularity of e-cigarettes in Korea was due to the tax enforced upon traditional cigarettes. According to Gary Cox on the “use of electronic cigarettes ballooned in Korea in 2014(after an 80% tax hike on tobacco products was imposed).Sales growth for vape grew steadily but incrementally through the first 8 months, took a slight dip in September, when the tax was announced, then doubled in October, and by the end of the year two months later, had doubled the October figure again”.

The Korean government acknowledging that Korea has one of the highest smoking populations in the world attempted to reduce this figure by imposing more tax on tobacco use. Though the government had increased the cigarette price by 500 won in the year 2004, this time they raised the price of cigarettes by about 2000 won which is equivalent to approximately 2 U.S. dollars. Currently, the price for traditional cigarettes in South Korea is about 4500 won. Additionally, the Korean government has banned all smoking in bars and restaurants and is enforcing this law by fining those to choose not to comply.

In response, many South Koreans turned to the e-cigarettes as a new alternative to cut back or quit traditional smoking. According to Kim Jung-Yoon in Korea JoongAng Daily News, “The e-cigarette market was booming overseas before the device became popular in Korea because tobacco prices are usually higher in foreign markets”. However, with the increased cigarette prices, “The global market, which was worth $20 million in 2008, has surged to $1.7 billion at the end of last year. The local market was estimated to be worth 50 billion won as of January. There are currently 2,000 types of e-cigarettes available, most of which are produced by small and medium manufacturers” (Kim Jung-Yoon). The e-cigarette market is still expected to grow in Korea as new devices such as the relatively new mod devices are starting to find their way to Korea.

The price seems to have been a key player in spurring on the popularity of e-cigarettes in Korea. Also included in Kim Jung-Yoon’s article is about a 30-year-old pilot, Kim Joon-hong who has switched to using e-cigarettes from traditional cigarettes. Not wanting to quit entirely, he says “I usually smoke one pack of cigarettes a day, which used to cost me around 75,000 won a month. Now that the prices of cigarettes have almost doubled, it will cost me around 150,000 won per month, however, with the e-cigarette, I only spend around 30,000 won for the nicotine liquid, which lasts a month”.

With an increased population of e-cigarette users along with the high demand and popularity of such products, more South Koreans can be seen using e-cigarettes. As the development with e-cigarettes continues, new devices such as the mod, which is still quite uncommon in Korea, is showing signs of emerging.

With the increased tax on cigarettes and the government showing no signs of reducing the prices, one can predict that the demand for e-cigarettes in South Korea will continue to increase. Though the South Korean government is still imposing restrictions on e-cigarettes as well as labeling them as equally harmful or even more harmful than traditional cigarettes, the trend in Korea shows that the general smoking population is regarding e-cigarettes as an effective alternative to that of traditional cigarettes in both price and health.

Undermined Factor of E-cigarette

When users of e cigarette purchase their products, they tend to mainly look at the vaporizers or the batteries. However, as customers advance their products into bigger and more enhanced e-cigarettes, they also need to take into consideration which tank they would like to use for their products. It is important to note that not all vaporizers are compatible with the tanks available on the market. Also, depends on the tank, the taste or feel while vaping may differ. According to the Quit Smoking Community, “Many people have no idea what they do or what the difference between them is. But understanding these components of electronic cigarettes is the key to making smart purchasing decisions and ensuring you have the best vape experience”. Many people tend to undermine the importance of tanks while only thinking about the vaporizer themselves but there exist a great variety of tanks and choosing the right one may determine the satisfaction of the product.

The three categories that divide the function of the e-cigarette are the atomizer, clearomizer, and the cartomizer. It is clear that every electronic cigarette contains an atomizer, as it is the atomizer that converts the e-juice into vapor. Basically, the clearomizer and the cartomizer have the atomizer that allows it to function.

First, the battery that allows the coils to heat up the e-juice, creating it into vapor, powers the atomizer. The difference, according to the Quit Smoking Community, is that “when the atomizer is by itself in the pen (i.e. without a clearomizer or cartomizer) then the liquid usually drips straight onto the atomizer. The atomizer has a soft wick on it that absorbs the liquid and helps regulate how much liquid is permitted near the coil at once. This ensures that not too much vapor is being produced and that the liquid burns at a reasonable rate to allow for lengthy vaping sessions. This is called ‘drippin’”. It is said that because dripping allows the e-juice to directly get in contact with the atomizer, it created the most flavor but it is also has a negative aspect in that it is more inconvenient in the sense that you must clean your device more often and it is ore prone to leaking. Also, another downside is that it is diffilcult to determine how much e-juice you have left.

The clearomizer is beneficial in that, like the name, it is clear allowing users to see how much e-juice one has left in their device. Clearomizers come in difference sizes and according to the preference of the users; one may choose a bigger one that enables it to contain more e-juice. Clearomizers are also customizable in the sense that users may “add more coils to produce more vapor” (Quit Smoking Community). Even amongst the clearomizers, there are a variety of choices, each appealing different aspects that must be considered when purchasing. The Quit Smoking Community has conveniently indicated these differences as they list the different types. First, the “top coil clearomizer creates a nice, warm vapor. That’s because it is so close to the atomizer head. These are the easiest kinds of clearomizers to refill, since you can fill them up from the top”. The next is the ‘bottom coil’ which “has great wicking, and the vapor quality is excellent. And it produces a very cool vapor, which is great if that is what you prefer. You won’t have to worry about the vapor burning your throat. Lastly, the ‘multiple coils’ allows “you can receive more vapor and a stronger throat hit. And it may surprise you that two coils make for a cooler vapor. That’s because the coils are spread out, so that heat is spread out as well, making for a cooler interior temperature”.

The Quit Smoking Community also explains the difference between the cartomizers and the clearomizers as “both of them have a coil and a tank, but they work a little differently in the way they send liquid to the coil. A cartomizer can be packed with a material known as a poly-fill, which is an artificial filler. This basically makes the cartomizer cartridge un-fillable”. The cartomizer also has different types and these are divided into the ‘vertical coil’ and the ‘horizontal coil’. The vertical coil “runs the length of the cartridge, and it is surrounded by poly-fill. There is no wick involved at all” while “with the horizontal coil, there is no poly-fill. But you don’t have to contend with the wicks. The wick can sometimes be too thick and hard to keep wet”.

As one can see from the information provided above, there are a variety of different choices that users have to choose from. According to what the vaper wants from their devices, they should be keen on choosing the right product that will produce the desired outcome.

Research on E-cigarettes

With a vast number of people starting to use e-cigarette, there has been a certain level of research done regarding this area. As the idea of e-cigarette is a relatively new concept, the research is still ongoing as there the claim is that still more research needs to be done. However, many researches indicate e-cigarette to be an alternative to smoking as it has shown on many cases, to aid people in quitting traditional cigarettes.

According to Konstantinos E. Farsalinos, Riccardo Polosa, and the research done by the US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, “Electronic cigarettes are a recent development in tobacco harm reduction. They are marketed as less harmful alternatives to smoking. Awareness and use of these devices has grown exponentially in recent years, with millions of people currently using them. This systematic review appraises existing laboratory and clinical research on the potential risks from electronic cigarette use, compared with the well-established devastating effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes. Currently available evidence indicates that electronic cigarettes are by far a less harmful alternative to smoking and significant health benefits are expected in smokers who switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes. Research will help make electronic cigarettes more effective as smoking substitutes and will better define and further reduce residual risks from use to as low as possible, by establishing appropriate quality control and standards”.

The research regarding e-cigarettes is constantly an ongoing process as the e-cigarette industries continue to develop new products. Quite naturally, the research that is being done is regarding the safety issues of these products as they are being claimed as a healthier alternative to that of traditional cigarettes, which has obvious harmful effects on smokers. Looking further into the research done by the US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, “the authors concluded that, based on chemical analysis, ECs (electronic cigarettes) are far less harmful compared with tobacco cigarettes. The most comprehensive study on TSNAs (tobacco-specific nitrosamines) has been performed recently by a South Korean group, evaluating 105 liquids obtained from local retailers. On average, they found 12.99ng TSNAs per ml of liquid, with the amount of daily exposure to the users estimated to be similar to users of NRTs (nicotine replacement therapy). The estimated daily exposure to nitrosamines from tobacco cigarettes (average consumption of 15 cigarettes per day) is estimated to be up to 1800 times higher compared with e-cigarette use”.

Many studies have shown to prove the use of e-cigarette as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Not only research done by this particular institute indicate this as others such as Michael B. Siegel, MD, a professor at Boston University School of Public Health has also stated that “There’s enough data to conclude that they are much safer than regular cigarettes, and for smokers who are having trouble quitting using other methods, they’re much better off switching to electronic cigarettes”.

The development of e-cigarettes shows great potential of bringing about improved public health worldwide. Though, as mentioned before, e-cigarettes are a fairly new topic, there are hundreds of ongoing researches that indicate the use of e-cigarette as more beneficial to that of traditional smoking. Though there is still a divide between people who still claim that e-cigarette may pose further problems, with the development of e-cigarette technologies and extensive research done by prominent researchers and e-cigarette industries, vape has the potential to become a mind-blowing phenomenon with influence that could bring about enhanced public health. Just in the U.S smoking is responsible for 480,000 deaths. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claim “tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States. As e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, vaping can be seen as a factor that could prevent thousands of deaths worldwide.

Trends in E-cigarettes

As the idea of e-cigarette was first introduced in the year 2003, over the course of a little over a decade, the popularity of e-cigarettes has exponentially risen. However, though the product was introduced in 2003, the increase in the awareness of this product highly increased from the year 2010 to 2013.

According to a study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “The journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research has published a new study that focuses on adult awareness and use of electronic cigarettes. Researchers from CDC and Georgia State University found that from 2010 to 2013, awareness grew to 80% and use of e-cigarettes more than doubled amount U.S. adults. In 2013, approximately 8 in 10 adults were aware of e-cigarettes, while nearly 1 in 10, or 20.4 million individuals, had ever tried the products at least once. E-cigarette use was especially prominent among current and former cigarette smokers”.

With an increased awareness and more demands for e-cigarettes, there has been a trend in what kind of products users are purchasing. Along with the development of vaporizers, people are constantly looking for more to enhance their vape experience. According to Tyler McCanus in Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews, he states, “while the typical consumer may have started off with a Blu e-cig and found it wasn’t cutting it, they went looking for more. This next year (2015) we’ll see more of that, as current vapers become less wary of handling e-liquid and many will take that next step up”.

E-cigarette industries are constantly on the rise as e-cigarettes, according to Tyler McCanus, “are still that hot as they are a hot topic in pop culture, a topic on capital hill, and a hot topic among smokers”. People are constantly looking for that better, more advanced and cool device to use as an alternative to smoking. In a sense, it has become a method of socializing with others. As many have started of with products that actually look like traditional cigarettes (Minis), they have upgraded into Ego or Mod products to enhance their vaping.

A current trend of e-cigarette is that users have been upgrading their devices into mod devices. The reason for this mainly lies in the fact that Mod devices can be customized to fit the needs and preferences of the users. Many mods that are available in the market today allow users to modify not only the looks of their devices but also the settings to create more power and better taste. For example, Innokin’s latest devices such as the CoolFire IV, iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro, and the all latest Disrupter allow users to adjust the voltage and wattage of the device according to the users desires. Though Minis and Ego electronic cigarette are more common across the world, users of mod devices are increasingly rising.

It is important that users remain satisfied with their products. As there are new products that are released into the market that provide users with new settings and more options, people are constantly changing their devices. This again shows the increasing popularity of mod devices as users have shown great satisfaction with these vaporizers. A study by Smoking in England “shows that rates of quitting smoking increased from 2011” and also claim that “E-cigarettes may have helped approximately 20,000 smokers to stop in 2014 who would not have stopped otherwise”.

With the notion of e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking, users are constantly on the look for the best devices to satisfy the craving caused by traditional cigarettes. The trend today is currently leaning towards the latest mod devices. However, as trends constantly change, perhaps in the future, we can look forward to a new device that will grasp the attention of all smokers.

What are e-cigarettes?

Though e cigarette (electronic cigarettes) has been growing in popularity at an exceptionally fast pace, there are still smokers who are unaware of its existence. The rise of e-cigarettes has been highly controversial, debating whether e-cigarettes are safe or not. However, the structure and make-up of the e-cigarette shows to be advanced technologically and safer as it does not contain tobacco and doesn’t even produce the second hand smoke.

The e-cigarette is essentially a vaporizer that is powered by a battery to produce vapor that creates a similar feeling to that of traditional smoking. However, like mentioned before, e-cigarettes do not include tobacco. Users inhale the vapor that contains nicotine with a flavoring of their choice followed by a few other chemicals. The flavor and amount of nicotine and chemicals all depend on the liquid that the user selects. As a result, the amount of nicotine, chemicals and the flavor may differ according to the users preference and some fluids do not contain nicotine at all.

As there are hundreds of vape industries, accordingly, there are various different models and shapes of electronic cigarette. If categorized into three main categories, e-cigarettes can be divided into what is called ‘Mini’, ‘Ego’, and ‘Mod’. Mini refers to the e-cigarettes that actually look like traditional cigarettes, Ego represents a device that is slightly larger than traditional cigarettes that often come in the shape that resembles a pen, and the Mod can come in various shaped but are bigger and produce more power than of Minis and Egos.

The way that most e-cigarettes operate is through three different components. These three are the cartridge, vaporizer, and the battery. The cartridge holes the liquid that contains the nicotine, flavoring and other chemicals while the vaporizer acts as a heating device that created this liquid into vapor that the user inhales. Finally, the battery is what powers the vaporizer to function the way it does. The way most of these devices are activated is by the use of buttons to fire the vaporizer. In the case of some mod e-cigarettes, leading industries like Innokin have created some models where the users may customize their mod to adjust the voltage and wattage of their device.

The liquid that is transmitted into the cartridge is called e-liquid or e-juice. According to Christian Nordqvist in Medical News Today, “Typically, they contain hundreds of flavors. For those desiring nicotine without smoke, the solution contains nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin – both common food additives. Experts say propylene glycol has had no serious known side effects since the 1950s when it was included in nebulizers and asthma inhalers”.

The e-cigarette is a device that was founded in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik. Over the past decade, it has evolved into a highly technological device that many smokers are looking for. The e-cigarette is appealing to smokers based on a variety of factors. One of them is mentioned by Christian Nordqvist on Medical News Today who states “Manufacturers say they are an alternative for tobacco smokers who want to avoid inhaling smoke. Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 different chemicals, many of which are hazardous for human health”. Thus, e-cigarettes are not only technologically advanced and cool devices, but they are also devices that may aid people in living a healthier life away from tobacco and smoke.

Safety of Vaping

According to Kevin Hughes on The Telegraph, “the rise of the e cigarette has been verging on the meteoric – in 2013, sales rose 340 percent year on year, beating nicotine patches, lozenges and gum for the first time. While e-cigarettes are not necessarily pitched as aids to help smokers quit traditional tobacco, it’s clear they are being used as an alternative – sales totaled £ 193 million last year (up from £ 44 million in 2012)”.

The great increase in the sales show the rising popularity of e-cigarettes in our society today. However, as the idea of e-cigarettes is a relatively new device and idea, there are various controversial issues that arise from this topic. The main dispute is regarding the idea of whether or not the vapor coming from these e-cigarettes are harmful or not and whether e-cigarettes should be seen as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Though Kevin Hughes states that “e-cigarettes are not necessarily pitched as aids to help smokers quit traditional tobacco”, the fact that people are using this as an alternative to traditional cigarettes show the use of e-cigarette as a means to quit smoking. According to Steven Reinberg on WebMD News, a “study found that people who wanted to quit smoking were about 60 percent more likely to succeed if they used e-cigarettes compared to would-be quitters who tried an anti-smoking nicotine patch or gum”. Also Dr. Michael Siegel (professor of community health sciences at Boston University) states, “It appears, at least for some people, e-cigarettes are a viable method of quitting that looks comparable to, if not better than, traditional nicotine replacement therapy”. People are starting to recognize the need to quit and e-cigarettes are seen as the most effective method that has actually helped many people quit traditional smoking.

The growing popularity and demand for e-cigarette is undisputable as it is simply a trend that is taking place in our society today. The real question or controversy regarding this idea is whether it is actually safer than traditional cigarettes or not. Though there is a clashing of ideas, as there still needs to be more research done regarding this issue, vape still has high potential of being safer than traditional cigarettes. As Morgan Griffin states in WebMD, “so far, evidence suggests that e-cigarettes may be safer than regular cigarettes. The biggest danger from tobacco is the smoke, and e-cigarettes don’t burn. Tests show the levels of dangerous chemicals they give off are a fraction of what you’d get from a real cigarette”. With the growth of technology, e-cigarette industries have, according to Jason Koebler in his article The FDA Says E-cigarettes Are Less Harmful Than Smoking, ‘“given an opportunity to make a serious dent in the death and disease toll, now that we can regulate these,’ Zeller said. ‘Let’s not lose our focus on what the primary cause is for those 480,000 avoidable deaths each year’…Zeller’s comments were some of the first that suggests the FDA sees vaping as inherently less harmful than smoking”.

E-cigarettes do not produce smoke that comes from burning tobacco like that of traditional cigarettes. Dennis Thompson, in Healthday, refers to “Thomas Kiklas, CFO of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association who states, “All constituents (of e-cigarettes) have been in the U.S. food supply for generations and all are approved by the EPA/FDA for human inhalation and us dermally. The e-cig has and is being used by millions of Americans; There have been billions and billions of uses without a single incidence of harm”.

Though there still needs to be more research done in this specific area, the use of vapor rather than smoke is seen as a safer alternative. With the continuously growing technology and rise of leading e-cigarette companies such as Innokin, we can hope for a safer and healthier society, one that is absent from smoke.

The all new Disrupter and InnoCell E cigarettes

Innokin not only strives to create new and reliable products for vapers but also partakes in various activities that customers who are interested in e-cigarettes can participate in. Innokin has also supported the U.S. military (Air Force) by providing some of their products for the soldiers. Recently, Innokin has started another activity involving the 4th of July (American Independence Day) and have started this activity by remarking:

“We hope you had an amazing Happy 4th of July Weekend Everybody!! To celebrate American Independence Day and the launch of the Innokin Disrupter and InnoCell LiPo Vaping Power System, we want to give You a One of a kind 1st AMERICAN EDITION Disrupter! Now it’s time to WIN! The American Edition has the American Flag proudly displayed on the side and these editions cannot be bought, they can only be won! Good Luck! It’s easy to enter and great to win!”

Innokin has yet again created a new product called the Disrupter and InnoCell. It is a box mod that can be separated into two parts, one part being the actual vaporizer (Disrupter) and the other being the battery (InnoCell).

The Disrupter is similar to the other mods created by Innokin as it features an operating voltage of 3.0 to 7.5 volts with Wattage that ranges from 6.0W to 50W. It includes a large OLED screen that can be flipped left or right according to the users preference. However, the Disrupter is different in that it is the first device to use Innokin’s InnoCell.

According to Innokin, “with the goal of building a better, safer vape power technology, our teams of engineers worked tirelessly to create a Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery better than the 18650”. The InnoCell is the battery that operates the Disrupter with its 2000mah capacity. Using new technology, Innokin has created a safe product that prevents overcharge, overheat, and short circuit.Along with the superior technology, The InnoCell also comes in seven different colors (black, blue, pink, red, purple, emerald, green, and aquamarine) and this battery pack is replaceable as it can be inserted and taken apart from the Disrupter. As the Disrupter also comes in different colors, users may customize their device, as there are a total of 21 possible color combinations.

As mentioned before, Innokin continues to provide new devices that continue to get upgraded or is innovative and unique in design. All the devices not only stress the importance of performance but also the necessity of safety and this is demonstrated through the development of the Disrupter and the InnoCell. Innokin’s intentions are clearly stated as they claim, “we believe that battery and charging safety will continue to be one of the most important safety issues that we as a company and as the vaping community as a whole will have to face. Innokin is devoted to prioritizing safety so that we can provide higher quality products and a better overall e cigarette experience for the consumer”.

The New and Upgraded iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro!

The iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro is one of the newest products that were created by Innokin. It is a product worthy to be recognized by regular and new coming vapers as it is “the perfect starter kit for new vapers, but also a worthy addition to the seasoned vaper’s rotation”, according to the online shoppig site, VAPORDNA.

The iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro is a high-powered vaporizer that Innokin’s team of experts created by using the “most advanced integrated vaping technologies to create to the perfect full size, high power e cigarette, with an awesome maximum range of 60 watts of vaping power”. This powerful vaporizer created by Innokin is a product that could satisfy all vapers in our society today.

To describe some of the features of the iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro, it operates on a voltage that ranges from 3.0 to 9.0 Volts. The wattage ranges from 6.0 to 60 watts. The battery outruns that of many mod type e-cigarettes as it runs on a 4500mAH, long lasting battery. The features presented is similar to that of the CoolFire IV as it incorporates the vape timer, puff counter, integrate short circuit protector, left/ right screen orientation, 15-second cutoff and more.

The features of the iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro is well described through the VAPORDNA site as it states that “the iTaste MVP 3 Pro has been upgraded from top to bottom with impressive specifications making the iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro the perfect starter kit for new vapers, but also a worthy addition to the seasoned vaper’s rotation. The variable voltage feature can be adjusted from 3.0v to 9.0v in increments of .1 volts, while the variable wattage feature can be adjusted from 6.0 to 60 watts, doubling the power of its predecessor, and with an ohm cutoff of .2 ohms can be run Innokin’s included iSub G Sub-Ohm Tank with ease. Utilizing vRMS DC current, power deviation is held within .1 watts for an incredibly accurate and consistent vape every time. The rich OLED screen is now integrated to accompany the new chipset, providing full readouts for battery life, output and ohm reading. The battery life has been substantially increased to a 4500 mAh integrated battery to ensure all day vape potential, a significant upgrade from the MVP 3.0. The 510 how has a spring loaded, brass positive contact ensuring easy and constant contact with all standard atomizers, with an included Ego adapter for use with compatible tanks. The construction of the MVP 3 Pro has durability and a 22mm flush fitting bezel in mind all while encased in a sturdy aluminum case. An integrated Micro USB cable at the base gives the MVP 3 Pro ultimate usability as portable power source, charging your favorite devices from massive battery bank without the need to carry any additional cables. Pass through capability allows for simultaneous charging and vaping, with a speedy 1A charge current for low downtime”.

Along with the new and advanced features from the original, the iTaste MVP 3 Pro strives to offer the users the best vaping experience possible. Regarding the exterior design, it comes in a box form that hasn’t changed much from the previous MVP 3.0 but has improved in terms of function and technology.

The iTaste MVP 3 Pro is a product that is especially recommendable to those who have previously used the MVP 3.0 as it is an upgrade of that with newer and better technology. Those who have used this product has expressed their satisfaction as, according to Innokin, it “gives you precise control for perfect flavors and unbelievably huge clouds”.

The rise of the Vaping Industry

The popularity of e-cigarettes has been growing drastically over the past several years. Though it is a relatively new technology that has been introduced, the history is said to date as far back to the year 1963.

Though the modern devices of e-cigarettes has not been developed until recently, in the year 1963, though the idea was not accepted, a man named Herbert A. Gilbert invented a cigarette with a mechanism to heat the nicotine solution to produce steam. Next, Dr. Norman Jacobson, also known as one of the founders of the word “vaping”, made the next step in history through what was called a ‘Favor cigarette’. The Favor cigarette was a method that enabled users to inhale nicotine with the absence of smoke.

Such attempts in the past show the idea of using vape for the intake of nicotine has been present earlier in history. However, the birth of our contemporary e-cigarettes began in the year 2003 where Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, first developed the idea of e cigarette. The manufacturing of e-cigarettes began in China and this phenomenon spread across the world, entering into the market in areas such as the United States in the year 2007.

The exponential growth in demand for e-cigarette is explicitly shown in our society as Bonnie Herzog, Wells Fargo Securities’ senior tobacco and beverage analyst, states that “this year, the retail vaping industry is forecast to reach $3.5 billion, more than twice the $1.7 billion estimate for 2013”. The e-cigarette business has been booming especially starting from the year 2013 and is an attractive alternative for people who smoke traditional cigarettes for various different reasons.

According to Melody Dareing in her US Finance Post article, she states, “the boom in the vape industry, as it is commonly called, is leading to a decline in traditional cigarette smokers, according to statistics”. The e-cigarette business has provided smokers with an alternative that may be more “socially friendly” because traditional smoking was looked down upon by society. In response to the high demands and growing popularity of e-cigarettes, the number of vape stores has been increasing. Dareing again states that “numbers from 2013 show there are 3,500 vape stores in the United States, with more than a dozen stores opening up in some cities every year”.

Though there is a bitter divide and colliding perspectives as to whether e-cigarettes are really a better alternative or not, leading e-cigarette industries such as Innokin are constantly working to create the best products fitting for their customers that not only promotes the experience of vaping but also promotes the aspect of providing a safe alternative to traditional smoking. Also, a public health article written by John Tozzi states that “many people report anecdotally that e-cigs help them trade a habit known to be deadly for one presumed to be less dangerous, even when other approaches failed. To the extent that e-cigs help people quit inhaling tobacco, the study says, ‘e-cigarettes may substantially improve public health because of their widespread appeal and the huge health gains associated with stopping smoking’”. The e-cigarette business has grown dramatically over the years and still shows full potential of growing. Being seen as an alternative to smoking, perhaps in the future, after more developments in this fairly new area, people may be able to hope for a healthier society that is smoke free.