Why most people prefer Mod e-cigarettes over ego e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are mainly divided into three categories that are called ‘Mini’, ‘Ego’, and ‘Mod’. Of these three, the Ego and the Mod are the most commonly used e-cigarettes. Therefore, the focus will be put on the differences and the advantages that may reflect why Mod e-cigarettes would be more preferable to that of Ego e cigarette.

Ego e-cigarettes come in sizes that are bigger than traditional cigarettes but still relatively small and convenient to carry around. Ego is the product that intermediate users may be fond of as it gives better performance than that of Minis. Ego still provides customers with the vaping experience but it is limited in the sense that it cannot be customized. The settings are all set in a certain way that is unchangeable, thus limiting the customers’ choice.

This is where the Mod e-cigarettes are seen to be more preferable to that of Ego. ‘Mod’ is short for the word modification and these Mod vape are bigger, more powerful, and more customizable than Ego e-cigarettes. Though it may be more uncomfortable in the sense that it may be less portable, due to its bigger size, compared to that of Ego, it gives the user the full experience of vaping that an Ego simply cannot provide.

Once customers enter the vaping world, they may start off with the Mini or the Ego, as they may not be sure if vaping is right for them or not. However, once customers realize that vaping is right for them, those who have used these Ego products often search for something that could upgrade their vaping experience. Simply put, they are looking for the “better”, “more advanced” product that would enhance their vaping.

There are also two main types of Mod e-cigarettes and these are categorized into ‘Mechanical Mod’ and ‘Variable Voltage Mod’. The mechanical Mod is simply a Mod device with grounded settings that still provide the users with more power and vapor. The Variable Voltage Mod are the products that allow customers to fully experience and customize their vaporizers to fit their preferences. These Mods have screens that display various features such as the voltage; wattage and some even indicate the amount of puffs taken. By being able to adjust the voltage and wattage, consumers can customize their mods to produce the right amount of vapor and flavor according to their preferences.

The demand for e-cigarettes has continuously been rising over the years and customers are constantly looking for new products that can enhance their vaping experience. Leading e-cigarette companies such as Innokin are constantly providing their customers with reliable, high quality products to meet the preference of the users. They are looking for methods to create the ultimate vaporizer that further enhances the pros while decreasing the cons. Such developments can be seen through the mod vaporizer, CoolFire IV, MVP3.0 PRO. This product comes in a relatively smaller size with all the features that allows users to customize the settings to their liking.

E-cigarettes are constantly evolving to give customers diverse choices in purchasing the device that is fit for them. Though it may be more recommendable for beginners to start with Minis or with the Ego, for people who want long term vaping, the more powerful, sturdy, and customizable Mod e-cigarettes are recommended. It is only natural that people who vape regularly would want the device with better gear that can be customized to their own preference. The trend of transitioning from Ego to Mod can been shown through the growing popularity and demand of Mod e-cigarettes.

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The Groundbreaking Vaporizer—CoolFire IV

Innokin is seen to be at the forefront of creating the best e cigarette using advanced technology to provide customers with leading designs and high quality products. As a leader in the area regarding e-cigarettes, Innokin has been the first company to create the design of the box mod vaporizer.

The high quality of Innokin products can be shown through the recent product of the CoolFire 4 Innokin takes pride in their product as the “teams of expert engineers and designers have packed the CoolFire IV with the most advanced integrated vaping technologies to create the perfect compact Sub Ohm e-cigarette”.

Innokin input a variety of features to the CoolFire IV for the convenience of their customers. To give an overview of the CoolFire IV features, the voltage and wattage of this product is adjustable from 3.0 to 7.5 volts (adjustable by .1v increments), and 6.0 to 40 watts (adjustable by .5W increments). A long lasting 2000mAh battery runs the CoolFire IV. There is an on/off switch along with three buttons for total, precise, and comfortable control of the device. The CoolFire IV uses technology that allows customers to ‘Vape while charging’ also providing other services such as vape timer, puff counter, integrated short circuit protection, left/right screen orientation, 15-second cutoff, overheat protection, low voltage warning and more.

Along with such technology, the CoolFire IV is praised for the satisfying look and feel it has. It uses an aluminum cover, making the product durable and yet does not add any extra weight to the product. The cover is available in multiple colors that includes silver, black, red, blue, purple and pink to fit the individual tastes of the customers.

Though the CoolFire 4 is a box mod, the new design incorporates smooth curves and edges making it not only look better and different from ordinary box modes but also make it more convenient and comfortable to hold.

The screen and the three buttons provided, allows the user to adjust the voltage or wattage, switch the screen orientation, and to see how many puffs you have done. The main button that activates the vaporizer also indicates the approximate amount of battery that is left by using three colors, green meaning it is almost fully charged, yellow indicating half power and red indicating low power.

The CoolFire IV not only provides the customers with a product that looks good but also provides them with a device that has the basic necessities that make up a high quality e-cigarette along with new, technologically advanced features that users may rely on to adjust the product according to their own preferences and needs. The CoolFire 4 only uses the highest quality materials to create a vaporizer that provides the customers with better taste and safety. Key features such as the design, long lasting batteries, easy to use system, and the point that it can be adjusted to fit individual preferences makes the CoolFire IV the ultimate, recommendable vaporizer of 2015.

Customers have shown great pleasure and satisfaction with Innokin’s CoolFire 4 and this satisfaction has been reflected through the sky rocketing demand and sales of this product. Customers have described the Innokin CoolFire IV as being “cool”, “sexy”, “superb”, and so on praising it for the high quality in both design and function. The CoolFire IV has been included as one of the best mod devices that is recommendable to all those who vape.

Why did e cigarette become so popular in the world?

E-cigarettes can be seen as the future of smoking and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the usage of e-cigarettes has surpassed that of traditional cigarettes, at least among young people.

The CEO of the public health advocacy organization Legacy For Health stated that “E-cigarettes are cheap, highly available, come in youth-appealing flavors, and they’re new. So no surprise that kids are going to try them. Experimentation is the nature of being a young person”.

However, e-cigarettes are obviously not only for the young population. Perhaps it has been more appealing to them due to the various different flavors and unique designs (such as Innokin’s ‘Cool Fire IV’), but it is generally viewed as a better alternative to quit smoking.

The relatively new idea of vaping has become a phenomenon with much debate in our society. One of the main reasons that e-cigarettes had become so popular may be due to the idea that they serve as an alternative to smoking. The majority of our society is aware of the health problems that arise from traditional cigarettes as it contains tobacco and approximately 4000 to 7000 other chemicals while e-cigarettes contain a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and food-grade flavorings. From the research and work done by the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, they were able to find that from the 12 e-cigarette brands that they tested, the toxicant levels were 9 to 450 times lower than that of traditional cigarettes.

Steve Forbes, in his article about e-cigarettes, refers to the American Heart Association (AHA) and how the “AHA did not completely reject the use of e-cigarettes as an aid to stop smoking. The statement notes that although the evidence is “sparse” some studies have suggested that e-cigarettes may be equal to or better than nicotine patches to help to quit smoking”. However, e-cigarettes are not always used to quit smoking traditional cigarettes completely. There are multiple cases where individuals use e-cigarettes to help them cut back in the amount of traditional cigarettes that they smoke.

There are various reasons as to why vape became so popular in our world today. Though the reasons may differ according to each individual, health issues may be seen as one of the major reasons as to why people switch to e-cigarettes. The notion that vaping is “healthier” than traditional cigarettes would spark many individuals to purchase an e-cigarette. Along with the health issues, there are various other reasons that contribute to the popularity of e-cigarettes such as no odor, the variety of flavors, designs, no smoke (e-cigarettes let our vapor), more cost-effective, and fewer restrictions on where an individual may be able to smoke.

The e-cigarette industry has been growing exponentially over the years and will continue to grow due to the high demands of e cigarette. The technology involved continues to develop further promoting the usage of e-cigarettes as users can choose the designs, flavors, and the levels of nicotine to their desired amounts.