The Movie “A Billion Lives” Has Sparked a National Movement Highlighting Corruption and the Billion Deaths Possible From Smoking Related Illness

The movement urges officials to see the film and send a message to Congress to support legislation to keep vapor products on the market.


The national movement Hands for a Billion Lives was nationally recognized on Saturday, October 22, when thousands of participants in cities across the country as well as countries abroad, joined hands at precisely 2:22 p.m. local time, to symbolize a protective barrier to protect the billion lives estimated to die because of smoking-related disease this century. Hands for a Billion Lives supports federal legislation that will keep vapor products on the market. Thousands of vapers joined hands to bring awareness to the award-winning documentary “A Billion Lives,” which sparked this movement.

Hands for a Billion Lives was joined by Matt Bradley of ‘The Deadliest Catch’ and actor Eric Roberts who said, “As a smoker for nearly 30 years, I am so pleased to finally be part of the solution. ‘The Billion Lives’ movie brings to the foreground, the profound importance of this movement. “The hands” ceremony was a gloriously fitting tribute to the memory of the lives lost, and the spirit of the lives that will be saved by this worthwhile mission. I am honored to have played a small role, in something so meaningful.”

The World Health Organization projects that a billion people will die early this century from smoking. The movie notes that while new technologies evolved to help addicted smokers, money has corrupted the government departments and nonprofit organizations responsible for helping to fix the problem. To uncover the truth, director Aaron Biebert traveled across four continents to create the documentary.

In April 2016, The Royal College of Physicians released a study that stated electronic cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. In August 2016, the Food & Drug Administration started regulating the vaping industry, and only those who go through a lengthy and costly approval process, will survive. The new regulatory landscape set forth by the FDA has created an enormously cost-prohibitive environment for manufacturers to market their products to adult smokers and vapers and will largely hand the market over to only large manufacturers, such as big tobacco. These small businesses provide an aspect that the FDA has ignored, the support and education needed to remain successful, and if closed down, potentially millions of adult vapers will return to smoking and thousands of small businesses will be shut down, putting an estimated 37,000 to 57,000 employees out of work.

“We hope the movie and the national movement will send an important message to Congress to consider how their unnecessary imposed regulations could do further harm to those who are using these products as an alternative for harm reduction,” says Schell Hammel, the organizer of Hands for a Billion Lives. “This is bigger than any one of us. This is about lives that will be lost if these regulations go through as written and Congress does not change the predicate date in the Tobacco Control Act.”

“A Billion Lives” has already debuted in other countries and on October 26th at 6:30pm, the movie makes its Hollywood premiere at the famous Cinerama Dome Theatre on Sunset Blvd. It will continue to play regularly at Laemmle Music Hall four times a day for a full week from October 28th through at least November 4th. For more information, visit



Vaping could help prevent ex-smokers piling on the pounds, research suggests

New study suggests that nicotine-containing e-cigarettes could help prevent weight gain, a major concern amongst those hoping to quit smoking

E-cigarettes might help smokers who are quitting keep the pounds off, say researchers, suggesting that vaping could be harnessed in the fight against obesity.

Weight gain is a major concern among smokers looking to quit. On average individuals put on 5kg in the first year they go without cigarettes. Nicotine is known to suppress appetite and increase metabolic rate, among other effects.

While nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) can help to control weight gain and help smokers to quit, researchers have suggested that nicotine-containing e-cigarettes might be a better option.

“People can change their nicotine content, so to quit smoking they might start off on a higher strength e-liquid and then they can taper down really quite gradually in a much more sophisticated way than they can with NRT, which is probably good for weight maintenance and for weight loss,” said co-author Linda Bauld, professor of health policy at the University of Stirling and deputy director of the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies. The huge range of e-liquids available, she adds, could also help prevent snacking, particularly given the number of sweet and fruit flavours on offer.

The authors note that a drop in the prevalence of smoking is among the factors that have been linked to increasing rates of obesity, meaning new approaches to manage weight gain could prove valuable.

Published in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research by scientists from New Zealand and Stirling, the paper looked at a range of studies exploring the influence of nicotine on the body, as well as the relationships between aroma, taste and flavour and the feeling of fullness, to moot the potential for e-cigarettes in managing weight gain among smokers trying to kick the habit.

The authors suggest that e-cigarettes, with their myriad flavours, could potentially help to tackle cravings for certain foods. What’s more, the study suggests that the physical processes involved in filling an e-cigarette could reduce the urge to eat.

“You are re-filling the e-liquids, you might be mixing your own liquids, you are trying different flavours, you are doing things with your hands that take up time which means maybe you are not reaching for the bowl of M&Ms,” said Bauld.

Despite noting concerns raised by some around the safety of long-term e-cigarette use, Bauld says the research points to the benefits of using nicotine-containing products for smokers planning to quit.

“One of the things this paper says is [that] probably we shouldn’t be so worried about longer-term nicotine use, particularly if it can help people not put on weight – which we know is a bit risk factor for diabetes and a lot of other things,” she said.

But, the authors note, much more research is need. They highlight a number of avenues that should be explored, from trials into the effects of vaping on weight gain among smokers attempting to quit, to the impact of different e-liquids on feelings of fullness.

“We are not suggesting that we should promote e-cigarettes to people who haven’t smoked,” said Bauld. “But for people who are thinking about the best way to stop smoking and are concerned about weight gain, I think what we are suggesting is that e-cigarettes should certainly be considered.”

Paul Aveyard, professor of behavioural medicine at the University of Oxford, said it was “almost certain” that nicotine-containing e-cigarettes would reduce weight gain among smokers attempting to quit. But, he cautioned, the possible benefits of e-cigarettes in managing weight gain among ex-smokers did not mean that they could benefit non smokers’ attempts to lose weight.

What’s more, he added, with some evidence that nicotine could play a role in the development of diabetes, there may be down sides to the use of such devices, even if they do help smokers keep the weight off. “That balance between the two effects is not known,” he said.

Amanda Sandford, from Action on Smoking and Health said: “The risk of putting on weight when quitting smoking is a common concern and can discourage smokers from trying to stop. E-cigarettes are a safer alternative to tobacco and if they can also help people avoid piling on the pounds as well as helping them to stop smoking that is a real bonus.”


66% Indian smokers view e-cigarettes as ‘positive alternative’

Nearly 66 per cent of Indian smokers see e-cigarettes as a “positive alternative” to tobacco products, a new survey said on Thursday.

In a first-of-its-kind survey of adult smokers in India conducted by non-profit organisation, the reseachers found that 69 per cent of Indian smokers would consider switching to e-cigarettes “if they were legal, met quality and safety standards, and were conveniently available”.

The survey showed that a few smokers in India have tried them although more than a third — 36 per cent — express some level of familiarity with them.

Eighty per cent reported they should have a right to access information about less harmful products.

More than three-quarters agree that “through tax and regulatory policies, the government should encourage adult smokers to switch to less harmful alternatives to cigarettes and ensure they are not used by youth,” said Heneage Mitchell, co-founder of

Further, 73 per cent of smokers said it would be wrong for the authorities to “prevent or delay the introduction of less harmful alternatives to cigarettes”.

“There is a clear need for action in India to regularise the industry and to establish quality standards, tax the products rationally and ensure they are made available only to adults, like many other consumer items,” Mitchell added.

India is now the fourth largest illegal cigarette market in the world, according to Euromonitor International — a London-based private market research firm.

“The government has a great opportunity to ensure there is no repeat of the situation that has arisen with conventional tobacco products,” Mitchell observed.


Presidential Campaign Endorses Vaping

For the last several months, vapers around the United States have asked questions of politicians, from the steps of State Houses to the halls of the nation’s Capital.  With the implementation of the FDA’s regulatory stranglehold set to destroy an entire industry in less than 3 years, the 9 million users of electronic cigarettes and 12,000 companies that look after their needs have tried to get straight answers.  Lawsuits have been filed and legislation has been put into place to try to minimise the damage of the archaic ruling of a Federal Agency that is out of step with scientific evidence.

While our Cousins in the United Kingdom are embracing this technology as a way to aid smokers quit combustible tobacco, with everyone from The Royal College of Physicians to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, endorsing vaping as a public health gift that’s 95% less harmful, we’ve been left with an awkward silence from those who are attempting to become the next “Leader of the Free World”.

As both Candidates from the major parties have done little more than poke holes into each others personal lives on national television, a 3rd party option has been steadily distinguishing itself as a viable option for the office of President.  We have 2 candidates who feel it’s appropriate to ignore a 9 million strong voting block, a group who have largely become single issue voters when it comes to the Federal Government trampling on their rights, first as smokers and now as vapers.

From The Campaign Office Of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld

After a persistent effort from our good friend and owner of Cloud Chasers Inc, Kurt Loeblich, the following statement was released late yesterday evening — 10/03/16 — by Jim Wallace, the National Director of the Johnson/Weld Campaign.

Statement released by the 2016 Johnson/Weld Presidential Campaign office regarding vaping

Addressing the vaping community on the issues they currently face is a massive step, one which neither of the establishment candidates appear willing to take.  Acknowledging the fact that the vaping industry is facing annihilation due to regulatory burden may not seem like a big deal, but to the thousands of business owners and their employees this is a step that should bring what is currently happening to them into the national spotlight.  Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, both former Governors who both understand that America runs on small business make up the ticket that is best, not just for vaping but for the plethora of industries that are being crippled by an out of control Federal Government.

The release of this statement, by itself, should be viewed a line in the sand.  Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton are both happy to stand on a stage that Gary Johnson has been denied access to and bloviate about who is going make America great over the next 4 years, without actually addressing any of the issues that we, as a nation, face on a daily basis.  Vaping is not only a $4 billion dollar a year industry, for many people it is a lifeline that made them put down cigarettes and most of the people who now work in the industry are former smokers that this technology helped, yet until now we haven’t had a candidate brave enough to face the issue.

Where Do We Go From Here?

This message needs to be spread to every corner of the country.  Every vaper needs to see that they have a ticket aiming for the Oval Office  who actually understands what is going on, business owners need to take notice of who is prepared to take on the issues that directly affect them.  Voters need to take this statement to the campaign offices of the other candidates and demand their answers, simply put, this statement from Mr. Wallace and the campaign office should be used as a battering ram until they address an issue that affects 1 in 6 American adults.

If it takes a Libertarian, third party option to save the vaping industry, maybe it’s time to put the broken system on a 4 year break.