Veterans Are Slamming The FDA’s Plan To Smother Vaping Industry

Veterans across the country are slamming the federal government’s impending effort to crush the vaping industry with expensive regulations.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finalized a rule in May forcing all vape products to be regulated the same way as cigarettes and it’s threatening to upend the domestic market. The move will force electronic cigarette vendors to submit a pre-market tobacco application for their products to the FDA for approval. The new regulations, which will be fully implemented in 2018,threaten to eliminate 99 percent of vaping products from the market, reports Great Falls Tribune.

The smoking rate and general tobacco use is disproportionately higher among veterans than the general population of the U.S., and veterans rely on vaping as a tool for quitting traditional tobacco products. Just 32 percent of veterans said they have never smoked cigarettes, according to the Department of Veteran Affairs.

“During the years I worked in Veterans Services, there was one thing I saw constantly – tobacco use,” Will Cohen, founder of the Vape a Vet Project, wrotein a recent op-ed. “Veterans and service members deserve the right to a tobacco alternative.”

The Vape a Vet Project is a non-profit charity group that helps active duty and former service members quit traditional tobacco products. The group takesdonations to provide a free “starter kit” to any veteran looking to quit smoking. The kit includes an e-cigarette device, a 30 milliliter bottle of liquid nicotine and two tanks.

Many health experts argue that promoting vaping over traditional tobacco aids the public health, while harsh regulations make smokers less likely to use the device to quit. Nevertheless, states took steps on election night to impose new sales taxes on vaping; some activists claiming e-cigarettes are extending the “tobacco epidemic.”

Anti-vaping activist argue the devices are helping get a new generation of children addicted to nicotine, but the evidence to support these claims is thin. The United Kingdom actually promotes the sale of e-cigarettes as a health conscious alternative to smoking.

Evidence suggests e-cigarettes are 95 percent safer than traditional cigarettes, because the majority of cancer causing chemicals are inhaled through smoke. A study found that nearly all of the 2.6 million e-cigarette users in the U.K. are former or current smokers, many using the device to quit, according to the R Street Institute.

“Some estimates indicate roughly two million ex-smokers are using vaping products in our country today,” Ron Marshall, a vape shop owner in Montana, wrote in the Great Falls Tribune. “If the FDA removes virtually all vaping products from the market, I have little doubt that many of those ex-smokers will return to traditional cigarettes. From a public health perspective, that outcome would run contrary to the mission of the FDA.”

Many local vape vendors are anticipating closure within the next two years due to the recent FDA decision. Vendors and manufactures have until Aug. 8 2018 to submit the applications for their products, which range in cost from $100,000 to $400,000 dollars each.

Earlier this year the House of Representatives passed the Cole-Bishop amendment, which would curtail much of the onerous requirements from the FDA’s decision. The Senate has yet to vote on the amendment, but vaping advocates, especially from veteran groups, are hopeful for its passage.


Announcement regarding TPD Compliance

Announcement regarding TPD Compliance

Dear Valued Customers,

The first half of the TPD transitional period will be ending soon. After November 20th, 2016, importers will not be allowed to import non-compliant products into EU member states, however retailers will be permitted to sell their remaining stock of non-compliant products until May 20th, 2017.

Please note that it is up to each of the member states to decide which products are TPD compliant, and this will vary from country to country.

In 2014 Innokin was the first Chinese manufacturer to work with a leading American lab to test the aerosol emissions of our products and we are one of the first companies to start testing our products for TPD compliance.

The following Innokin products are currently undergoing the TPD submission process.

Device Tank
iClear 16
EnduraT18E T18E
CoolFireIV iSub VE
CoolFireIV Plus iSub A mini
CoolFireIV TC100 iSub VE
SmartBox iSub VE
iTaste EZ.TC iClear 20D
iTaste Kroma Slipstream
CoolFire Pebble AXIOM M21
CoolFire Pebble Slipstream

This list will be updated in the next two weeks.

All future Innokin products for the EU market will be TPD compliant as well.

We are doing our best to make sure that your business continues to grow and we will be happy to share any relevant information with you. Please contact for more information.

Thank you.

The Innokin Compliance Team