The Innokin UCAN2 – Stainless Steel 20ml Eliquid Container

The Innokin UCAN2! Made from high quality medical grade stainless steel, the UCAN2 is a 20ml canister for your favorite eliquid!! The UCAN2 has a pump lock ring system on the bottom and a convenient flip-out carrying ring on the top cap. The spring loaded injector and pump system are perfect for filling tanks, drippers and genesis style atomizers!

  1. Where to buy this can in Germany?????

  2. I want to order one. How much are they?

  3. Clément Belmonte July 3, 2017 at 1:24 pm Reply

    Where i can buy this product ?

    thank you

  4. cant find this anywhere – is there a stock issue?

  5. I purchased one of these and I absolutely love it. The only issue is when I have to refill it, it takes me forever to get it open to fill it. It seems like it opens the same way though the instructions say they open opposite. Is there a easy way to open. Right now I can’t get it to open at all.


  6. I am unable to pump product by pressing the button on the bottom. It’s fixed, locked. Can’t use unit

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