InnokinCell CURVE 3300mAh

General Details
The InnokinCell C50 Plus has a new curved & ergonomic design and is compatible with the Disrupter 50W and the soon to be launched Disrupter TC!

The InnokinCell C50 Plus packs in all the power and protections of the original InnokinCell, and integrates the new Intelligent Charge Management System for even greater charging protection!

The C50 Plus is available in Red, Blue and Black .

V/2A Fast Charging Supported.

All are compatible with the Innokin InnokinCell Slide’n’Click system; simply choose the charged InnokinCell in the color that you like best and ‘Slide & Click’ the InnokinCell securely into place to power a day of vaping.

To download the DISRUPTER & NEW CURVE InnokinCell Complete Vaping System pictures , Click here

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  1. I have a innokin disrupter and love it, now I want to get my hands on this new battery, where can I get one in australia n rrp($). Thanks

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