Advancement in E-cigarette technology: Temperature Control

July 31 2015

Following the e cigarette boom, there have been various technological advancements that have been made to improve the performance of vaping. When e-cigarettes were first introduced into our society, it was a marvel that sparked many people to view it as an alternative to smoking. This idea has spurred on many companies to arise and undertake the task of developing this device into one that will not only satisfy the users desire to smoke but also provide a safer and less harmful method of smoking, or as it is called, vaping.

In Adrianne Jeffries article, “Circuit vapers: the e-cig is getting an upgrade”, which can be found online on The Verge, Jeffries mentions that ‘“we’re seeing this e-cigarette category grow exponentially,’ Cordisco says. ‘It’s already a $1.8 billion industry and it just really came here and started in the US in 2007. This inflection point with e-cigs is really reflective of adult smokers’ desire to look for alternatives that are a better fit with the 21st century’”. With the demand for e cigarettes on a continuous rise, vape companies have constantly refined their products to fit the needs of their customers. What started off with the Minis and Ego e-cigarettes have upgraded into Mod devices, the device that is in trend currently.

One of the latest technological advancement that e-cigarettes have undergone is the temperature control ability. According to Tim Hanlon in Gizmag he states in his article “Temperature-controlled e-cigs: The next giant leap in harm reduction of nicotine use?” that “there are a growing number of electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) with temperature control functionality, allowing a fool-proof way to avoid either the overheating Propylene Glycol (PG) and Glycerine (VG), the common carrier liquids for nicotine and flavoring, or a ‘dry puff’, where the wick becomes too dry to produce vapor, and simply burns instead”.

Temperature control for e-cigarettes opens up a new platform that creates greater potential for e-cigarettes in becoming the ultimate replacement for traditional cigarettes. The benefits of temperature controllable e-cigarettes has been outline by the E-Cigarette Lobby as they claim that there are two main reasons why it is good to choose devices with this function. The first is the “Temperature control makes vaping safer. We all know that vaping is safer than smoking as it seldom contains nicotine or any other harmful chemical ingredients. However, improper use of high wattage box mods may cause damage to vaping device or even explosion. Vaping devices with temperature control function can limit the temperature before it goes too high to avoid burning coils, dry liquid and explosion of the batteries”. The second reason that was stated was that “temperature control provides you with a better and more enjoyable vaping experience. Temperature-control mod will give you a hint by cutting off power when the temperature is too high, otherwise the coil may be burned and the liquid may be dry, which may definitely produce undesirable flavor. Fortunately, by using temperature-control vape devices, when you want the vapor to be warmer, you can simply adjust the wattage a bit higher and the temperature control board will automatically adjust the voltage to provide you with warmer vapor and provide you with better and more enjoyable vaping experience”.

With the invention of the e-cigarettes, there have been hot debates between two opposing sides. One side claiming that e-cigarettes are an adequate alternative to traditional cigarettes while the other argued that there are still dangers that are still unknown. However, with new innovations such as temperature control, e-cigarettes are becoming a device that users may rely on for both safety and performance. Even while e-cigarettes are already seen as a safer alternative to smoking, with the constant technological development regarding e-cigarettes, users who want to quit smoking may look forward to vaporizers that fulfill both the crave for cigarettes along with safety from the diseases that follow from smoking traditional cigarettes.