Some advices for new vapes

March 06 2015

In the past year, a growing number of former smokers turn to the electronic cigarette, because it’s less harmful than real cigarette. Vape (or “smoking” e cigarette) has become mainstream. Because e cigarette simulated smoking experience, and now 75% of the United States who are trying to quit smokers to electric cigarette, according to the latest statistics.Vaping has been the most popular choice over-the-counter smoking cessation. The researchers also discover vape is 65 % far better than other ways to quit smoking.

The e-cigarette market is projected to US$2 billion in USA. Some celebrities become an advocate of electronic cigarette and openly criticize their smoking habits. And many companies like Innokin, Kanger, Joytech are trying to promote their products in this tide.

The emergence of electronic cigarette is extremely beneficial to save lives, because former smokers hoping to quit smoking by this new method.

Although the electronic cigarette is designed to simulate the experience of real cigarettes, it’s not exactly the same experience with real smoke. In fact, the feeling of electronic cigarette is like smoking a hookah pipe, not everyone feels the same. For the new vape, disposable electronic cigarettes should consider to try. One or a pack sold separately in the shop, and it continued about 350 puffs. There are two basic flavors to choose: tobacco and menthol. Disposable electronic cigarette is more affordable than rechargeable electronic cigarette, and the size is also the same with the real cigarette.

New vape will take some time to adapt the disposable electronic cigarette, for it’s tasting and feeling. And some of the new vape still eager to continue smoking with the traditional cigarette. But once he could accept disposable electronic cigarette, rechargeable electronic cigarette (e-cigarette or pen) would be more cost-effective than the disposable electronic cigarettes in the long run. Because the rechargeable electronic cigarette has rechargeable batteries, it’s bigger than disposable e cigarette and it’s much larger and heavier.

Generally, rechargeable electronic cigarette kit contains at least 1 battery, 1 clearomizer tank ,1 USB charger and various flavors of e juice, such as tobacco and fruit flavors, etc. Electronic cigarette kit is probably in the tens to hundreds of dollars, which depends on the brand. Currently, you can buy electronic cigarettes in retail stores, small retail stores, smoke shops and online shop.

Rechargeable e cigarette offers endless array of customized options for vapes, much better than disposable e cigarette. Vapes can achieve different amount level of smoke & taste by adjusting different resistance. The battery needs to be recharged about once a week, for about one hour to use. The E juice also comes with variety of nicotine levels and flavors, so vapes can test different ways and find the best vaping experience.