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Fixing “Atomizer Short” and Other Vape Mod Errors

Hemok Wang
Hemok Wang
Mar 2, 2022
Fixing “Atomizer Short” and Other Vape Mod Errors

Flexibility might be the biggest benefit of owning a vape mod. With a mod like the Innokin Sensis or the Innokin Kroma 217, you have a fully customizable vaping platform that you can mold to fit your needs. You can connect any vape tank you like, and you can change the device’s settings at will to produce your ideal level of warmth and flavor.

One potential drawback of owning a vape mod, though, is that all of the different combinations of hardware and settings can potentially make it possible for you to configure your device in a way that doesn’t work. In that case, you might see an error message like “Atomizer Short” on your vape mod.

Every Innokin vape mod includes a printed instruction manual with advice that can help you troubleshoot the problems and error messages you might see when vaping, but it can sometimes be helpful to have a longer troubleshooting guide that explains the most common vape mod issues in greater detail. That’s exactly what you’ve found here. On this page, we’ll provide advice that can help you fix any error message on your vape mod.

💡 How much do you know about vape mods?

Before we get started, do you know what exactly a vape mod is? What are the different types of them and how to use them? Check out this video and we will help you understand it.


General Tips for Problem-Free Vaping

We’ll begin this guide with some general tips that will help to ensure an enjoyable and error-free vaping experience regardless of the type of device you’re using. These general tips apply to all vape mods.

  • Always keep your vape tank full. If the level of e-liquid is too low, the coil’s wick will be unable to refresh itself with e-liquid as efficiently as it should. A dry wick is likely to burn, and that’ll ruin the coil’s flavor.
  • Be very careful when disassembling your vape tank to replace the coil. A tank that’s misaligned can leak, and a misaligned coil can lead to error messages. You wouldn’t want to see an error message like “Atomizer Short” after you’ve already filled your tank, as that would lead to wasted e-liquid.
  • After you install a new coil, set your vape mod to a low wattage and increase the power gradually until you achieve the desired flavor intensity. Vaping at too high a wattage before the coil is fully broken in increases the chance that you’ll burn the coil’s wick.
  • Always charge your vape mod through your computer’s USB port unless you have a mod with a removable battery and wish to use a high-quality external charger instead. Fast-charging wall adapters for mobile phones and tablets are not compatible with vape mods and may cause your device to overheat.
  • Always use an undamaged high-amperage battery in your vape mod. Recycle batteries that show signs of physical damage. If your vape mod uses two batteries, the batteries should be identical to one another and of the same age. Always use and charge the batteries as a pair.


How to Fix an “Atomizer Short” or “Coil Short” Error Message

If your vape mod displays the error message “Atomizer Short,” it means that the device detects the atomizer coil, but the circuit is short or incomplete. A short circuit can cause an unsafe load on a battery, so your vape mod should detect the short circuit and display an error message when you try to vape. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem.

  • If you’re using a rebuildable atomizer, check the coil’s resistance with an external resistance tester if you have one. It’s likely that the coil is misconfigured in some way. For example, one of the coil’s leads could be touching the atomizer’s outer casing.
  • If you’re using a vape tank with pre-built coils, try disassembling and reassembling the tank to ensure that the components are fully tightened and aren’t cross-threaded. Make sure that the center pins in the threading of the vape tank and vape mod are clean. If you continue to see the “Atomizer Short” error, replace the coil.

Coil Short

How to Fix a “Low Battery” or “Low Volt” Error Message

If your vape mod displays a “Low Battery” or “Low Volt” error message, it means that the battery’s voltage is too low for your vape mod to operate normally and that it’s time to recharge the battery. If you continue to see this message after attempting to charge the battery, first make sure that you’re charging your device by connecting it to your computer’s USB port. Wait until the screen says that the charge cycle is complete and try again.

If your vape mod continues to display the “Low Battery” message even after you’ve charged the battery, it could be that the battery has degraded to the point where it no longer holds a usable charge. If the device has a removable battery, you should recycle the battery you’re currently using and replace it with a new one. If the device has a permanent battery, it may be necessary to replace the device. Don’t forget that the Innokin warranty covers defects occurring in the first 90 days after purchase. You can also qualify for an extended warranty of 180 days simply by registering your product with Innokin at the time of purchase.

Low Volt


How to Fix a “Check Coil” Error Message

If your vape mod displays the error message “Check Coil,” it means that the mod detects the connected coil. However, the coil’s resistance is not within the device’s supported range, or the coil isn’t making a good electrical connection with the device. In this case, you should follow the steps outlined above under the “Atomizer Short” error. Make sure that the connections on the bottom of the tank and on the top of your vape mod are clean and free of contaminants such as dust and spilled e-liquid. Try disassembling and reassembling the tank. If you continue to see the error message, replace the coil.

Check Coil


How to Fix a “Vape Cutoff” or “Time Out” Error Message

If your vape mod displays the error message “Vape Cutoff” or “Time Out,” it means that you’re taking very long puffs when vaping and are exceeding your device’s built-in puff length limiter. The limiter exists to help prevent the device from overheating during an extended vaping session. It also provides protection in case the device’s fire button is accidentally pushed and held down while the device is being transported or stored.

In some high-end Innokin vape mods such as the Innokin Kroma 217 and the Innokin Sensis EZ, you have the ability to modify the length of the puff limiter to suit your needs. To change the maximum puff length, open the mod’s main menu and locate the “Settings” section. Choose the “Cutoff” option on the “Settings” menu to adjust the puff length within a range of 3-18 seconds. Remember to exercise caution when vaping with very long puffs. If your coil’s wick dries out, it can burn. A burned wick will ruin the coil’s flavor.

Time Out


How to Fix an “Overheat” or “High Temp” Error Message

Your Innokin vape mod has a built-in temperature sensor that’s installed on the device’s circuit board. The sensor monitors the device’s internal temperature to help prevent overheating. If you see an “Overheat” or “High Temp” error message, it means that the device’s internal temperature has exceeded 90 degrees Celsius, and the device’s internal components could be damaged if you continue to vape.

Typically, a vape mod will overheat either because you’re vaping extremely heavily – also called “chain vaping” – or because you’re vaping in a very hot environment such as in direct sunlight. A vaping device can generate significant heat during operation, so you shouldn’t use a vape mod in a very hot environment or in direct sunlight. Move your device to a cooler location and let it rest for a while before vaping again.

Don’t forget that you should always store your vape mod in a cool environment when you aren’t using it. If you’re outside and want to put your device down for a while, choose a shaded location. Never leave your vape mod in a parked car.

High Temp

How to Fix a “Low Res” Error Message

The “Low Res” error message indicates that your vape mod is detecting the installed atomizer coil, but the coil’s resistance is below the mod’s supported range. If you’re using a third-party tank, check your vape mod’s instruction manual to determine the lowest supported resistance. The lowest supported resistance of the Innokin Sensis EZ, for example, is 0.2 ohm. The Innokin Kroma 217, on the other hand, supports a coil resistance as low as 0.05 ohm.

If you believe that your vape mod should support the connected coil, follow the steps outlined above under the “Atomizer Short” error message. Clean the threading on your tank and vape mod. Make sure that your tank is assembled correctly and that all components are screwed in tightly and aren’t cross-threaded. If you continue to see the error message, the coil may have a manufacturing defect. In this case, you should replace the coil.

Low Res


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