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The Best Vape Pen for Each Type of Vaper

Hemok Wang
Hemok Wang
Aug 17, 2023
The Best Vape Pen for Each Type of Vaper
The Best Vape Pen for Each Type of Vaper

When you browse any good selection of vape kits, you’re likely to see many vape pens because the vape pen is easily one of the most popular form factors for vaping devices. People love the fact that vape pens somewhat resemble cigars, so using a vape pen feels a bit more like smoking than with most other types of vaping devices. Vape pens are also typically very slim and sleek, which makes them perfect if you’re the type of person who carries your vaping device in your pocket.

Because vape pens are so popular, there’s an enormous selection of devices with a wide range of designs and capabilities – and unless you’re an experienced vaper, the best vape pen for your needs may not be immediately obvious.

To determine what the best vape pen for your needs is, you need to know what type of vaper you are. In this article, we’re going to name the best vape pens for a variety of different situations. When you’re done reading, you should have a much better idea of which device will be the right fit for you.


Best Vape Pen for Pod System Lovers: Innokin ArcFire

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If you’re currently using a pod-based vape pen and want to upgrade to a more powerful device that provides a similar experience, you’ll find that the Innokin ArcFire is the best vape pen for you because our revolutionary Arc coil delivers unbelievably smooth flavor quality and fires instantly when you puff on the device.

The Innokin ArcFire has a simple design that you’ll love if you’re used to traditional pod systems. The pods have built-in coils, so you’ll get the fresh flavor of a new coil every time you replace the pod. Most importantly, the ArcFire is a device that can grow with you as your vaping needs change because it has four different pods available. With two different capacities and resistances of 0.8 and 1.2 ohm, you’ll have no trouble finding a pod that fits your needs perfectly. You’ll also love the fact that the ArcFire charges extremely quickly. A dead battery charges to 75 percent in just 30 minutes.


Best Vape Pen for Upgrading from Disposables: Innokin Klypse Series

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We’ve packed all of our latest innovations in the world of pod vapes into the new Innokin Klypse series, and this is definitely the vape pen you want if you’re currently using disposable vapes and are looking for a greener and more satisfying option. Innokin Klypse devices are so slim that you won’t even feel your vape pen when you carry it in your pocket, and the pods are interchangeable between the two devices. The Klypse and Klypse Zip have slightly different shapes, so you can choose the one that meshes best with your personal style.

Whether you use the Innokin Klypse or Klypse Zip, you’ll have no shortage of options because we offer two refillable pods for these devices. The 1.2-ohm pod provides a smooth and satisfying experience with high-nicotine e-liquids, and the 0.8-ohm pod offers bigger cloud production if you prefer low-nicotine vape juice. If you don’t want to bother with filling your own pods, we also offer a range of 16 delicious pre-filled Klypse pods.


Best Vape Pen for Flavor: Innokin Endura S1

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Endura S1

In the vaping industry, the Innokin Endura brand name has always stood for top-quality flavor. We revolutionized the world of traditional vape pens with the original range of Endura devices – and now, we’re doing the same thing with pod systems. The Innokin Endura S1 uses a 0.8-ohm mesh coil that’s ideal for a wide range of nicotine strengths and provides instant flavor when you puff on the mouthpiece.

If you’re tired of using a vaping device that spends all day on the charger, you’ll love the fact that the Innokin Endura S1 has a high-capacity 650 mAh battery built in – and with USB-C charging, you won’t have to wait long when the battery does die. The Endura S1 is regulated to provide a constant output of 13.5 volts throughout the battery’s life.


Best Vape Pen for Beginning Vapers: Innokin Innobar 3500

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We’ll begin this buying guide in the obvious way by discussing the best vape pen for beginners. When you’re new to vaping, what you need more than anything else is a device that’s simple and easy to use – something that makes vaping as easy as smoking. Nothing fits the bill quite as well as the Innokin Innobar 3500.

The Innobar 3500 is a disposable vape, which means that it’s ready to use as soon as you remove it from the package. You can carry it in your pocket throughout the day and puff on it as needed, which is exactly what you want if you’re looking for maximum convenience. You also want a device that delivers nicotine as efficiently as a cigarette. The Innobar 3500 has a nicotine strength of 50 mg/ml, and it’s filled with an incredibly smooth water-based e-liquid made by Aquios Labs. It lasts up to 3,500 puffs, and it’s available in 10 delicious flavors.

If you live in a nation that limits the capacities or nicotine strengths of vaping devices, consider the Innokin Innobar F3 instead. It has a nicotine strength of 20 mg/ml and lasts up to 600 puffs.


Best Vape Pen for Heavy Smokers: Innokin Endura Apex

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Endura Apex

If you’re a heavy smoker – particularly if you live in a nation that has regulations in place limiting the nicotine strength of e-liquid – it’s important to choose a vaping device that provides ample cloud production. That way, you’ll have no trouble getting enough nicotine to meet your needs because of the volume of vapor you’ll inhale with each puff. The Innokin Endura Apex is the best vape pen for heavy smokers because it has the power that you need if your nicotine requirements are higher than average.

The Endura Apex has a dial on the bottom that allows you to switch between two modes of operation. Choose the low-power mode for a cooler and smoother experience or select the high-power mode for bigger clouds with extra warmth and intensity. The Endura Apex uses a mesh coil for maximum vapor production, and the tank has fully adjustable airflow to help you achieve your ideal puff.


Best Vape Pen for Pre-Filled Cartridges: Innokin Endura T18-II

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Not all of the people who buy vape pens use the tanks included with them; some people prefer to use pre-filled cartridges instead. In that case, the tank included with the device is irrelevant – what you really need is a reliable 510-thread battery. The best vape pen for pre-filled cartridges is the Innokin Endura T18-II. It’s a sleek and stylish device with 1,300 mAh of battery life, and it’ll work with most 510-threaded cartridges. The most important feature of the Endura T18-II is the fact that it operates at three power levels of 10.5, 12 and 13.5 watts. Switching between power levels allows you to get slightly bigger clouds with some vape cartridges and can also help to prevent burnt hits with cartridges that don’t perform well at higher power levels.


Best Vape Pen for Reducing Nicotine: Innokin Sceptre

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If you’re vaping with the goal of reducing your nicotine intake, you need a device that can increase its vapor production significantly as you switch from higher-nicotine to lower-nicotine e-liquids. You need a device that offers more than one coil option, and the best vape pen in this case is the Innokin Sceptre.

The Innokin Sceptre is a pod-based device that has adjustable power and works with two different coils. The 1.2-ohm coil is best for higher-nicotine e-liquid and operates at power levels of 8 and 9.5 watts. When you switch to a lower nicotine strength, you’ll need the Innokin Sceptre to produce a bit more vapor. At that point, you can switch to the 0.5-ohm coil, which offers power levels of 18 and 20 watts. The Sceptre offers both inhale-activated and button-activated vaping modes, and the airflow is fully adjustable.


Best Vape Pen for Thick Oils: Innokin I.O

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If you want to buy a vape pen that you can use with thick oils – such as CBD vape oils – you’re not going to have the best experience with a traditional vape coil. That’s because most vape coils use cotton wicks, which perform well with standard e-liquids but tend not to work well with oils. For oil vaping, you need a coil with a porous ceramic wick. That’s what we offer with the Innokin I.O, the best vape pen for thick oils.

The Innokin I.O is incredibly small and sleek, and one of its best features is the fact that it allows you to use both traditional e-liquids and thick vape oils with the same device. Simply choose the appropriate pod and drop it into the device, and you’re ready to vape. The I.O is small enough to provide a completely discreet vaping experience, and the battery has a capacity of 310 mAh.


Best Vape Pen for Cloud Chasing: Innokin Plexar Plex

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Most vape pens produce smaller vapor clouds and are designed to work best with high-nicotine e-liquids. The Innokin Plexar Plex is one of the rare exceptions. It’s the most powerful vape pen that we’ve created to date. It works with both 18650 and 20700 batteries, and it operates at a maximum power of 100 watts. The 0.14-ohm coil uses our unique Plex3D mesh technology for added surface area, and that enables the Plexar Plex to produce some truly enormous vapor clouds. This vape pen uses an extra-wide drip tip and has very large airflow openings, allowing you to enjoy deep and satisfying direct-to-lung hits.

The Innokin Plexar Plex uses a manual fire button, and a light around the button illuminates during vaping to let you know how much battery life remains. When it’s time to charge the Plexar Plex, you’ll be glad that the charging circuitry uses a 1.5-amp current to minimize downtime and get you back in action quickly.

Hemok Wang
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