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The Ultimate Vaping Gift Guide 2023

Benedict Jones
Benedict Jones
Dec 12, 2022
The Ultimate Vaping Gift Guide Christmas 2022

As Christmas rapidly approaches, many of us think about our habits and make positive changes. Vaping technology is being adopted by increasing numbers of smokers across the world. This raises the question, which device should you buy for a transitioning smoker, or veteran vaper as a gift?

We’ve assembled this guide to help you make the right purchase, so even if you’re not knowledgeable about vaping yourself, you can be sure that your giftee has the best possible experience with their new device.


Things to consider when gifting a vape

Vaping devices come in all shapes and sizes. The sheer level of variety can be confusing, particularly if you aren’t knowledgeable about vaping already.

There are three main things to consider when selecting which type of device to purchase for someone else: their level of vaping experience, the style of vaping desired, and the required battery life.

Experience level

If the person you’re buying for is new to vaping, we recommend sticking to the devices mentioned in the first section of our gift guide. This will ensure a simple, user-friendly device and a fantastic first experience. If the recipient has been vaping for a few months at least, consider one of the intermediate devices, as this will be a great next step with more features. If your giftee has been vaping for more than a year, consider an advanced device with all our latest features.

Vaping style

Vaping style is an entirely personal preference. MTL vaping produces small clouds and closely replicates the experience of smoking with a tight draw. This style is often the best choice for new vapers.

The other style of vaping is known as RDL or DTL vaping. These devices produce large clouds of vapour and intense flavour. Typically, this style of vaping is more suited to advanced vapers, however that’s not always the case. It’s best to ask the vaper in your life which style of vaping they prefer before purchasing a device.

Battery life

Our devices vary in terms of battery life. Typically, larger devices feature larger batteries, which means longer run time between charges. If your giftee is someone who won’t have access to charging often, consider one of our devices with a larger (higher mAh) battery.


For transitioning smokers and new vapers

Those who are new to vaping, or still transitioning from smoking generally benefit from simple, affordable vaping devices that can closely emulate the experience of a cigarette. Our entry-level devices have been among the most popular in the world for over ten years, so we know a thing or two about making the first vaping experience a great one.


Innokin Klypse

The Klypse is our simplest and most affordable entry-level vaping device. It features automatic activation and airflow that’s optimised for maximum flavour. The included magnetic cap keeps the device free of debris when not in use, and creates a sleek, stealthy look. The simplicity and thoughtful design of the Klypse make it perfect for new vapers who want an easy entry to vaping, without compromising on performance or convenience.

Endura Apex

Innokin Endura Apex

The Endura Apex, as the name suggests, is a step up from the T18X. It features a larger 1800mAh battery and a simple power dial, allowing for two levels of power adjustment. In addition, the Endura Apex features our all-new T20S mesh coil and precise airflow control. This makes it an ideal first device for those who need maximum battery life and would like to customize their vaping experience, without too much complexity.

Endura T18X

Innokin Endura T18X

The Endura series has been our best-selling range of devices for several years. The Endura T18X is the entry point to this line of devices. It has a traditional “pen style” form factor, accommodating a large 1000mAh internal battery that easily provides all-day vaping performance. The Endura tank has been specifically designed to mimic the draw of a cigarette with its fixed airflow, producing excellent flavour and a satisfying throat hit.

The addition of USB-C charging allows for faster charging times with improved reliability.

Go Z Kit

Innokin Go Z Kit

The Go Z Kit is the most affordable way to try our Z-coil platform. It uses a simple design, similar to the Endura T18X, however it houses a larger 1500mAh internal battery to provide longer run time. With a fixed 13W power output and fully adjustable airflow, the Go Z provides an approachable level of customization, while retaining consistent all-day performance.

MVP Pod 

MVP Pod-2

The MVP Pod is our simplest and most affordable entry-level vaping device. It features automatic and manual activation, two levels of adjustable power output and airflow that’s optimised to simulate the sensation of a cigarette. These features make the MVP perfect for new vapers who want an easy entry to vaping, without compromising on performance or build quality.


For intermediate vapers

If the vaper in your life has a little more experience, it’s likely that they’ve already tried a few devices and are ready to take the next step with an upgraded set of features and increased adjustability. Our intermediate devices offer incredible value for money and unmatched performance within their respective classes.

Sceptre 2

Innokin Sceptre 2

The Sceptre 2 is our take on a premium pod system. Constructed from high-grade zinc alloy, the Sceptre 2 is equipped with a large 1400mAh battery, two levels of power adjustment and precise airflow controls. The Sceptre 2 has been upgraded from the previous model to allow for easier airflow adjustment, faster coil replacement and USB-C charging. If you’re buying for someone who prefers a sleek device with a premium feel, this is a great choice.


Innokin Gozee Kit

The GOZEE has been designed as the first step toward a true vape mod. The tiny lightweight frame makes it a convenient option for newer vapers, but the device is still equipped with a large 2100mAh battery and fully adjustable power output, up to 60W.

The GOZEE’s simplified chipset means new vapers can get to grips with power adjustment, without having to worry about more advanced settings. The Included GO Z+ tank is compatible with our full range of Z-coils and allows for a broad range of airflow adjustment. All of this makes for a customizable, lightweight device with all-day performance.

Endura T22 Pro

Endura T22 Pro


The Endura T22 Pro, as the name suggests, is a step up from the T18 X. It features an even larger battery and four simplified levels of power adjustment. These features make the T22 Pro ideal for imtermediate vapers who need long battery life and like to adjust power, without having to understand features like variable wattage.

Kroma Z

Innokin Kroma Z Kit

The Kroma Z is an “AIO” (all-in-one) device. This means it combines the tank and battery section into a convenient, compact form factor without sacrificing performance. The Kroma Z is compatible with all our best-selling Z-coils, allowing the user to drastically change the vaping experience from a low-power MTL (mouth-to-lung) to a medium-power RDL (restricted direct lung).

The wide range of coil choices, coupled with full airflow control and adjustable wattage makes the Kroma Z an incredibly versatile device for intermediate vapers who understand the basics. The integrated 3000mAh battery allows for extended run time, no matter which coil is in use. This makes the Kroma Z ideal for vapers who are ready to experiment with different styles and identify which vaping experience works best for them.


For advanced vapers

Advanced vapers generally like to fine-tune their experience, and therefore need a device that gives them full control. Our advanced devices are designed to be intuitive for newcomers, while providing all the levels of customization that experienced vapers demand.

Coolfire Z60

Innokin Coolfire Z60 Kit

The Coolfire Z60 is our latest advanced device, distilling all our innovations into a small and user-friendly package. Despite its small frame, the Z60 is equipped with a 2500mAh battery, adjustable power up to 60W and our industry-leading coil-boosting technology. Coil+ and Refresh modes allow you to extend the lifespan of coils effortlessly, saving money and enhancing flavour output.

The included Zlide Top tank (compatible with all Z-coils) features top airflow, which eliminates leaks and allows for an incredibly smooth draw. If the vaper in your life likes compact devices with all the latest features, the Coolfire Z60 is an excellent option.

Kroma 217

Innokin Kroma 217 Kit

The Kroma 217 is an advanced kit, combining all of our innovative technology and hobbyist specifications into one device. Constructed from premium-grade zinc alloy and luxury finishing accents, the Kroma 217 is compatible with 21700, 20700 and 18650 external batteries, so experienced vapers can make full use of any cells they have previously purchased.

The device features Coil+ and Refresh functionality, which allows users to extend coil life with our unique alternating current technology. With up to 100W of adjustable power output, the Kroma 217 can power any atomiser on the market, no matter how demanding.

The device is paired with the Z-force tank, which utilises our brand-new ZF coil platform. The ZF coil platform is a first for the vaping industry, featuring DuoPrime wicking technology, which dramatically boosts the performance and lifespan of coils. As a result, the Z-Force tank is able to produce billowing clouds of vapour and vivid flavour, for longer than leading competitors.

The Kroma 217 is the perfect device for any intermediate or advanced vaper who demands best-in-class performance and a full range of functionality.

Coolfire Z80

Innokin Coolfire Z80 Kit

The Coolfire Z80 is the most advanced Coolfire kit to date. Constructed from premium-grade zinc alloy, with a compact external 18650 form factor, the device is designed to offer maximum functionality and performance, whilst remaining as small as possible.

The device features our full suite of ACM (alternating current mode) technology, including Coil+, Refresh and Fθ functionality, which drastically improves coil life and allows the user to fine-tune the frequency of power output to enhance flavour.

The Coolfire Z80 is paired with the Zenith II tank, which is compatible with all Z-coils and provides a full range of adjustable airflow, from tight MTL (mouth-to-lung) all the way up to RDL (restricted direct lung) experiences.

With up to 80W of adjustable power output, the Coolfire Z80 can power virtually any atomizer on the market, with industry-leading precision. The Coolfire Z80 is ideal for any intermediate or advanced vaper who requires full customization, in a small package.

Sensis EZ

Innokin Sensis EZ Kit

Like the Kroma Z, the Sensis EZ is an AIO (all-in-one) kit, but it differs in the level of control and versatility it provides.

The Sensis EZ features the full suite of ACM technology including Coil+, Refresh and Fθ functionality, which drastically improves coil life and allows the user to fine-tune the frequency of power output to enhance flavour.

The integrated pod tank is compatible with our full range of S-coils, allowing for a wide range of vaping experiences, with fully adjustable airflow for the perfect draw. If the user would prefer to use another tank, the Sensis EZ provides a magnetic 510 connection, which accommodates any 510 atomizer.

With up to 40W of adjustable power output and a massive 3000mAh built-in battery, the Sensis EZ is the ideal device for low-medium wattage vapers who wish to utilise the latest vaping technology in a compact, sleek form factor.

Benedict Jones
Benedict Jones

I quit smoking in 2013 through vaping and this opened my eyes to the life changing potential of next-generation nicotine. Since 2016, I've been working in the vapour products industry as a writer and marketer, specialised in consumer culture, product development and industry news.