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Vape Parts: How to Mix and Match Them

Hemok Wang
Hemok Wang
May 21, 2021
Vape Parts: How to Mix and Match Them | INNOKIN

Vape devices can be used as building blocks to create the best device to suit your needs. Even vape pods (pod systems), which usually come with their own pod/tank, can sometimes be personalized.

While some parts of the vape are fixed, such as the button controls, other parts can be mixed and matched. Mostly, the vape mod and the atomizer/tank can be changed to suit your needs. Other vape parts, such as the mouthpiece, can also be replaced with something else that you prefer. In this context, the term “510” will indicate compatibility. 510 is the industry standard connection between the tank/atomizer and the battery portion of your vape device. 510 is also one of a few mouthpiece (often referred to as “drip tip”) sizes, so one 510 drip tip will be compatible with any tank/atomizer that uses another 510 drip tip.

Are you using your vape to quit smoking, or are you an enthusiast who enjoys larger clouds? Vape devices can accommodate both, but not always at the same time. People who want to quit will often require e-liquids with higher nicotine levels, while people who desire large clouds will need to use lower nicotine levels. If you want to learn more about finding the nicotine strength that suits your needs, we have a full article on the subject. 


Pairing Vape Mods with Vape Tanks

Using Vape to Quit Smoking

Best to Go For: MTL Vape Devices

One of the traditional methods of quitting is “cold turkey”. It is a process of suddenly quitting smoking, without any nicotine intake. Although this method is simple and works for some people, for many smokers, it can feel like an impossible task.

Another method of quitting smoking is “nicotine replacement therapy” (NRT). NRT products include nicotine patches, gums and lozenges. These products can satisfy the cravings of some smokers. While it is generally accepted that these methods are more effective than quitting cold turkey, NRTs deliver nicotine to the bloodstream slowly when compared with cigarettes, which can make the process difficult for some smokers.

Vaping is becoming the most popular method of quitting smoking. Vape devices turn e-liquid into vapour, which is then inhaled. This method delivers nicotine to the bloodstream almost as rapidly as smoking and can even simulate the experience of smoking. For these reasons, many smokers see vaping as the most attractive solution. The latest data from Public Health England suggests that vaping may be the most effective way of quitting smoking.

The recommended devices for people who want to quit smoking are those which can use e-liquids with high nicotine content. Generally, these devices use low power settings and high resistance coils.

This style of vaping is known as “mouth-to-lung” (MTL). MTL vaping devices combine a tight draw, with low power and higher nicotine content to closely simulate the experience of a cigarette. Examples of MTL vape tanks include the Zenith and the Zlide. You can also find “all in one” (AIO) MTL devices, such as the Innokin Sceptre and traditional “pen-style” devices such as the Endura T18II.

Many people who quit smoking gradually decrease the amount of nicotine in their e-liquids. Initially, new vapers might use e-liquids with high nicotine strength. Over time, you can decrease the level of nicotine, until it is at a very low level, or even zero. You can read about different types of nicotine and nicotine strength here.

MTL Vaping Devices


Vaping Devices with Bigger Clouds

Best to Go For: DTL and RDL Vaping Devices

People who want to produce larger clouds of vapor will benefit from devices and atomizers designed for direct-to-lung (DTL/RDL) vaping. Devices designed for DTL or RDL vaping use larger coils with more power. This combination produces more heat over a larger surface area, which results in more vapor.

Since DTL and RDL devices produce more vapor, it is important to adjust the nicotine strength of your e-liquid accordingly. E-liquids with high nicotine concentrations, which are intended for MTL vaping, will not be pleasant in a DTL/RDL setup.

When using a low nicotine e-liquid and DTL vaping device, the experience is completely different from smoking a cigarette. This kind of vaping setup produces thick clouds of vapor, with a smooth throat hit. Many vapers find this to be a satisfying experience that helps them stay away from smoking. You can even perform tricks with the vapor if that interests you. Examples of Innokin DTL/RDL devices include the GoMax, Plex and Ajax.

Many Innokin devices can be set up for MTL, DTL or RDL vaping, depending on which coil is used. Examples of these devices include the Sensis, Kroma-Z, Sceptre, Zenith Pro and Zlide.

When using high power, you should ensure that you are using sufficient airflow. When using a DTL/RDL device extra heat is produced, so if there isn’t enough air flowing through the coil, it can overheat and lead to “dry hits”, which occur when the coil is not saturated with e-liquid.

MTL, DTL or RDL vaping


Experiencing Different Flavors

Best To Go For: MTL or DTL Vaping Devices

Finding the perfect flavor is one of the most exciting things about vaping. There’s a huge variety you can choose from. Moreover, people who are on a specific diet but crave sweets can still experience the flavor through e-liquids. 

Depending on your vape juice, you might want to try different power settings. For example, some people experience better flavor from mentholated juice when using lower power settings. Meanwhile, people who like pastry flavors may prefer to increase the power for the best flavor. In order to change the power output of your vape, you need a device with variable power. Examples of Innokin devices with variable power include the Coolfire Z50, MVP5 and Proton Mini.

Different vape juices have their own heat threshold to produce the best flavor. You can try out different wattages to see which works best for you. The best way to experiment is to start at lower power and increase the power gradually until you are satisfied with how the vapor tastes. 



For MTL Vaping

For people who want to use high nicotine strength e-liquids, the Endura T22 Pro, T18II, M18, Zlide and Zenith Pro are all great choices. These devices can all operate on low power and produce intense flavors that will help with satisfying nicotine delivery. They can all be easily purchased at the Innokin store.

T18II, M18


For DTL Vaping

For huge vapor, devices like the GoMax, Plex and Ajax are specifically designed for DTL and RDL vaping. With a large e-liquid capacity, long-lasting coils and adjustable airflow, you can maximize the amount of vapor your device produces. 

GoMax, Plex



The parts of a vape device are building blocks to create the best device for your needs. This is a fun experience for people who want to optimize their devices to provide them with a satisfying hit while enjoying the flavors they like. 

Hemok Wang
Hemok Wang

Hey! Hemok here, a vaping enthusiast with a passion for helping people quit smoking. My uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer a few years ago after smoking for more than 40 years. I do understand that quitting smoking isn't only a physical issue but also a mental one. It's just hard to go "cold turkey". I believe that vaping is one of the best solutions to make the switch only if you do it in the right way, and that's why I am here to share :)