Coolfire Z50 & Kroma-R: What is the difference?

Coolfire Z50 & Kroma-R: What is the difference?

Many people have questioned these two similar style devices and asked “What’s the difference?”

So here it is!

The Coolfire Z50 is the next generation in the internationally bestselling line of Innokin CoolFire vaporizers, & The Kroma-R is our new 80w ‘Hilt-Styled’ 18650 Vaporizer.

Wattage Range

One of the main differences between these two devices is the wattage range, The Coolfire Z50 has a wattage range of 6w-50w, whereas the Kroma-R has a wattage range of 6-80w as well as different modes such as soft, normal, and boost modes. Advanced users will love the custom Curve (wattage over time) function and Bypass mode, which emulates the output of a mechanical mod. Both devices are equipped to be ultra fast firing, with the Kroma-R fire button being integrated into the OLED screen. The Coolfire, however is more of a simpler, ease of use device with less settings and simple button operations.


Another noticeable difference between the two devices is the battery. The Kroma-R is a single cell replaceable 18650 device, allowing you to carry spare batteries with you if you require them. (Please always practice battery safety and carry spare batteries in correct protective sleeves or boxes) The Coolfire Z50, however, houses an internal 2100mAh battery, rechargeable via micro USB (Located on the side of the device for convenient charging)

Other Features

The Coolfire Z50 also has an on/off switch located at the bottom of the device which ensure safety against accidental misuse.

Both devices are made with top quality materials and have many safety features to give you the best and safe vaping experience.

Which to choose?

So, that being said, what device would we recommend for you? The Coolfire Z50 may be recommended to either new vapers, or to those who do not want the hassle of more advanced settings, those who want a simple, easy and satisfying functional vaping experience, and the Kroma-R, would be recommended to more experienced vapers or those who may like to take advantage of curve modes and more of a tailored vaping experience.

Both devices can be purchased as the kit alongside our ever popular Zlide tank and used with our whole range of Z coils, however, they are also compatible with sub ohm atomizers such as the Ajax or our MTL RDA the Ares 2.



YES! Well… No. Ok… how about a definite Maybe.
One of the questions I received most often is, “What is the best X?” You can insert numerous things in X; atomizers, devices, liquids, pod systems, etc.
There is simply no way for me to answer that question.
One way I used to demonstrate this was to ask a crowd of people to raise their hand if they preferred tube styled mods over box mods. People raised their hands. I would then ask the crowd to raise their hand if they preferred box styled mods over tube mods. Different people raised their hands.
THAT is why there is no best. There is no best atomizer, device, pod system, or liquid. There is only what is best for YOU!
It is up to you to figure out and know what the most important features and qualities of any vaping device are. You learn this through experience and by using different products.
But what if you do not have the experience? What if you have never tried or built a rebuildable atomizer? We were thinking about YOU when we designed the original Ares and now the Ares II!

We wanted to make the Ares as easy to build, wick, and fill as possible.
We wanted to give you all the tools and build materials you would need to get started.
We wanted to give you after sale support with the video tutorials you can find on the Innokin website or by scanning QR code card that comes in the box.
We wanted to give you additional support on the Platform Facebook group where people will answer your questions and we do additional tutorial and live interactive videos.
We want the Ares II to be your first rebuildable atomizer!
And if you do know how to build and you have experience, we wanted to make sure the Ares II had the vape quality you were looking for with some unique fine-tuning adjustability.
With the Ares II we listened to our user base and addressed issues found in the original design.
• We improved the top cap and seals.
• We added the ability to replace the top cap fill port.
• We improved the bottom seals and added a .8mm airhole for a tighter draw.
We also made some changes.
• We added the mouthpiece child safety lock that will also keep the tank closed in your pocket or purse.
• We increased the height of the liquid barriers to keep the cotton off the airflow and help prevent leaking.
• We made the bell threading go all the way around to make cotton placement easier.
• We added detents to the main AFC to make air hole selection easier.
But perhaps one of the things we are most excited and proud of is the CAFC or Cross Airflow Control under the coil. The first of it’s kind! This, when used in combination with the main AFC or Air Flow Control on the outside of the tank gives you an endless combination of airflows to experiment with.
It gives the user the ability to change the pattern and air velocity hitting the coil from underneath to tune the atty to their favorite flavor or their favorite draw. It does this without having to change inserts and without having to remove the coil.
When thinking about purchasing an atomizer, there are many factors to consider. What factors are most important to you?
1) Flavor
2) Throat hit (should you want it)
3) Vape quality
4) Build quality
5) Looks
6) Ease of building
7) Ease of wicking
8) Ease of filling
9) Kit contents
We’ve tried to balance the Ares II to address all these factors and we hope for you, the Ares II IS the perfect atomizer.

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Next-Gen CoolFire Z50!

Next-Gen CoolFire Z50!

Order the next generation Innokin Z50 today and enjoy the newest and best CoolFire Vaporizer!

The CoolFire series is loved by millions around the world and the Z50 is truly exceptional.

Designed for real life; the Z50 is easy to use with great buttons and a bright OLED screen.

Ultra-fast! Click the button and vape up to 50 Watts of power nearly instantly.

The Z50 is a compact 2100mAh battery, charged via microUSB with proven integrated safety protections.

The solid 510 connection is compatible with all the best 22mm and 24mm tanks including the Zlide, Zenith and Zenith Pro. Enjoy the best flavors from all of your favorite eliquids with the entire range of Z-Coils!

Built with top quality components and backed by the Innokin Limited Warranty, the CoolFire Z50 is the best in class.

Available in 5 high quality finishes (Pink, Gray, Black, Blue and Silver) the Z50 is fantastic!

We’re looking forward to hearing from CoolFire fans and vapers your feedback about the Z50!

Enjoy the very best in vaping with the Innokin CoolFire Z50.

Find more information here:

Coolfire Z50

Innokin Zenith Coils are called the Z Coils now!

Innokin Zenith Coils are called the Z Coils now!

Here is to inform that both packages of the Zenith Coils and Z Coils are with the same coils inside! And in the future, the Z Coils will replace the Zenith Coils on the packages.

What’s the difference of Innokin Z Coils?

Please check the below graphic of the latest Z Coils line and information for your reference.

Which one suits you best?

Experience the quality MTL and choose the one that suits you best with the entire Z Coil line below:

  • 0.48Ω Plex3D / 0.5Ω Plexus Z Coil
  • Superior flavor and longevity
  • 0.8Ω Kanthal Coil
  • Warmer vape requiring more wattage
  • 1.2Ω Kanthal Coil
  • Enhanced coil design for improved flavor
  • 1.6Ω Kanthal Coil
  • Perfect for use with salt nicotine eliquids
  • 1.0Ω Kanthal Coil
  • Designed for restricted direct lung vaping or warm mouth to lung

What tanks sould I use?

Unleash the full potential of Innokin’s bestselling Zenith (Z Coils) with the Innokin Zenith, Zlide and Zenith Pro tanks.


  • Zenith:
  • Zlide:
  • Zenith Pro:

Mr. John Dunne from UKVIA Visited Innokin HQ in Shenzhen

Mr. John Dunne from UKVIA Visited Innokin HQ in Shenzhen

Mr. John Dunne, the Board Director and Spokesman of the United Kingdom Vaping Industry Association, the UKVIA, visited Innokin HQ in Shenzhen. Mr. Dunne spoke with George and Tao about vaping in 2019 and shared insights about what’s next in 2020!

Innokin was proud to welcome Mr. John Dunne, the Board Director and Spokesman of UKVIA to Innokin Headquarters in Shenzhen, China!

Accompanied by Mr. George Xia , Co-Founder and Vice President, and Tao Cui, Director of Strategic Resource, Mr. John Dunne visited the main departments at Innokin HQ and was given in-depth look into Innokin history and our vision for 2020.

In this photo: Tao and George Interview Mr. John Dunne, the Board Director and Spokesman of UKVIA and together they share advanced insights into the Vaping industry.
Please watch the video for the full interview and share it with anyone who should learn more about vaping.

Mr. Dunne had a great afternoon with Mr. Fisher Hu, the Vice Director of Marketing and learned all about Chinese brush Calligraphy.

Thank you, Mr. John Dunne for the visit and we firmly believe that together we can make a big difference for smokers and vapers around the world!
For more information about the UKVIA please visit:
Did vaping help you quit smoking? (Share your story. How has vaping helped you?)
Are you worried about it?/Don’t trust vaping? Please, let us know why!

Vaping Rally Washington DC for Donald Trump’s Flavors Ban

Vaping Rally Washington DC for Donald Trump’s Flavors Ban

From RollingStone: “The Vaping Industry Is Furious at President Trump — Could it Cost Him the Election? The venom toward President Trump was as thick as the vapor clouds at an industry rally on Saturday”

On a frigid Saturday afternoon, the best-smelling place in America was Ellipse Park in Washington, D.C., where it was impossible to go one step in either direction without walking into a fragrant cloud of sweet-smelling vapor — though marketed to mimic everything from strawberries to cotton candy, it all came out smelling the same.

Hundreds of members of the vaping community gathered to protest an impending vape flavors ban announced by President Donald Trump, taking hits off their elaborate hardware while clutching signs reading “Make America vape again,” or “Vape kills like Epstein killed himself.” The crowd frequently broke into chants of the catchphrase of the afternoon: “We vape, we vote.”

“Keep it going! Make him hear it!,” James Jarvis of the Ohio Vapor Trade Association urged from onstage, referring to President Trump in the White House directly behind the protesters. (Trump had already left via helicopter for an Alabama football game, delaying the rally by an hour and forcing the grumbling, puffing hordes onto the sidewalk.)

The e-cigarette industry has taken a hit in recent months due to a mysterious, lung-related ailment sweeping the country that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has linked to vaping. To date, more than 2,000 have fallen ill and 40 people have died from e-cigarette or vaping-related lung injury, or EVALI. Compared to the nearly half a million people who die every year from smoking-related illnesses, it is not a large number. But for a product that was supposed to be a harmless alternative, the health crisis is nonetheless alarming.

In response to the epidemic, as well as rapidly rising rates of teenagers using e-cigarettes, President Trump announced in September that the FDA planned to implement a federal ban on all flavors except for mint and menthol. On Friday, he revealed more details about the legislation, telling reporters that the FDA planned to raise the vaping age to “21 or so” and promising to unveil it next week.

Many at the rally balked at the suggestion that flavors like mango, mint, and cucumber leads to teenagers and kids vaping, which is often cited as the justification for banning flavors. The FDA has accused the e-cigarette company JUUL in particular of marketing to teens by launching aggressive ad campaigns on Instagram, prompting JUUL to shut down all of its advertising and discontinuing sales of many of its flavored pods.

Members of the vaping community argued that young people are vaping not because of fruit flavors, but because of the extremely high nicotine content of JUUL pods. “Kids are going to vape cat piss, OK? At 50 mg, it doesn’t matter. They do not care about flavors. They care about getting high, the end,” says Ashley Knight, 32, who manages a vape shop in Fort Wayne Indiana. “People need to parent their children and not have to worry about the government doing it for them. The end.”

Many of the attendees expressed their outrage toward the announcement of Trump’s ban, which they interpreted as a fundamental misunderstanding of what they believed was driving the vaping epidemic: vitamin E acetate, an additive in many black-market THC cartridges. On Friday, CDC deputy director Dr. Anne Schuchat reported that vitamin E acetate had been identified as a “very strong culprit” in the lung injury epidemic, and that 86% of lung injury patients had reported vaping THC cartridges.

“They’re trying to conflate these issues and it’s really frustrating for people that have quit smoking [and started vaping] to suddenly be criminals because the CDC was wrong,” says Nick Grimm, a.k.a. GrimmGreen, an immensely popular vaping YouTuber who had helped to promote the rally. “[No] one has come out and said don’t get stoned, don’t go to a dispensary. They are only going after liquid nicotine flavors, even though the issues are only sort of related. It’s like a Ford truck getting into an accident and banning Teslas.”

It’s worth noting, however, that many of the vaping industry professionals at the rally did not make the argument that vaping is harmless, or indeed healthy. Many framed e-cigarettes as harm reduction tools, or smoking cessation aides that are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, if not totally harmless. And some studies indicate that vaping is indeed an effective smoking cessation tool, though there is research to indicate that e-cigarette users are also more likely to develop long-term vaping habits and may also be more likely to relapse. “If you don’t smoke and you don’t vape, you shouldn’t do either. But ultimately that’s an adult choice,” says Green. “I see no reason why I can go to a Ralph’s and purchase birthday cake-flavored vodka, but I can’t go into a store and purchase strawberry vape liquid.”

A potential flavors ban could also yield large-scale political implications, according to many in attendance at the rally. Most of the rally attendees Rolling Stone spoke with, with the exception of one Bernie Sanders supporter, were former Trump supporters who said they would no longer vote for him in 2020 should be pass the flavors ban.

While an industry poll states that 45% of vaping industry members skew conservative, John Dolan, the owner of Smooth Vape stores in Pennsylvania who voted for Trump in 2016, estimates that anecdotally, that number is more like “70 to 80 percent” of those in the vaping community voted for Trump, and would likely revoke their support in 2020. “I’m a Trump supporter, so I was very, very let down [by the announcement of the ban]. My reaction was that I absolutely will not vote for this man,” he says. Of Trump’s chances in the 2020 election, he said, “there are 13 million vapers in the United States. I think [a flavors ban] would absolutely have an impact, at least in some states.” (According to a new Gallup poll, 8% of the U.S. adult population has vaped within the past week, which could make this a conservative estimate.)

Culley also believes there are enough vapers who would revoke their support from President Trump to affect the 2020 election, citing Michigan, a swing state that went red in 2016 whose Democratic governor passed a controversial temporary vaping ban, as an example. Indeed, Paul Blair of Americans for Tax Reform has cited FDA data stating that there are hundreds of thousands of vapers in swing states like Michigan and Wisconsin — states that Trump won by an extremely thin margin in 2016, and which he will likely need again in 2020. “A lot of people say things like, ‘You’re a single voter issue over vaping? That’s ridiculous,’” Culley tells Rolling Stone. “It’s more personal than that. It’s a harm reduction tool for many people.”

Such numbers may indeed have prompted Trump to walk back the ban somewhat on Friday by suggesting that the policy may just limit the sale of vaping products to vape stores: “You know, there are some pretty good aspects,” he said “including jobs, frankly.” But for some former Trump supporters in the vaping community, that walkback may not have been enough. “Its’ definitely going to be a process to find a candidate who represent the interests of our industry…I’m in the market [for a new candidate],” said John Murphy, a vape store owner in Huntington, Kansas who attended the rally with his three young sons. “I need a candidate who is gonna be truthful and honest and forward and not wishy-washy.”

Even for those who did not support Trump prior to his announcement of the ban, or who did not vote in the election at all, the announcement of a federal vaping ban served as something of an engine for their politicization. “I wasn’t really very political, not at all, but now I am,” says Heidi Kazle, the wife of Smith, the Virginia Beach vaping stores owner. “I never thought there was anything I could get involved in that mattered that I can do, but this really hit close to home.”

Full article for your reference:

Raising Vape Awareness with Innokin London Buses

Raising Vape Awareness with Innokin London Buses

This is an important time for the vaping industry with the recent news about American vapers’ lung illness and deaths. The cause of this illness has been identified as illegal black market THC vaping cartridges which likely contained the additive Vitamin E Acetate. The CDC has not stated that the illnesses were caused by vaping nicotine and has confirmed: “Deaths linked to vaping often involved THC products, not nicotine”. (

After careful research, the U.K. government continues to promote vaping as a recommended tool for Tobacco harm reduction. Positive information about vaping from the U.K. continues, including the news story that ‘E-cigarettes helped more than 50,000 people in England quit smoking in one year.’

In order to help promote vaping awareness Innokin ran a bus advocacy campaign on 500 buses across London. We are proud to financially support and promote important vape advocacy groups from around the world and share the message from Public Health England that vaping is ‘95% less harmful than smoking.’ The work of UKVIA, VTA, CVA, CASAA and others helps to share vital information and their efforts are greatly needed and appreciated.

For more information about the Innokin London bus advocacy campaign please visit (

The health and well-being of smokers and vapers is our mission at Innokin and we have watched the development of this situation carefully. Our products are tested and certified according to TPD standards and we continue to research and develop next generation products and advanced vaping technologies.

Innokin Technology launches London bus campaign for Stoptober: ‘How much do you know about vaping?’

Innokin Technology launches London bus campaign for Stoptober: ‘How much do you know about vaping?’

London buses will be supporting the vaping industry this week, courtesy of a large-scale campaign by Innokin Technology. The vape manufacturer has partnered with leading international vaping associations to ask Londoners ‘how much do you know about vaping?

The campaign marks the final week of ‘Stoptober’, when smokers around the country are looking to leave cigarettes behind.

The UK is still home to more than 7 million smokers, despite the efforts of government and public health bodies. In October 2019, Public Health England confirmed that smoking continues to be the leading cause of early death in London.

Innokin Technology hopes this campaign will draw attention to the alternatives that exist.

Vice president of Innokin Technology, George Xia, said:
‘By working closely with vaping associations around the world, to sponsor advocacy and education, we hope that more smokers will learn about the alternatives and find support to help them stop smoking.’

Innokin Technology is a member of the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA), who also features in the bus campaign. The UKVIA is the leading forum for the vaping industry in the UK.

About Innokin Technology:

Founded in 2011, Innokin’s products are now sold in more than 10,000 stores worldwide. Innokin’s 10,000m² factory in Shenzhen, China, produces e-cigarettes and vaporizers to the highest international standards.

Innokin is committed to helping people around the world live happier and healthier.

For more information about this campaign please contact:

About UKVIA:

The UKVIA represents the largest proportion of the UK vaping marketplace and supply chain, including manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and distributors.

Our vision is simple: “a world where the evidence-based, life-changing public health benefits of vaping products are fully understood and the positive impact is maximised.”

For more details on the campaign, or further comment, please contact:

U.S. Scientific Study Shows Vaping Helps Smokers Quit

U.S. Scientific Study Shows Vaping Helps Smokers Quit

Great news for vapers and smokers! A new study from the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Tobacco Research and Treatment Center has found scientific evidence that using electronic cigarettes daily helps U.S. smokers quit smoking cigarettes. Read the full study ‘Electronic Cigarette Use and Cigarette Abstinence Over 2 Years Among U.S. Smokers in the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health Study’ here:

This groundbreaking study compared the data from more than 8000 adult smokers and compared adults who were daily and non-daily e-cigarette user with those who only smoked cigarettes. The study measured how likely a smoker was to quit smoking and found that those who used electronic cigarettes every day, compared to non e-cig users, were more likely to quit smoking and remain smoke free.

The results of this study showed that electronic cigarette users were more likely to quit smoking cigarettes within one year and not smoke cigarettes again for at least another year! The study also found that the participants who used e-cigarettes were no more likely to relapse and smoke combustible cigarettes than smokers who did not use e-cigs.

The implications of this study showed that “In this nationally representative longitudinal cohort study of US adult cigarette smokers, daily e-cigarette use, compared to no e-cigarette use, was associated with a 77% increased odds of prolonged cigarette smoking abstinence over the subsequent 2 years. Regular use of e-cigarettes may help some smokers to stop smoking combustible cigarettes.” The study concluded that “Daily use of e-cigarettes may help some smokers to stop smoking combustible cigarettes.”

We’re looking forward to more scientific data to support the millions of ex-smokers worldwide who believe vaping helped them quit smoking!

Did vaping help you quit smoking? What do you think of this study? Share your story with us at