Crios Tank – A Better Vape Experience
Crios Tank - Innokin

The Crios’s perfect airflow design allows users to experience the best vaping.

Power-up your favorite tanks for amazing clouds of big flavors!
The Crios’s perfect airflow design allows users to experience the best vaping.

Key Features/Specs:
Sleek, compact design
24mm diameter
4ml liquid capacity
Easy top-fill

Each Crios tank is packaged with X2 BVC 0.65Ω Coils, tested and rated at 35W-65W
Replacement coils available in 4-packs
Available in black, Silver.

The Crios tank delivers huge flavorful clouds at 55W with an upgraded, easy to top-fill, design.
Available in Europe with the Axiom 2ml TPD compliant tank and coil system.

  1. Will this tank work with my original Kroma?

  2. Love this tank but would have preferred a normal drip tip the base of the drip tip gets too hot and is a bit big for my lips .Is there a tip I can purchase that will help

    • Hi Kevin,

      The Crios should include a 510 drip tip adapter. You can use any drip tip of your choice, provided you use the adapter. You can find tons of drip tips online for purchase. Thanks!

  3. Hi where can I get replacement coils from

  4. Will an 810 drip tip fit the Crios tank? I love this tank but the tip is a litte too short for my taste. I have see a taller 810 tip,but don’t want to buy it if it won’t fit.

    • I have two 810’s that I use on my Big Baby Beast and they fit perfectly on the Crios tank. But, the drip tips that come with Innokin’s new RDA (I forget the name… iRoar something) don’t fit. I was under the impression they’re 810 but maybe not. But if you have Goon, BB, Kennedy, etc. 810s they should work fine on this tank.

  5. what is crops coil made of ,, ss, ti, no ect

  6. The Crios tank is amazing! I love it! Will you be releasing other colors? If you release 100 colors, I’ll get one of each ? Also, will you be releasing other coils for this tank? The 0.65 Ω coils are amazing, but how about SS for temp control? Thank you for this wonderful tank ?

  7. Any other coils coming out?

  8. Can i order these tanks direct from Innokin?

  9. I need a replacement glass for crio tank

  10. What is the point of having a security code? What can I gain/access with it. Product is itazte vv 3.0

  11. Will this work in a t22e? If not is there any with a airflow slot that will? Thanks

    • Hi Alex,

      I would not recommend the Crios with the T22e. The T22 is designed to output roughly 14W of power to high ohm coils, thus I would only recommend using atomizers with high ohm coils on the T22.

  12. Can you use SS Temperature control on this tank? I’ve been doing it and I am not sure if I should stop.

    • Hi Glen,

      The Crios coils that come with the tank and our bundles are BVC Kanthal coils. In other words, do NOT use the Crios in SS TC mode, as you could risk burning your cotton or destroying your coils. Please use your Crios in wattage mode only. Thank you.

  13. Where can i get clear tank glass o-rings/gaskets & maybe proper name for them?

  14. Will this tank work with my disrupter

  15. Hi just wondering would this fit my itazte kroma as my tank is broke

  16. Hello, have the coils for the Crios been discontinued? I just ordered the Kroma-A with Crios but when I went to order replacement coils from they told me that they have been discontinued. If they are discontinued is there a replacement? If not I paid for a tank that I can not use after the initial coils that it comes with burns out.

  17. I have a Cool Fire IV can with coils and cotton can I use this instead Im tired of wetting the cotton all the time it seems to dry out quick.

    • Hey Tone,

      You can use the Crios with the CoolFire IV, but the maximum output of the mod is only acceptable for the Crios coils. You may find yourself wanting or needing more power for the Crios. However, it should still deliver a satisfying vape and provide an upgrade for you at 30-40W.

  18. Thank You Innokin Frank for answering all these questions your very knowledgeable.

  19. i just purchase a Innokin Kroma-A Starter Kit which came with the Crios tank. I can’t get the bottom of the glass tank to stay on. The glass tube will not stay securely on the base of the tank. if i attempt to fill the tank it will leak out of the bottom. The bottom part of the O ring is there but nothing screws on. Any help?

  20. Is it alright to run this tank on a lower watt setting? Around 20-25W?

  21. this tank leaks real bad and I’ve tried new washers that came with it and it still leaks real, real bad getting ejuice all over everything.

    • Hi Gloria,

      Please make sure all of the o-rings are fully pressed into place. Also, you might need to either replace your coil, or use a thicker e-liquid. During the winter, the drastic temperature changes from going outside and inside can also cause leaks, as the temperature changes the viscosity of your juice.

  22. Hi, I just purchased itaste kroma a / crios tank,

    what is the correct setting for coil type when 1st setting up ? Same, Ni,Ti,ss,or w ?

    is there a difference between wattage in tc and wattage in wattage mode ?

    what is a recommended temperature setting so as not to burn my lips ?

    is it correct that with the crios, tc mode isn’t even meant to be used ?

    a list of all recommended settings for a rookie would be appreciated

    • Hi Luke,

      Use W, wattage mode. The difference between wattage in TC and wattage in wattage mode is the temperature. In TC, the wattage determines how fast you reach your set temperature, then the wattage cuts off to maintain that temperature. In wattage mode, you will get all the heat of your wattage setting for as long as you hold down the button, which means it’s important to use the recommended wattage setting for kanthal or stainless steel coils.

      If you’re using TC coils, I recommend starting at 50W and 400F.

      The Crios is meant for wattage mode, yes. Please refer to the engravings on your coils for recommended wattage ranges. Thanks Luke!

  23. Are replacement glass sleeves–not sure what the part would be called–available for the Crios tank? The one supplied cracked when attempting to reattach after trying to stop a leak. I was able to use the supplied replacement with the kit, but this only gives one glass sleeve to go with for now.

  24. Hi. Trying to change the coil for the first time but I can’t get the bottom to unscrew

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Place your Crios in a freezer for a couple of minutes, then try to unscrew the bottom section. If you still can’t get it open, try wearing a pair of rubber latex gloves while turning. Hope this helps!

  25. Buying the innokin AMVS starter pen that comes with the crios tank and. 25 coils which are the only coils recommend to be used in this device. Problem is I can only find the .65 ohm coils and nowhere the .25 coils. Any ideas as to where they could be purchased as I would like to use them per the manufacturer?

  26. I purchased an Authentic verified Kroma-A with a Crios tank, the mod is great but the Crios tank is a dissapointment, it hasleaked from the day i got it and the machuning of the base threads and cap thread is very poor to the point where is almost has no thread and barely holds on. Im not getting any customer support and was refused a refund or exchange and told by the store that they cant even get a reply and there listed on your website. Now om out of pocket $110 for a system i cant even use or have used for more than 10 mins. Very dissapointing.

    • Hi Darren,

      I am sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having with your Crios. Rest assured that all we want is for you to be satisfied with your vaping experience. Please contact our support team via email at with proof of purchase and a brief description of the issue. They will work with you to have a replacement sent to you or a refund if necessary.

  27. Will this tank work with the mvp3.0 pro?

  28. Hi
    I use the cool fire ultra with its original iSub tank on a regular basis, I recently purchased the Riptide with the Crios tank with the Kal 0.25ohm coil. as the Riptide battery needed charging I tried using the cool fire ultra with the crios tank but the screen message came up check atomizer and it did not recognize the tank, I assumed one can use any tank on the cool fire ultra as long you match the coil material in the settings and wattage, it should have come up flashing and giving me the option to change, can I not use any tank on the cool fire besides the iSub tank it came with.
    Thanks for your help and advice

  29. Do these tanks work with the Riptide? My Riptide came with a 2ml tank, but I’d like the bigger 4ml. If not which one would? Cheers!

  30. I have the innokin kroma-A but i cant buy the crios tank. Its very frustrating. It says the item is being upgraded and can not be shipped to canada. My vap tastes awful now. I need help please.

  31. Hi Frank,Please where can I buy E-Liquid?
    I have searched possibly everywhere in my location but I still can’t find it to buy. As a result of search for it,I came across this forum and I am hoping you can help me .
    My location is Democratic Republic of Congo .

    • Hi Vin,

      You might have better luck purchasing e-liquid online and having it mailed to you. Check out for information on tons of juice vendors, shops, and stores worldwide.

      • Can the scion tank work with the riptide battery and also what other coils other than standard Crios ones work in Crios tank

        • Hi Steven,

          The RipTide is specifically meant for use with the Crios only. The RipTide combo is meant to use the .25ohm Crios coils and nothing else. Check out any of our variable wattage mods for more options when it comes to tanks.

          • Thanks i read that axiom coils can be used in Crios tank but would rather hear it from you before purchasing and also can you tell me if it’s worth sticking to Crios coils or are there advantages to swapping

  32. Have you guys considered making bubble glass for this tank?

    The tank is great, I love it, but it would be perfect with more e-juice capacity.

    • Hi Christian,

      I agree, that would be an excellent addition to the Crios! The Scion utilizes bubble glass and many seem to like the option. I’ll forward your feedback to the team! Thanks for your support :)

  33. Hi,
    I have the itaste kroma-a with the crios tank. I seem to be burning through coils very quickly at about 25 W. If I turn the wattage up to say 30-35, they burn out even faster and the vapor seems really dry…to the point my nose started bleeding! The tank is cleaned regularly and I keep it at least half full. I use a 70/30 juice and it’s 6-10mg of nicotine. I also get no flavor from this tank. What am I doing wrong?!
    Maybe I should go back to a T18 tank? Will a T18 fit?

    • Hi Karlee,

      Sorry to hear you’re not loving the Crios. It’s possible your nicotine levels may be too high. Try using a juice with a lower nicotine concentration and see if the flavor and coil life improves.

      The Kroma-A is fully compatible with the T18 tank- just be sure to use it in wattage mode only at 14W.

      Thanks for your support and happy vaping!

  34. Will the new plexus coils fit the crios ?

  35. hi

    which axiom coils will fit the crios, i know a couple of people have mentioned this but thers the original axiom and the axiom m21 , or are these both the same ?


  36. Hey is there a site I can check to change out my coil on my crios tank?

  37. Hi.
    I have recently purchased a riptide. What tank upgrades are available?

    • Hi Ian,

      The Riptide outputs a constant 68w. Using ohms law, you’ll have to figure out what style of coil would best suit your vaping needs. From Innokin, the Scion or Scion II with the 70-100W coil would work decently. Thanks!

  38. Hi, I just recieved my Innokin AMVS with the Chios tank and considering it’s brand new, I followed the directions: leave oil in tank for 5 mins so wick can soak. Why does it taste burnt? I need the CBS oil for my anxiety and I can’t vape like this. Thank in advance!

  39. Hi!
    My riptide with 0.25 crios coils seem to overheat and burns the cotton very quickly, whereas the 0.65 coils don’t give enough vapour output at all. Any advice? What am I doing wrong?

  40. A clerk at my vape shop recommended the Smoant Battlestar Mini to me recently and I was wondering if the Crios tank would work or be ideal with this mod. Thanks!

  41. Hi I’m using the Oceanus mod on 35-40 Watts with the crops tank love the tank but have replaced the mod under warranty and bought another tank as the ohms creep up to .75 as oppose to staying round the .65 mark flavour is nice and like the set up but feel burns coils faster doing this fluctuating is this set up ok or anything you can think of why this is occurring ? Or is this totally working within its normal function cheers any feedback would be appreciated, otherwise love innokin products 👍

    • Hi Wal,

      A few reasons why this issue can be occuring:

      – The 510 threads needs to be cleaned. Use a cotton swab and a light amount of rubbing alcohol to clean both your mod and tank 510 threading.
      – The coil leads are loose. It’s hard to fix this issue besides outright replacing the coil.
      – It’s normal for a slight deviation in ohm reading as a tank heats up. Try lowering the wattage a little below your regular amount to mitigate the issue entirely.

      I hope this helps and we very much appreciate your support! Please follow up if you require more help.

  42. Hi guys, I have a cool fire IV plus, usually used around 30-40 watts with the isub G tank. I’m after a top filling tank, will the crios work well enough with the cool fire IV plus?

    Any help appreciated


    • Hi Lee,

      The Crios would work decently well with the CF4 provided you don’t need an exceptionally hot vape. The Crios coil will push the CF4 to it’s limits, and I would only recommend the .65ohm coils with that mod.

  43. Where to get crios glass plus another tank absolutely love it I have the AMVS Ryan Michael edition very nice

  44. bought the Crios tank and using .65 coil, 70vg/30pg liquid, set everything up and gradually increased to 60w but i’m still tasting a little liquid putting me right off, any suggestions?or have you got a troubleshooting guide i can follow to try solve this? cheers

    • Hi Togo,

      If you are getting ejuice in your mouth while vaping, then your coil is flooded. This can be fixed by replacing the coil and making sure not to overprime your coil before vaping. If you do not wish to replace your coil, remove it from your tank and let dry for a short time. Then, reassemble your tank and refill. Your coil will make crackling sounds for the first few vapes, but it should alleviate the flooding issue.

  45. When i change the could I prime it for 10 minutes or so, however have tried doing it for more or less. However all I get is dryness, if i loosen the top then bubbles appear on the cotton and the drag i get is better, but I do not want to have to do this every time I use it. Any suggestions?

  46. Can i get replacement rubber seals that sit between the tank glass?

  47. My crios .25 ohm coil is tasting burnt on my amvs, why?

    • Hi Anthony,

      Make sure the coil is primed and soaked well in e-liquid. On a full battery charge, it may taste a bit burnt if you drag for too long or your coil isn’t wicked up enough.

  48. I have a crios tank and both pieces of glass to the tank have been broken. Is there a way I can purchase just the glass pieces?

  49. I have been having problems with crios coil on riptide. Seller told me it was due to coil screwed too tight. After long time fiddling with screwing the coil in right position, riptide worked fine for a while however after removing top to refill juice, the coil stopped firing again. Are crios coils really than sensitive? Or do you think there may be a fault somewhere?
    I am new to vaping so my inexperience may explain to some extent the problem. Nonetheless it seems to me that there is something wrong considering that just be screwing the top in the riptide (after topping up the juice) makes the coil unable to be fired.
    Can you shed some light in my dilemma?

    • Hi Maria,

      I don’t believe the coil being screwed too tight would be an issue. In fact, the coil being tightened down properly would ensure a connection between the coil and 510 pin. So I’d recommend to make sure it’s nice and snug.

      When you remove the top to fill, the coil is likely unscrewing slightly, breaking the connection with the 510 pin. Tighten the coil before you put the top back on and it should fix the issue.

      Also, make sure the 510 pin and threading of your tank and battery are nice and clean. Use a cotton swab with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to wipe the connectors clean. Hope this helps! If not, feel free to contact our support directly at Thanks and have a good one.

  50. Thank you for the advice Frank.
    I ended up trying a different coil and had no further issues. It seems the first coil may have had a problem with the end wires not connecting hence not firing.
    All good now and enjoying vaping on the riptide 😀


    It came with my iTaste Kroma-A kit and has never let me down. I actually just ordered the iTaste MVP 4.0 mod and will continue to use my Crios tank on that as well.

    Best place to buy coils for the Crios is at Not only do they ship quickly but they’re cheap and only charge $7.95 for a 4pk!

    They’re based in Charlotte, NC so if you’re on the East Coast in the US like me you get your package within 2 days of ordering, unless you order over the weekend.

    Hopefully this will help a lot of people that have found it rather difficult to find replacement coils for the Crios tank. I know I couldn’t until I found or I’d find them but for like $15 for a 4pk and the place wasn’t reputable at all…

    • Hey Mike,

      Thanks so much for your support! MyFreedomSmokes is an excellent place to get your favorite Innokin products. They are fully authorized by us and can help with warranty support and have great shipping service.

  52. My crios tank on my riptide is continually leaking, i work in a vape shop and have done everything i even changed the coil twice but liquid just seems to pour out of it bear in mind my device is only 2 weeks old

    • Hi Marie,

      Make sure the airflow is closed off to ensure a proper vacuum seal while you fill the tank. If this doesn’t help, you’ll have to double check and make sure all of your o-rings are undamaged and in their proper place. We offer a replacement o-ring kit on our website, if you need replacements. Thanks!

      • Hi frank i have tried all of that i am someone who fixes these problems for others for a living i have tried everything i physically can to make this tank work for me i have spent over € 30 on trying to fix this issue

        • Hi Marie,

          There may be a manufacturing defect causing the broken vacuum then. In that case, contact our support at as soon as you can to open a warranty claim. We typically do not offer refunds on atomizers unless there is a clear manufacturer defect, so make sure you’re ready to provide pictures. Sorry about the trouble!

  53. Is this the correct tank to be buying for the riptide

  54. Hi will the crios fit my kroma platform series edition without an adapter ? , Thanks.

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