An E cigarette report commissioned by Public Health England

March 21 2015

A very positive report about vaporizers and ecigs commissioned by Public Health England has been published!
From the Report: “Smoking kills, and millions of smokers alive today will die prematurely from their smoking unless they quit. This burden falls predominantly on the most disadvantaged in society. Preventing this death and disability requires measures that help as many of today’s smokers to quit as possible.
The option of switching to electronic cigarettes as an alternative and much safer source of nicotine, as a personal lifestyle choice rather than medical service, has enormous potential to reach smokers currently refractory to existing approaches.
The emergence of electronic cigarettes and the likely arrival of
more effective nicotine-containing devices currently in development provides a radical alternative to tobacco, and evidence to date suggests that smokers are willing to use these products in substantial numbers. Electronic cigarettes, and other nicotinedevices, therefore offer vast potential health benefits.”