E-cigarettes, the most Popular Alternative to Smoking

March 11 2016

Before the invention of e-cigarettes, the majority of smokers used nicotine patches or gum in attempt to quit smoking. However, these tools were highly ineffective as it had a relatively low success rate compared to the amount of smokers. Then came e-cigarettes. It was a mind blowing device that gave a sensation that was similar to smoking and yet contained no tobacco. As Lexi Finnigan on The Telegraph says,
“E-cigarettes are now the most popular form of support to stop smoking, overtaking nicotine gum and skin patches, researchers have said.
More than one million smokers in England used an electronic cigarette in a bid to kick the habit last year, according to academics at University College London (UCL).

E-cigarettes_the most Popular Alternative to Smoking
They estimated that 2.6 million of England’s eight million smokers tried to quit last year. Two fifths of those who tried to quit used an e-cigarette compared with 26% who used a licensed nicotine product in their attempt.
“E-cigarettes have overtaken more traditional methods as the most widely used support for smokers wanting to quit,” said Robert West, professor of health psychology at UCL.
“Their impact on public health at present comes from attracting people who would otherwise have tried to stop without any useful form of support.
“We estimate that e-cigarettes have probably helped around 20,000 smokers to quit each year, that wouldn’t have otherwise.”
Mike Knapton, associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation, added: “Although e-cigarettes are much less harmful than smoking cigarettes, there is no doubt that more research is needed into the potential long term effects of the use of them.
“This unique study shines a light on just how popular e-cigarettes have become as an aid for smokers trying to quit and we need to listen to what is helping people the most on their path to a smoke free life.”” (Lexi Finnigan, article available)
Though some may hate to admit it, e-cigarettes are helping thousands of people to quit smoking. Researchers and e-cigarette industries are constantly working to make safer, more advanced products that their customers may rely on. Incorporation of high technology, e-cigarettes continue to become more reliable devices. However, precaution still needs to be taken and these devise must always be used in a proper manner.
The invention of e-cigarettes may be the key to solving the problem of smoking. Smoking has now existed for many years and yet no solution has been reached on how to solve this hazardous problem. Smoking, rated as the number one most preventable death still claims thousands of lives every year. Finally an effective alternative has been presented to our society. However, there are still many who are working to make regulations that may lead to the extinction of e-cigarettes. Though the degree of how much these devices are regulated differ from nation to nation, more countries are acting to regulate e-cigarettes. Some question this action and claim that banning people from using these devices is unethical as those who were able to quit through e-cigarettes would most likely go back to their old habit of smoking. By taking away e-cigarettes, anti-vapers may actually be promoting the use of traditional cigarettes. Why else were people unable to quit smoking before? It was because it is highly addictive and uneasy to quit. It was because e-cigarettes give the users a similar sensation that e-cigarettes are able to have a higher success rate in aiding smokers to quit. E-cigarettes have the potential to save millions of lives. Let’s not take this away from those trying to quit smoking.