Innokin launches the vape industry’s first 100% recyclable packaging

November 04 2020

Innokin Technology, a leading electronic cigarette and vaporizer brand, is proud to announce the adoption of 100% recyclable environmentally sustainable packaging, starting with the Platform Series Zenith Tank upgrade.

Beyond the external packaging, Innokin has also developed a new type of biodegradable packaging for all types of replaceable coils. This new type of hygienic coil packaging significantly reduces single use plastic waste across all coil product lines to help protect the environment.

Innokin’s 100% Recyclable packaging initiative begins with the upgraded Zenith Tank in France followed by the introduction of sustainable packaging for Innokin products sold in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and other important markets in 2021.

“Our brands ethos is to help the people around us as much as possible, the environment is the world we live in and we feel like vaping companies should also be held accountable” said Jack Sanders, Innokin branding director. “For me it was very important to be a leading company in this drive to make a better future for everyone and sustainable packaging is just the first small step. Innokin maintains a commitment to providing a great user experience for all of our customers and for providing peace of mind in the quality and safety of our products. Our customers trust our products and feel confident that when they choose Innokin they are choosing a brand that is committed to utilizing new technologies to create a better future. We will continue to expand this environmentally aware initiative for all of our product lines and across all international markets.”

Head packaging designer Huang stated “The happiness and success of our customers is very important and our new 100% recyclable packaging is provided at no additional cost to them. In order to protect the environment we need to continuously think of innovative solutions and take advantage of new technologies and materials. By selecting trustworthy suppliers who are focused on improving the efficiency of their own production methods we are able to provide more environmentally sustainable packaging solutions.”

This 100% recyclable product and coil packaging redesign is closely aligned with Innokin’s continued investment into new designs and materials that reduce the use of single use plastics. This environmentally conscious initiative includes the innovative Sceptre and Endura M18 pod systems which features a new type of pod design with easy to replace coils. Vapers can replace coils and keep the pods to maintain a high level of flavour and vapour quality and also reduce unnecessary plastic waste.

As a leading vape company Innokin has the responsibility to provide customers with the ability to use less plastic in their lives and to reduce their impact on the environment. Innokin will continue to focus on developing new technologies and solutions to ensure that our customers and future generations live happier and healthier.

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