As we say our goodbyes to 2022, a fresh New Year ahead inspires us all to wish for better. 2023 is a blank white canvas of your future, patiently waiting for you to seize the brush of life and make a stroke. What will it hold? It could be something of wonder and amazement - of new beginnings, your wildest dreams, and endless possibilities.

In reflection of the New Year, and of the blank white canvas of your future, we celebrate whichever way you make your wish with the special edition of the Innokin Klypse: White.

No matter how big or how small your wish is, INNOKIN will help make it come true!


What Wishes Will Be Granted?

We have the privilege of serving millions of customers across more than 100 countries. With such diversity, the INNOKIN community is the perfect group of people to ask about hope, dreams and positive change.

When looking at wishes made in the campaign, we will select those which inspire us and embody the theme of progress, new beginnings, and hope. Perhaps you wish to visit a family member who lives in another country, or wish to start learning a new language, or even take up a new hobby. Whatever you wish to achieve in the new year, we want to help you make it a reality!


Introducing Klypse New Year’s Edition

Accompanying the “INNOKIN New Year’s Wish” campaign is a special edition Klypse, with a special white finish.

The Klypse is designed to be a simple, effective, and elegant device for new vapers, so we felt that it was the perfect device to highlight in the new year. The stunning white satin finish of this New year’s edition Klypse represents new beginnings and a clean slate.

Only a limited number of this colourway will be produced, so please check with your local INNOKIN retailer while stocks last.


How To Participate

  1. Purchase New Year’s Special Edition Klypse from your INNOKIN retailer of choice.

  2. Post photo or video content including your Special Edition Klypse and white factors to social media, explaining your New Year’s Wish.

  3. Tag official INNOKIN accounts according to the applicable social media platform (Facebook: Innokin Technology / Instagram: @innokintechnology).

  4. Use the hashtag #INNOKINwish on your posts.

  5. INNOKIN will make 3 wishes come true.

Share Your New Year’s Culture

The new year is marked in different ways by cultures across the world. At INNOKIN, we are proud to be a global brand, serving people of all backgrounds.

We want to know all about your local new year’s culture, so please tell us about it when you make posts for “INNOKIN New Year’s Wish” and use the hashtag #INNOKINwish!


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