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iSub Apex 5ML Tank

iSub® Apex 5ML Vape Tank profile

The new iSub APEX5  Black Edition Vape Tank is an upgrade to our best selling iSub Apex tank. The iSub APEX5 Vape Tank offers quick and clean top fill, Prism Flavor+ design similar to the original iSub-Apex with a larger 5ml capacity, great new Black Edition design, and now capable of higher wattages with our new BVC Clapton coils!

  • Clapton BVC coil
  • Quick & Clean Top-Fill
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow
  • Removable Drip Tip
  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Pyrex Glass Tank
  • iSub Coil Compatible
  • Japanese Organic Cotton
  • No Spill Coil Swap System
  • 5ML Capacity

  1. I have been waiting for a larger tank from you guys and I love that you used the Apex platform! I am wondering where I can get one of these tanks! Thanks for such great products!

  2. Just got my Apex5 this weekend. So much quieter than my Isub G with .5 coil. The Clapton coil taste great and love the top fill design. I have a Coolfire4 that came with the I sub tank and have since got the I sub G. Was about to order the APEX 3ml but was glad I waited a bit, because Innokin listens and upgraded/ fixed it to this new.

  3. Will this work with the TC coils ?

  4. What is the diameter of this new 5ml version?

  5. how soon can i get one of these and where i am dying to get it and i love the design of the apex setup

  6. Has this been released? Any authorized vendors listed?

  7. I got my Apex 5ml about a week ago and I LOVE IT! GREAT TANK !! I can not say enough good things about it. Large juice capacity no leakage Awesome flavor and cloud production! The draw is a little tighter than the iSub G tank but still good for lung hits. I ordered the black one and love the finish, smooth and clean, and you don’t get the residue around the mouth piece like you do with the metal drip tips.
    Now I just have to find a Mod with 6000mah, and I wont have to do anything but refill the tank once or twice a day!
    Thanks for the great work Innokin !

  8. I already have 2 Isub Apex 3 ml, one for my wife and one for me, I am very happy with this product, absolutely no leak, thanks to the tank at the below, good vape with a very good cloud production even with 50/50 PG/VG (0.5 ohm coil, setting around 28W) and good taste of the juice…..amazing!
    Even if the refill procedure is so easy my only concern was about the tank capacity, so with the 5 ml….thanks INNOKIN
    Just have to wait because not available yet in France

  9. the black version just arrived today, together with the RBA :)
    great tank, like it very much 😉

    but I want to know if it´s possible to disassemble the tank to clean the glas,
    or to dry it after cleaning???

    the only thing I found to disassemble is the bottom and the coil :(

    thanks for an answer in advance.

    best wishes

  10. Newbie here with one of your cortex mods, will this tank fit/be compatible with the cortex?

  11. Hi i really like your tank, i would like to use it with my vaporfi vice battery 2200mah and mig neo vape mod box 4000mah Would that be safe

  12. I am very new at this way of vaping. Heard that you have to be careful with this because it can explode in your face and dont know enough about how I can figure out what to get. REad a lot online but it is still very difficult concept for me to understand. I have a coolfire 4 and a itaste pro 3.0. I currently have the isub. At a .5. Would this be a safe set up for both mods?


    • Yes Amy, this is safe.

      As you are using a regulated device, you should not worry about the device exploding. Explosions only happen with unregulated (unprotected) devices with poor batteries. Innokin will never offer anything with safety risks.

  13. Will the new isub apex 5 ml tank fit the Coolfire iv plus?

  14. I got the Apex 5 because I had the original apex and LOVED it but wanted it to be able to hold more liquid. The black finish is beautiful as well. The prism technology makes the flavor taste amazing. However the clapton coils that come with the tank are not innokin’s best invention. I understand trying to get onto the clapton coil bangwagon, but the traditional .5ohm coils for the Isub line beats the clapton hands down. I like being able to vape at higher than 35 watts, but the flavor and cloud production that should come with higher wattage just isnt there. The claptons actually produce LESS vapor than the traditional coils. But seeing as the coil has no impact on the tank itself I give the tank 5 stars! When I put a traditional coil in it, it fired like a beast and tasted amazing while chucking out plumes of vapor! 10/10!!!

    • Appreciate the feedback Isabella! We try to accommodate as many styles and vapers as possible :) Some like the claptons, some don’t. Just the nature of vaping! Thanks for supporting Innokin :)

      • Thanks for responding! I have a suggestion for the future. Maybe a coil for the apex and other Isubs that can vape at 40-60 watts? But isnt a clapton? possible or no?

  15. I have the 3ml version and was dying to get my hands on this. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and the only drawback is the easy top fill on the 5ml is way more tighter to open. It might have something to do with the finish as the 3ml I got is silver stainless steel which is more slicker to open & close compared to the black finish I got on the 5ml

  16. Hi again,
    thanks for the answers.
    But I´ve a big problem with the RBA Unit.
    After a few hours there are a few drops of Liquid at the 510 pin and then in the Mods 510 connector.
    No gurgeling, no Liquid in the Airflow nothing.
    The shop sent me a replacement RBA but still the same :(
    I tried a few cottons and different coil and wicking sizes, but still after a few hours the same.

    But I don´t understand, even if the RBA will be full of Liquid the only thing what should be happen is
    that it starts gurgeling and maybe Liquid will run through the Airholes.


    • Hi Michael.

      That’s strange. Is the bottom o-ring correctly in place?

      With enough cotton, the RBA shouldn’t leak. I know you’ve mentioned using different cottons and wicking sizes, but this issue has typically been resolved by adjusting your wicking style (I’ve heard a few complaints about this from other users and found resolutions by changing their wicking style).

  17. I bought an iSub Apex5, after being a big fan of iSub tanks. I have only used the tank for a few days but it has developed marks as if it suffering from ‘tank cracking’. As far as I was aware, it is a pyrex tank, therefore I thought this would not be possible? I have verified that it is a genuine Innokin product (bought in the UK)

  18. I love all of you at Innokin. Your products are all I use/have.
    The MVP 3.0 Pro, 5 of the Cool Fire 4’s, and a Cool Fire 4 Plus.
    And I use only Innokin Tanks. I love the new APEX 5. It’s great for all day vaping.
    Keep up the great work folks. You are top of the line/cutting edge technology and I love you all.
    Rob Lins. Balto, MD. 21234

  19. Hi Innokin,

    I was just wondering Will this tank fit on a Cool Fire IV?

    Thakn you for your time.

  20. Do you manufacture & sell a 316L SS coil head for the iSub Apex line?

  21. Hi Frank from Innokin,

    What is the wattage rating for Innokin’s 0.4-ohm Ti & 0.2-ohm Ni200 coils? I am using 30 watts at 465 degrees Fahrenheit in TC mode. My gear is the iSub Apex 5 atop the Panzer Box 200W.

    Thanks for your time. I await your reply.

    • Hey Tim.

      Wattage doesn’t really matter too much on TC coils- the degrees is more important.

      For the NI coil, just set your wattage to a high amount so it reaches the desired temperature quicker. The best temps are between 380 and 500F in my experience.

      For TI, same thing, just lower temps. 300-450F would be my personal recommendation range.

      Hope this helps.

  22. Been using this since its release and it really is a great tank.

    However, for me anyway, there is 1 problem with it. The area around the refil hole has started to change colour. It’s like whatever you have used to make it black is slowly coming off.

  23. Hi Innokin Frank

    I have a problem with my lovely isub apex 5 tank.

    Yesterday, I was giving my tank with a cotton bud and I managed to dislodged the rubber ribbed grommet that I think holds the coil secure and I can’t get it back in ?. Have I broken my tank or can I take it somewhere for it to be fixed?

    I am now suffering by having to use the isub apex tank that came with my CF4+. I would be very grateful for any advice.

    Many thanks

    • Hey there Mags. I am sorry to hear about the issue :(

      How come you can’t get it back into place? Trying using a thin tool and apply enough pressure to press it back into place without breaking the grommet.

      • Hi Innokin Frank,

        Thanks for your reply.

        My brother has managed to get the grommet back in however, you have to wiggle the coil really gently as you slowly push the coil in or else the grommet just collapes in on itself. Could it be that the grommet has stretched slightly?

        I would be very grateful for any advice.

        Many thanks


        • It does sounds like it’s stretched.

          I would be very gentle replacing coils. Unfortunately since we don’t sell spare parts, the best you could do would be to buy a whole new atomizer.

          Normally I would recommend letting a rubber grommet/o-ring sit in brake oil to swell back up, but since it’s inside an atomizer I would not recommend doing that without proper sterilization and cleaning of the grommet before vaping again.

          Best of luck Mags!

  24. Hi Innokin Frank,

    I have been using my
    Innokin iSub Apex 5 tank for about 2 weeks, and noticed the viewing window was getting cloudy. I wrote to where I purchased it and was told that the inner tube is poly and the outer is Pyrex. I did a little scratch test on the outside of the glass and it didn’t take any effort to make a mark, meanwhile all my other Pyrex items wont scratch at all. Any Idea what is going on with this? BTW I LOVE the flavor I get from this thing.

  25. Hi Innokin Frank,

    I wish to purchase the new “iSub Apex 5ML Black tank” before I buy it I would like to know if this tank is 100% pyrex glass or does it also have polycarbonate construction in it like the original iSub Apex tank?

  26. just received the 5ml apex isub and was quite excited to get vaping on it. however despite priming the coil supplied and changing it with the spare I got little vapour and got dry hits and my lungs felt bad after coughing so much. I am using BlaQ liquid as it was recommended on the video review by innokin.Any idea why this is happening? i am waiting for more clapton coils to arrive today and will change to a third coil. I am also using the innokin coolfire IV plus which appears to be working fine with my other tanks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. cheers John

    • Hi John.

      What wattage were you vaping at? It is possible you could have gotten a dud coil- have you replaced the coil for a new one to see if that helps your experience?

  27. Can i use this tank on my endura t18 mod?

    • Hi Justin.

      No, it will not fire unless you use 1.8ohm iSub coils, and your vape will most likely taste burnt with those. We recommend sticking to 1.4 ohm resistance, whether you use the T18 tank or otherwise. Thank you!

  28. love this, but have trouble twisting the top to fill. so much so that it hurts my fingers

  29. Just got the cool fire 1v tc 100watt mod as of all innokin vaping products an great little mod,l had been trying to get it for weeks now the wait is over,can’t put it down with the old isub apex 3ml with a Clapton coil it performs great flavour is outstanding,3 years vaping and I still have the first box mod it still works great that is the difference between innokin products and the other brands,what you get from innokin is top quality they won’t let you down over the moon with the new 100w tc absolutely brilliant.?????

  30. I just received this i-Sub A5 tank from an online vendor and am thinking it might be a clone. I have the stainless steel 3ml version, which feels really nice and is smooth with it’s moveable parts. This new one though felt different immediately. I needed to use pliers to pull the coil head out it was so snug. The metal housing of the coil itself was obviously different than the new Clapton coil head, although it was a Ni-200, so maybe the design was supposed to be different. I also noticed the wicking material was different. The Ni-200 had a tiny bit of cotton fluff coming out of the side opposed to the new one which looked almost paper-like. The biggest difference in this new 5ml tank is that the outer window is not Pyrex, it’s plastic. I am not sure if the inner window that holds the liquid is plastic or not. My 3ml stainless steel tank has Pyrex for the outside window. Can you please advise if my new tank and coil heads are fake? Thank you!

  31. I would like to know what the difference is between the KAL BVC 0.5 ohm heads and the regular 0.5 ohm heads. This is a great tank, I’m just not certain I am using the right heads fro my particular preference. I like cooler vapor and big clouds. I use 65VG/35PG juice…if that even makes a difference. I think i have been using the regular 0.5 ohm heads and they seem to burn fairly quickly (3 or 4 days). Can anyone make a recommendation?

  32. I need this in white for my Cool Fire IV Plus Storm – any chance? Love my Innokin Storm.

  33. Hi I have a Innokin Cool Fire Mini Slipstream Starter Kit 40w will this tank work with it?

    I find the 2ml slipstream really good but to small for my vaping needs…

  34. Hey. Are these tanks still available? Or have they been discontinued?

    If so will you guys be releasing anything on the same lines.

    Its my fave tank. ?

  35. Just bought this tank a week ago and I have to say it’s well built, really easy to use and the taste is in pair with the likes of Uwell Crown III which I also own. And the best thing is it doesn’t need that much power as Crown to get a fantastic flavour. Oh, and the new Clapton coils really shine in my Apex 5!

  36. hi.
    i have an innokin kroma with slipstream 2ml. will this tank work with it?

  37. This looks great and just what i am after- is this compatible with the Kroma A?



  38. Hi looks like this might be the replacement for my Innokin Coolfire IV TC 100 vape? Mine dropped and shattered thanks.

  39. Will this work with the Cool Fire IV?

  40. Hi Will this tank Work with my Oceanus mod. Currently have the Scion tank attatched, but looking to decrease the minimum watts!

    Basically want it between 30-70w instead of minimum 70w

    Cheers for the help!

    • Hey Damon,

      Absolutely! The Oceanus is compatible with any 510 atomizer that utilizes 110W and below Kanthal coils. I love the Apex myself, and find 25w to be just enough, while also preserving battery life.

  41. I just purchased the stainless steel version of this tank. I tried to replace the drip tip with several of the 510 drip tips that I have but none of them fit. The hole in this tank seems to be too large. Are there non-metal replacement drip tips available for this tank? Otherwise, I think it is a great tank.

    • Hi Randy,

      The iSub Apex should come pre-packaged with a glass and delrin style drip tip. The delrin drip tip eliminates the warmth that the tank can produce at the drip tip from chain vaping.

  42. Can I use this tank with my Kroma-A battery? I’ve come to dislike the Crios tank it came with because it’s quite leaky.

  43. Do u do the apex in blue??

  44. Is there a 5ml tank available for the kroma?

  45. Can you please advise dealers in the UK.

  46. Hi do you have any I sub apex 5ml tanks available please

  47. will this fit my TC150 model??

  48. Hi. Is this compatible with a CoolFire Mini?

  49. Does this tank work with the Cool Fire 4?

  50. Hi!

    This tank work with ez.watt?

  51. Can anybody help me I want a bigger tank for my innokin itazte kroma

    • Hi Dave,

      Using the included 510 tank adapter, any 510 threaded atomizer is compatible with the Kroma. Just make sure it uses 75w or less! I personally recommend the Scion II with the bubble glass.

  52. Hi
    What is the difference between this one and the zenith?
    I;ve noticed the airflow in on top on this one?
    what is the main diferences between this 2 tanks?

    • Hi Lolada,

      The Apex has a higher juice capacity, different airflow design, and different coil design compared to the Zenith. The Apex uses iSub coils and there are temperature controlled coils available for it as well.

  53. Hi,
    Two questions if I may:
    1. Where can I purchase an ISub Apex 5 tank in Australia?
    2. My original ISub Apex tank has some form of light brown material inside the lower part of the tank which is coming loose. Can that be fixed, or can the tank be used without it?

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