Join the KLYPSE "KNOCK KNOCK" Easter Event!

Celebrate Easter and the first anniversary of the Klypse with Innokin! Join us in celebrating hope, renewal, and new life with this traditional Easter activity. From April 3rd to April 30th, we invite you to crack open an Easter Egg and win Klypse kits! 


How to Enter:

To participate in the KLYPSE "KNOCK KNOCK" Easter Day Event, simply follow these steps:

  • Prizes: Klypse Kits x 20
  • Step 1: Watch the Klypse "Knock Knock" Easter Egg cracking video posted on our official social media channels.
  • Step 2: Answer the interactive questions found in the post in the comments correctly.
  • Step 3: Winners will be randomly selected from correct replies.

It's that simple! Join us in celebrating Easter and the first anniversary of the Klypse by cracking open an Easter egg!


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Innokin reserves the right to make the final interpretation and decision regarding all aspects of the Easter Day Event, including but not limited to participation eligibility, prize distribution, and event rules. By participating in this event, participants agree to abide by the event rules and accept the final decision made by Innokin.