The all new Disrupter and InnoCell E cigarettes

July 08 2015

Innokin not only strives to create new and reliable products for vapers but also partakes in various activities that customers who are interested in e-cigarettes can participate in. Innokin has also supported the U.S. military (Air Force) by providing some of their products for the soldiers. Recently, Innokin has started another activity involving the 4th of July (American Independence Day) and have started this activity by remarking:

“We hope you had an amazing Happy 4th of July Weekend Everybody!! To celebrate American Independence Day and the launch of the Innokin Disrupter and InnoCell LiPo Vaping Power System, we want to give You a One of a kind 1st AMERICAN EDITION Disrupter! Now it’s time to WIN! The American Edition has the American Flag proudly displayed on the side and these editions cannot be bought, they can only be won! Good Luck! It’s easy to enter and great to win!”

Innokin has yet again created a new product called the Disrupter and InnoCell. It is a box mod that can be separated into two parts, one part being the actual vaporizer (Disrupter) and the other being the battery (InnoCell).

The Disrupter is similar to the other mods created by Innokin as it features an operating voltage of 3.0 to 7.5 volts with Wattage that ranges from 6.0W to 50W. It includes a large OLED screen that can be flipped left or right according to the users preference. However, the Disrupter is different in that it is the first device to use Innokin’s InnoCell.

According to Innokin, “with the goal of building a better, safer vape power technology, our teams of engineers worked tirelessly to create a Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery better than the 18650”. The InnoCell is the battery that operates the Disrupter with its 2000mah capacity. Using new technology, Innokin has created a safe product that prevents overcharge, overheat, and short circuit.Along with the superior technology, The InnoCell also comes in seven different colors (black, blue, pink, red, purple, emerald, green, and aquamarine) and this battery pack is replaceable as it can be inserted and taken apart from the Disrupter. As the Disrupter also comes in different colors, users may customize their device, as there are a total of 21 possible color combinations.

As mentioned before, Innokin continues to provide new devices that continue to get upgraded or is innovative and unique in design. All the devices not only stress the importance of performance but also the necessity of safety and this is demonstrated through the development of the Disrupter and the InnoCell. Innokin’s intentions are clearly stated as they claim, “we believe that battery and charging safety will continue to be one of the most important safety issues that we as a company and as the vaping community as a whole will have to face. Innokin is devoted to prioritizing safety so that we can provide higher quality products and a better overall e cigarette experience for the consumer”.