Announcement regarding TPD Compliance

November 05 2016

Dear Valued Customers,

The first half of the TPD transitional period will be ending soon. After November 20th, 2016, importers will not be allowed to import non-compliant products into EU member states, however retailers will be permitted to sell their remaining stock of non-compliant products until May 20th, 2017.

Please note that it is up to each of the member states to decide which products are TPD compliant, and this will vary from country to country.

In 2014 Innokin was the first Chinese manufacturer to work with a leading American lab to test the aerosol emissions of our products and we are one of the first companies to start testing our products for TPD compliance.

The following Innokin products are currently undergoing the TPD submission process.

Device Tank
iClear 16
EnduraT18E T18E
CoolFireIV iSub VE
CoolFireIV Plus iSub A mini
CoolFireIV TC100 iSub VE
SmartBox iSub VE
iTaste EZ.TC iClear 20D
iTaste Kroma Slipstream
CoolFire Pebble AXIOM M21
CoolFire Pebble Slipstream

This list will be updated in the next two weeks.

All future Innokin products for the EU market will be TPD compliant as well.

We are doing our best to make sure that your business continues to grow and we will be happy to share any relevant information with you. Please contact for more information.

Thank you.

The Innokin Compliance Team


Smart2310 Posted on8:50 am - Nov 5, 2016

If our current tanks are deemed to be non compliant does this mean we will no longer be able to buy the coils to keep them running?

Krzysztof Posted on1:00 pm - Nov 13, 2016

I will bring to my shop in Warsaw, several thousand clearomizers and coils iClear12 year. I consider him the world’s best small Clearomizer. I have to report that it can be imported in accordance with Directive TPD. Hundreds of my clients do not imagine that it runs out. Me too . I do not see it on the compatibility list TPD. We have available for sale at iClear16, Iclear30, Gladius X Gladius M. But none of these claromizers not match the amount of sales iClear12.
It is for me an absolute bestseller. Tomorrow we make the last big order for iClear12 before the date of November 20, to have a supply for several months.
All the time I very much hope that you will do the test for compatibility TPD.
In a time of “great smoky clearomizers” not a lot is orientated as an excellent product is the small Clearomizer. And it is really perfect.
My clients are mostly people aged 40+. They do not use large clearomizers.
That’s why so many sell iClear12.
We have to have it legally on the shelves in my shop.
Please much would you have done everything that it can be from you buy it in the future.

Skye Posted on7:56 pm - Nov 13, 2016

I enquire as to what if any regulation could be applied to packaging for individual packs of l or less. The device tanks to not furnish any information so it would be indefensible to ask that packages of a capacity smaller than a device tank need to comply with TPD regulation unless of course it is the directives Intent to force each device in use to be labelled differently each time it used. Multi use packs clearly fall within the scope but can anyone clarify the obvious regarding packs smaller than the i legislated tanks ?

James S Posted on10:35 pm - Nov 14, 2016

Much respect for your efforts to meet TPD requirements.
I’ve always been a big fan of Innokin products and I’m very happy to read about the above.
Many thanks.

Krzysztof Posted on11:12 am - Nov 28, 2016

What iClear12. I am waiting much to register it in Poland. We sold several thousand of these clearomizers. This is my company the most important product. Very please include it on the list of TPD. this is very important to us.

Luke Leeden Posted on4:47 am - Apr 26, 2020

I own a INNOKIN coolfire TC100 – worst mod ever. I will never buy or recommend another Innokin product.