Innokin Partnered Aquios with Water-Based Vaping to Make a Splash in 2023

Innokin Official
Innokin Official
Mar 9, 2023
Innokin Partnered Aquios with Water-Based Vaping to Make a Splash in 2023

Britain-based company Aquios Labs, a leader in the field, has developed a water-based technology and launched a commercial product in cooperation with INNOKIN Technology ("Innokin"), to offer smokers a better smoking experience. It is something the world has been waiting for.

Unlike traditional vapes, the e-liquid in AQ30 water-based vapes is 30% water. The high water content was made possible through a specialised formulation process developed by Aquios Labs and a new hardware design developed by Innokin. Research and development took more than 2 years, and the resulting technology is a unique offering in the vaping market.

The water content found in products deploying AQ30 technology produces smoother vapour, delivers nicotine to the bloodstream more efficiently and significantly reduces the dehydration associated with vaping. Additionally, water acts as a neutral flavour carrier, resulting in more balanced and natural flavours than previously possible.


Furthermore, the water-based technology may have big implications for reducing the harm that can result from vaping. With a significantly lower 119°C boiling point, vapes using AQ30 technology were found to produce 92% less acetaldehyde and 81% less formaldehyde compared to traditional vapes. That scientific result has been proven through tests carried by leading labs in the world.

The initial line-up of water-based vaping products was launched in all major markets in the first quarter of 2022, including Aquios Bar and Esco bar 6000. Positive reviews and feedback from the trade press and from consumers led to adoption of the solution in professional vapour and FMCG retail channels, such as Eco Vape, JM Wholesale, Best One, Nisa, etc.

Water-based E-liquid

Aquios Water-based Vape Tech

Innokin launched Innobar C1 in November 2022, including a line-up of disposable devices and the reusable INNOBAR C1 pod system, all of which rely on AQ30 water-based technology. The INNOBAR C1 has been particularly successful and strongly contributed to business growth as the replaceable, pre-filled pods can be easily tailored to the desired specifications of the vaper.  

A strong finish to 2022 culminated in Innokin and Aquios Labs' venture winning "Biggest Breakthrough Innovation" at the Golden Leaf awards in Washington, DC, having won over vaping industry bigwigs with their breakthrough technology.

With water-based vaping technology on track to gain a significant share of the market in 2023, Innokin and Aquios Labs aim to launch the products in more markets over the coming year.

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Innokin Official
Innokin Official

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