Innokin releases new Temperature Control mod with replaceable 18650 battery

May 11 2016

Vapers have demanded it and we’ve listened! The Innokin CoolFire4 TC18650 75Watt Vaporizer with a replaceable 18650 battery is now available for order!

Innokin CoolFire4 TC18650

Powered by the ultra-fast and accurate AETHON temperature control board, the new CoolFire4 TC18650 runs on a single 18650 battery and delivers 75Watt with temperature control! The CoolFire4 TC18650 is compact, durable and ultra-fast at 0.2 seconds from Click to Vape!

The CoolFire4 TC18650 easily calibrates SS316L, Ni200, and Titanium coils for precise temperature control as well as Wattage mode output.

The CoolFire4 TC18650 is available in two editions: the Complete Kit which includes an iSubV Tank and a protective silicon 18650 battery cover and a Limited Edition Vape Travel Kit (without iSub V tank) which includes an added Vape Travel Case with an integrated 18650 Battery power level checker.

Innokin CoolFire4 TC18650

Complete kit is available in three colors: Black and Silver (brushed metal), and pure White.

Limited Edition Vape Travel Kit is available in four durable finishes (brushed metal): Black, Silver, Blue and Red.


John Camey Posted on4:13 pm - May 12, 2016

Could Innokin please just go ahead and toss that Aethon board into a Disrupter body and give me the TC Disrupter that was virtually promised, months ago??

Coolfire is great. I own them all. My wife uses them (currently the new TC100). But…. I need swappable batteries with greater capacity than an 18650, frankly.

Sooooo….please and thank you….but, HTFU with the TC Disrupter! Pretty please!! 🙂

David Rice Posted on11:26 pm - May 13, 2016

Where can I order one?

Chupacabra Posted on1:14 pm - Jun 24, 2016

In the meantime, a few iTC mods are available on a trial basis. Vendors can apply to receive them directly from Innokin during this interim period, probably in an effort to determine if they have really cracked the TC code or not before the public gets to decide.