Innokin Releases the CoolFire Z80 Zenith II Vape Kit

Innokin Official
Innokin Official
Jun 10, 2021
Innokin Releases the CoolFire Z80 Zenith II Vape Kit

Innokin Technology has recently announced the launch of the new CoolFire Z80 Zenith II vape kit. The CoolFire Z80 features the same Fourth-Generation Vaping Technology included in the Sensis, extending coil life and boosting flavors for an unrivalled experience.

CoolFire Z80 Zenith II | INNOKIN®

The CoolFire Z80 is an 80-watt mod that features a replaceable 18650 battery. There are two impressive modes in the CoolFire Z80: F0 mode and Refresh. F0 uses alternating current (AC) to produce a waveform that runs continuously while you vape. This is possible by sending an electrical output much more precisely and efficiently through the coil. You can adjust the hertz output to match your coil and e-liquid. When properly matched to your atomizer, F0 extends coil life, provides smoother heat transfer, and even enhances e-liquid flavor. 

F0 - CoolFire Z80 Zenith II | INNOKIN®

Refresh allows you to manually refresh the coil between hits to provide better wicking, bringing in flavor to extend the coils life. Refresh runs at forty percent of your set wattage to draw in more e-liquid and not overheat the coil.

Refresh Mode - CoolFire Z80 Zenith II | INNOKIN®

The Zenith II is the latest tank from the award-winning platform series. With a precise airflow for tighter and smoother mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping and a larger airflow gate for restricting direct-lung vaping. You can change the glass on the tank for easier cleaning and replacement, keeping the cost of the tank as low as possible. The top cap of the tank has a silicone seal port which prevents messy leaking when refilling. The Zenith II maintains the two key features that make it a joy to use daily. The super-easy twist to fill top cap and an easy to clean replacement system. The tank is available in 5.5ml and 2ml for TPD restrictions and is compatible with the entire line of Z-Coils.

Zenith II Tank - CoolFire Z80 Zenith II | INNOKIN®

“We heard the customer’s feedback, and we feel like we delivered on creating one of the best vaping kits in the industry. The CoolFire line has been out for a while, and we have had plenty of time to create a product we feel everyone will love.” Said the products lead developer, Cathy Lei. “The Zenith II follows in the footsteps of the award-winning platform series, which has undoubtedly been a success. By combining the CoolFire Z80 with the Zenith II tank, we think you will have an amazing vaping experience.”

The CoolFire Z80 Zenith II sets to be one of the best-selling vaporizers of the year. It is clear to see that Innokin has been hard at work with the new generation of vaping technology. Innokin has been revolutionizing the way people vape for over a decade. Today, Innokin is one of the leading innovators in vaping technology with the Endura series, Platform Series, and Z-Coils. Innokin offers a reliable and unrivalled experience to vaping and strives to create a smoke-free world.

For more information, please contact Innokin at, Innokin Technology on Facebook, @innokintechnology on Instagram.

Innokin Official
Innokin Official

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