Innokin Shines At The New Vapourcore Camden Vape Shop In London

July 24 2019

Vapourcore have opened a great new vape shop in Camden where you can find all of the latest and greatest Innokin vaporizer kits as well as a very eye-catching Innokin LED sign right over the door!

Visit Vapourcore shops in Holland Park, Earls Court, Willesden and the superstore in Park Royal and try out all of the best Innokin devices including the Adept and Zlide, the Gala and many more!

Vapourcore provides the best e-liquids, the greatest hardware and excellent customer service. Their goal is to provide the information, guidance and products to help smokers switch to vaping easily and affordably. They are going to open these boutique stores over 30 in London by the end of 2020.

From The Vapourcore team: “Most of our staff are vapers who used to be smokers – so we know what it’s like to quit smoking! All our staff are passionate about getting people off cigarettes and we know how important the right setup is to making the switch. From our sales assistants and store managers to our Customer Care team, our staff are full of vaping expertise and knowledge. Ask us anything you need to know!”

Big Congratulations to Vapourcore on the opening of the Camden shop and to their continued success and growth.