Innokin’s advanced engineering team is proud to introduce the new AETHON Temperature Control Board.

March 26 2016


Innokin’s advanced engineering team is proud to introduce the new AETHON Temperature Control Board.
Powerful, Extremely accurate, Ultra-fast and energy efficient.
This new system for total temperature control is powering our next,greatest vaporizer which will soon be sold at your favorite vape shop!


George Parrish Posted on2:44 pm - Mar 26, 2016

I’d love to become a product tester for you products.

Nate Posted on1:58 am - Mar 29, 2016

Soon….soon…..I NEED THIS!! LIKE Its perfect!!! So give us a date guys! I only have innokin packs and j love the storm(cool fire 4 plus) but its only 70 watts and not temp controle, so this Aethon is perfect and im buying one the first day its available. Just one more avid Innokin supporter! And only innokin packs for this guy…….so HURRY UP!!!! Thanx ?

Carl Posted on9:18 am - Mar 30, 2016

Hi, any approximate date when this beast will be unleashed? As a dedicated innokin worshiper I cant wait to get my hands on this!!!

Judy Posted on5:43 am - Apr 5, 2016

Wow, i have expected this for sooooo loooooong time.

liaiffusede Posted on7:48 am - Apr 15, 2016

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