New Logo, New Era: Innokin’s 5th Anniversary Celebration Begins!

July 02 2016

Innokin is proud to celebrate our 5th year anniversary with the launch of a new company logo and the continued promise of our unwavering commitment to harm reduction through advanced vaping technologies and cutting edge designs.

The new Innokin logo represents powerful advanced technologies, safely contained within smart, streamlined designs. Our company vision has grown and by working closely with top designers from around the world, we will be bringing truly innovative new vaporizers and tanks to the market in 2016 & beyond.

Safety and quality have always been top priorities and Innokin will continue to stay true to its core vision of creating top quality advanced vaping technologies with innovative designs and standard-setting integrated safety protections. Our teams of experienced engineers and designers continue to push the envelope of new technologies and build products that are internationally renowned for quality, safety, innovation and focused power.

Innokin is a proud supporter of SEVIA-USA in the battle to protect the future of vaping in America and we will continue to stand behind research & responsible regulations in North America, Europe, and other emerging markets. With millions of success stories already on our side, the future of vaping is bright, and all of us at Innokin will continue to strive to bring the highest quality products to people all over the world.

Millions of vapers around the world rely on Innokin products and we are looking forward to the advances in vaping technology & design in the next 5 years and beyond. Thank you for joining us. Vape On!

Innokin Logo


mark stephens Posted on7:27 pm - Jul 5, 2016

This logo is exactly how I’ve always thought the innokin logo should look. The brand name is enough. Innokin makes extremely high quality products while also keeping everything simple to use. This logo is perfect .

Bob Williams Posted on2:44 pm - Jul 10, 2016

What has happened to the disruptor TC box mod with ATC tank? Vaptio150 ATC is out why the delay for your tank? I want to try yours to compare. Please make sure you can control the wattage settings in temperature control. I want control over ramp up time! This is a big con with Vapto’s version . Their senor works and ni200 but sucks with titanium and 316lss. Also make sure ATC coils are available on release!

Jake Ward Posted on10:24 am - Jul 13, 2016

If it wasn’t for Innokin I don’t think I’d still be vaping now. I started with an MVP 2 and since then I’ve been through, and still have a cool fire 4, I’m now using the really great TC100. I can’t wait to see what innovation will be coming from you guys in the future and happy 5th anniversary. Here’s to another 5 years!