SEVIA USA Responds to the FDA Deeming Regulations

May 14 2016

The FDA Deeming Regulations were published on May 10th 2016. The effect on vaping will be dramatic for the industry as well as consumers who depend on these products to stay off combustible tobacco.

The Shenzhen Electronic Vaporizer Industry Association (SEVIA) USA, the nation’s only association representing Chinese manufacturers Aspire, Innokin, Kanger and Smok today pledges support to defend the vaping industry from the onerous and burdensome FDA deeming regulations.

We believe in fair, reasonable regulations to protect the consumers however the current frame of regulation introduced by the agency will eliminate 99% of eliquid and hardware manufacturers and also eliminate freedom of choice for vapers and millions of smokers that might not have the chance to switch from deadly combustible tobacco.

As an association we are currently going to assist the Right 2 Be Smoke Free Coalition in challenging the unconstitutional federal law affecting the vaping industry. They will play a key role in organizing and funding industry activities. We believe the FDA regulations should be contested and legally challenged
You can contribute to become a member of the Right 2 Be Smoke Free Coalition.

We also want to express our support for the Cole/Bishop amendment which we believe is the essential first step to saving the industry by moving the predicate date from February 2007 to the effective date of the deeming regulations.
Moving the grandfather date will keep companies alive, allow every vapor company (small or large) to continue to sell their existing products without having to file costly applications and keep our industry alive while we develop legislative strategies to save our industry.
See the “Cole-Bishop is the Essential First Step to Saving Vapor” VTA Guidance Document“.

We will also financially support on the national level various organizations such as and others so they can continue to fight for consumers and industry.

This is an open invitation to all Chinese manufacturers that want to continue to offer their products on the market. SEVIA USA and it’s founding members are committed to offer their resources to fight back and we ask the industry to join us. These FDA regulations are far over reaching government authority. But most importantly they are detrimental to public health and the safety of the consumer. If we as manufacturers find out there is an issue with our products on August 7th and want to make changes to improve and protect the consumer, the proposed regulations would prohibit us from doing so. Innovation and improvement would come to a complete stop. You can see how these regulations actually introduce safety concerns that would not otherwise have been present if we were permitted to make improvements without pre-market authorization.

The battle begins now, united we stand!

Dimitris Agrafiotis
Chairman – SEVIA USA
Phil Busardo
Executive Assistant – SEVIA USA



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Andrew Dobbs Posted on7:55 am - May 17, 2016

Thank you for all your efforts. This is important on a dramatic scale. Lets fight the good fight the right way. Really outstanding for Innokin, Kanger, Aspire and Smok to get together on this. Dimitris you have friends in this fight. Thanks again for all you do. I (and my health) really appreciate it.