The rise of the Vaping Industry

July 06 2015

The popularity of e-cigarettes has been growing drastically over the past several years. Though it is a relatively new technology that has been introduced, the history is said to date as far back to the year 1963.

Though the modern devices of e-cigarettes has not been developed until recently, in the year 1963, though the idea was not accepted, a man named Herbert A. Gilbert invented a cigarette with a mechanism to heat the nicotine solution to produce steam. Next, Dr. Norman Jacobson, also known as one of the founders of the word “vaping”, made the next step in history through what was called a ‘Favor cigarette’. The Favor cigarette was a method that enabled users to inhale nicotine with the absence of smoke.

Such attempts in the past show the idea of using vape for the intake of nicotine has been present earlier in history. However, the birth of our contemporary e-cigarettes began in the year 2003 where Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, first developed the idea of e cigarette. The manufacturing of e-cigarettes began in China and this phenomenon spread across the world, entering into the market in areas such as the United States in the year 2007.

The exponential growth in demand for e-cigarette is explicitly shown in our society as Bonnie Herzog, Wells Fargo Securities’ senior tobacco and beverage analyst, states that “this year, the retail vaping industry is forecast to reach $3.5 billion, more than twice the $1.7 billion estimate for 2013”. The e-cigarette business has been booming especially starting from the year 2013 and is an attractive alternative for people who smoke traditional cigarettes for various different reasons.

According to Melody Dareing in her US Finance Post article, she states, “the boom in the vape industry, as it is commonly called, is leading to a decline in traditional cigarette smokers, according to statistics”. The e-cigarette business has provided smokers with an alternative that may be more “socially friendly” because traditional smoking was looked down upon by society. In response to the high demands and growing popularity of e-cigarettes, the number of vape stores has been increasing. Dareing again states that “numbers from 2013 show there are 3,500 vape stores in the United States, with more than a dozen stores opening up in some cities every year”.

Though there is a bitter divide and colliding perspectives as to whether e-cigarettes are really a better alternative or not, leading e-cigarette industries such as Innokin are constantly working to create the best products fitting for their customers that not only promotes the experience of vaping but also promotes the aspect of providing a safe alternative to traditional smoking. Also, a public health article written by John Tozzi states that “many people report anecdotally that e-cigs help them trade a habit known to be deadly for one presumed to be less dangerous, even when other approaches failed. To the extent that e-cigs help people quit inhaling tobacco, the study says, ‘e-cigarettes may substantially improve public health because of their widespread appeal and the huge health gains associated with stopping smoking’”. The e-cigarette business has grown dramatically over the years and still shows full potential of growing. Being seen as an alternative to smoking, perhaps in the future, after more developments in this fairly new area, people may be able to hope for a healthier society that is smoke free.