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Designed By Innokin in Los Angeles, California, the Axiom is an Ultra-Compact 22mm tank with 3.5ml capacity and advanced integrated top fill design.Crafted with top quality Stainless Steel & Pyrex Glass, the Triple AFC Intake directs maximum focused airflow to the dual horizontal coils for amazingly intense flavors and deep, full clouds.

The Axiom includes a builder friendly rebuildable coil head for customized single & dual coil builds, one 0.5Ω organic cotton coil(pre-installed), replaceable glass, spare o-rings and an Axiom vape band.

Created by vapers for vapers, the new Innokin Axiom tank packs a superior vaping experience into a compact, ultra-sleek design.
Technical Info
Technical detail for Axiom Tank:
Ultra compact tank
Integrated top‐fill
3.5ml capacity
Stainless steel + pyrex glass
Replaceable dual horizontal coil
Triple AFC intake
High air flow
Rebuildable coil head included
RBA single + dual coil option
Available colors:Black, Stainless steel
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Axiom Tank review

  1. My tank is leaking at the airflow adjustment ? What is wrong?

    • Hi Mark,

      Two suggestions for you-

      1. Empty your tank, and refill it while the airflow control is completely closed.

      2. If the first suggestion doesn’t fix the leak, replace the coil, and only use one drop of e-liquid to prime it.

      Let me know if you need more help.

  2. Says it’s for 510 thread doesn’t even work the worst product I ever bought

    • Hi Sarah,

      Sorry to hear you are having an issue with your Axiom. The Axiom is for 510 threaded devices, are you having problems getting the threads to catch with your mod? Your tank may have wrongly cut threads. We cover this under our manufacturer’s warranty. Please reply to this message so I can assist you further. Thank you!

  3. i changed the coil the other day in my axiom tank, and immediately afterwards, my cool fire IV says ‘check atomizer’. i have cleaned the whole thing completely, the coil is in right, but it still won’t work. I can’t find any help anywhere – any ideas?

  4. Any chance you could direct me to a vendor that sells replacement rba heads for the axiom? The small o ring on the center pin is cracked and the peek insulator is melted. Love the flavor of this tank with the rba

  5. Does this work on a Innokin Kroma A?

  6. Hi i have the axiom m21 tank would the stock axiom 0.5 ohm coil fit in the m21 tank ?

  7. Hi I have recently purchased the Riptide fitted with the Crios Tank, I have noticed that coils looks very similar to what is in the Axiom, would the RBA head of the Axiom fit the Crios tank?

  8. I heard the Axiom coils are being discontinued? Is this true?

  9. I need to replace my coil and am trying to open the tank but it is absolutely stuck fast.

    Any hints or tips as I would rather not have to buy a new one?

    • Hi James,

      Try leaving the tank in your freezer for a few minutes. This will cause the o-rings to shrink and should allow you to unscrew the tank.

      If that doesn’t help, trying wearing a pair of rubber latex gloves to increase your grip while unscrewing. Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey. Hope this helps.

  10. Love this tank! It has great flavor but I am disappointed in the newer ridge topped coil heads. They are not near as good as the original ones. They burn out quicker don’t taste as good most of the time and are less consistent than the old ones. A lot of them seem like the cotton is to tight making for a burnt taste when brand new. Some of them are to airy others only last a day or two. I have 10 Innokin Axiom tanks. I wonder did you all change the type of wire in these coil heads or what?

  11. Karen Davenport July 4, 2018 at 3:32 pm Reply

    I have just set up my innokin axiom tank, but the vape leaves a nasty burny taste, what am I doing wrong?

    • Hi Karen,

      You need to prime your coil as well as start wattage off a bit low. Did you prime your coil? Just one or two drops of eliquid down the main chimney would suffice. What wattage setting did you start with?

  12. I just purchased this tank as part of a Kroma-A Axiom kit. I have the European TPD version, supposedly the tank is supposed to hold 2ml however using a measured syringe I found it infact only holds 1ml when filled to the absolute top.

  13. Is it still not possible to get the RBA deck for this please? My kit didnt have one in it and I really need one…

  14. Hi,
    Does this tank work with my Aspire zelos?

  15. I have 2 RBA axiom tanks i cannot for the life of me get the mods to pick them up i’ve got a smok g-priv 2 and a Lucifer asvape neither of them reads the coil, anyone give me a tip as to what i’m doing wrong?

    • Hi Alexander,

      If you’re using the RBA section, it is very likely something to do with your coil builds. Check that the coils are not touching the RBA dome and that the leads and properly secured and tightened.

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