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SCION II Tank - Innokin


The first improvement you’ll notice with the SCION II is that the black SCION Delrin Drip Tip can now be swapped out for an Innokin wide bore acrylic drip tip or even the drip tip you’re currently using. This is to help you customize your tank to match your style (the SCION II fits drip tips from some of the most popular 24mm tanks and RDAs on the market).

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General Details
SCION II Flavor &Clouds Tank Kit

Innokin is excited to offer you the SCION II, a tank that stays true to the original design while offering improvements in areas such as airflow control, parts interchangeability, aesthetics, and functionality.

The first improvement you’ll notice with the SCION II is that the black SCION Delrin Drip Tip can now be swapped out for an Innokin wide bore acrylic drip tip or even the drip tip you’re currently using. This is to help you customize your tank to match your style (the SCION II fits drip tips from some of the most popular 24mm tanks and RDAs on the market).

24mm diameter
3.5ml liquid capacity
Adjustable Airflow
1x SCION II Tank (0.28Ohm)
1x BVC coil (0.5Ohm)
1x Vape Band
1x Glass Tube
1x Spare Drip Tip
1x Spare O-Ring Set
1x Quick Start Guide

Colors Available : Black, Rainbow , Stainless steel

Plexus Coil
Review Videos
SCION II Flavor & Clouds Tank review

User Manual

SCION II Flavor &Clouds Tank


  1. When is it going to be available in UK? Thks

    • Hi Wifema,

      Availability and release date information will be coming shortly. We have gotten orders from authorized distributors for the Scion 2 and it will be available for purchase soon. Thanks for your interest and support!

  2. Hello!
    Coils only last 2 days on my Scion2, i use it with Oceanus mod and had the same problem with the Scion1.
    I have no problem with the Crios coils on my Kroma, they last at least 10 days, and the coils of my Endura T20s last an eternity, more than 2 weeks. What’s going on with the Scion coils???
    Best Regards

    • Hi Carlos,

      It sounds to me based on what you’ve said that you may be running your Scion and Scion 2 coils too high. What wattage settings are you using and with what juice?

      • i’m under the average: 60 watts and these last days 54 watts, i did everything: i prime the coil, i fill the tank, then i wait 15/20 min. then i start vaping at 20w, then gradually i go to 30w, 40w, until i get to 54w. i don’t use juices with too much sweet, they’re the same i use with the Crios on the Kroma mod.

        • Hi Carlos,

          When you say your coils only last 2 days- what exactly are you referring to? Do the coils taste burnt?

          • Hi, now they last 3/4 days and then i have to change the coil because of the burnt taste, i think about buying another tank because i actually use 7/8 coils a month, its too much money spent on coils.

  3. Hi – which coils work for the Scion II as a lot of retailers are saying they don’t have the coils in stock yet?

    • Hi Val,

      Scion 2 coil stock should be coming in now that the Chinese New Year holiday is almost over. In the meantime, standard Scion coils should work with the Scion II. Hope this helps!

  4. Great thanks -will this fit my Kroma-A ?

    • Hi Val,

      It will! Make sure to not use the .28ohm coils with your Kroma-A as it will not provide adequate power. The higher ohm Scion coil will vape much better with your Kroma-A. Thanks!

  5. I like the new slide fill feature but only purchased this tank because the drip tip stripped on my original Scion tank which causes it to leak all the juice out. Can’t locate anybody offering it for sale as a replacement part and that is really aggravating.

  6. Hi – so i got my Scion II and have put it on my Kroma-A- but I can’t get it to work. When I changed the tank it blinks about the coil difference but I dont know what it is referring to. What wattage should it be at and which coil setting?

    • Hello Val,

      The Scion II coils should all be compatible with the Kroma-A as long as you use 75w or less. What Scion coil are you using? Make sure the coil is fully screwed into the tank so that it makes a proper connection to the mod’s 510 connector.

  7. Hi Frank – so I got in touch with my vape store and they said to use it with the Wattage setting (I didn’t know which setting to use when I changed the tank) which I am using it at 40w. However, the battery is not lasting very long. Am I doing something wrong?

    Many thanks!

    • Hi again Val,

      Ah, that makes sense as to why it wasn’t working previously. 40w is quite low actually for the Scion II- most coils start in the 60 watt range. The higher wattage you use with your tank the faster you will go through your battery. The Kroma-A should still last you at least a full day of vaping before needing a recharge, unless you are chain vaping very often.

  8. Are there any SS coils for the Scion II? I’m upgrading from an iSub V using SS coils in TC mode.

    • Hi Monkey,

      At this time, the only coils offered for the Scion II are kanthal. That includes both standard coil options as well as the Plexus coils. Hope this helps!

  9. The RTA build deck for the SCION II comes with two pre-made coils, but it doesn’t say if they’re Kanthal or Stainless Steel.

  10. when will the new plexus be available? What tanks will they fit? Do they truly last “ALOT” longer than other coils? How expensive will they be? I vape at 40w, with there be a tank that has these new coils for this wattage?


    Mike F in PA

    • Hey Mike,

      The new Plexus coils are available right now! You can buy them at your favorite Innokin dealer or directly at our webstore ( The Plexus does indeed last longer than most coils due to the way the heating element is heated. The pattern of the coil allows for more even heating which reduces the chance at hot spots and burnt cotton. The Plexus coil is compatible with the Innokin Scion and Scion II tank. Thank you!

  11. Hi,
    The top seal on my tank keeps popping out and getting caught when I slide the top shut after refilling and now cannot close the top. No replacement seal has been included with the kit and my local stockest does not have a kit with this included. Where can I get the figure 8 top seal from and how do I replace it.

  12. I’m having a similar problem to John Gale. My top seal has become deformed slightly and the open close mechanism has become tight and the fill hole is now about a third smaller. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Any tips for looking after the coils for these? They’re burning out in less than 2 days and flavour disappears in 1. Are there any other coils that are better for cloud and flavour but last at least a week?

    • Hi Gethin,

      Make sure your juice isn’t high in artificial sweetener. Juices packed with sweetener are known for destroying coil life.

      The Plexus coils for the Scion series tanks are made for long lasting flavor and clouds. Give them a try if the stock coils aren’t enough for you. But I must stress how important it is to use a juice that isn’t high in sweetener.

  14. Would this tank + coil work on the RipTide?
    noob here.

  15. hi – just received this tank with the proton kit. Upon filling it , it emptied itself everywhere within 5 mins. Tried taking it apart and making sure coil was correctly in, checked orings and refilled. Same results – another 2ml of eliquid all over me.

    Any advice, or do i just return the kit to seller ?

    • Hi Tim,

      Swap out your coil and fill the tank with the airflow closed. If it still leaks out quickly, then yes, please return the kit for a new one. The coil swap might fix your problem however.

  16. Hi my name is nick and I switched to the mesh coil and it doesn’t put out the flavor I want. is it a setting problem or is there a way to change the coil settings

  17. What wicking is used in these coils? I suspect they are pure cotton. I see some other brands use a combination of wood pulp and cotton and have an edge in performance over these coils. Any chance of these coils seeing a wood pulp and cotton wicking material used in the future?

  18. I’ve got one of these, but I need to get 1 (or more) spare plungers that sit in the bottom of the air flow control as mine is leaking from there & these aren’t included in the spares that come with the tank and none of the shops I’ve been to can get these. Any idea’s or help would be appreciated please?

    Other than this, this tank is great, my favourite one so far.

  19. Can the scion 2 coil amd tank work on my riptide

  20. Hello, is there any options to get RDA deck in Poland or somewhere in China (with shipping to Poland)?

  21. So far I have enjoyed the scion ii tank and much prefer the scion ii coils to the plexus. The seals I find a little tricky to re-fit after cleaning the tank out. The problem I am now finding is that the ball bearing is no longer creating sufficient friction to prevent the lid from sliding open with the slightest knock or movement.

    • Hi Gray,

      Please contact our support at You may have a manufacturer defect with your top fill detent, or the material of the bearing may have worn away prematurely.

      Also worth mentioning that the Plex and Scion II tank have a completely interchangeable coil line. So, if you like a specific coil in the Scion II, you might like it in the Plex too!

      Hope your issue is resolved hastily.

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