Ares Kit

It features a top side filling system, a drop-in coil sky build deck, a liquid barrier to help prevent leaking and seepage, and a user adjustable airflow with numerous settings.

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General Details
Why Innokin?

Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis selected Innokin to work due to their continued focus on the smoker, and safety.
Innokin has helped millions of people transition away from traditional combustible tobacco cigarettes which is exactly in line with our goal.
Innokin was the correct fit for us and was instrumental in bringing our ideas to reality.

The Ares Tank:
The Ares atomizer is a collaboration between Phil Busardo, Dimitris Agrafiotis, and Innokin. The goal was to create an affordable mouth to lung rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA) that was easy to build, easy to work with, easy to fill and provided an outstanding vape for the mouth to lung (MTL) crowd. Delivers incredibly delicious clouds of flavors !
It will be available in both 5ml and 2ml TPD compliant versions.

It features a top side filling system, a drop-in coil sky build deck, a liquid barrier to help prevent leaking and seepage, and a user adjustable airflow with numerous settings.
The airflow has been designed with the MTL style of vaping in mind giving the user the ability to adjust the airflow from a tight cigarette style draw to a slightly more open draw. The air will then travel to the diffuser which will distribute the air over the coil. The air will travel to the top of the bell to the reduced chimney designed to flavor and throat hit for those who crave it. The entire system and rounded bell is designed to make filling a little easier and to reduce air turbulence for a smooth, quiet, satisfying vape.

The Ares comes with everything required to get you started including a spare glass tank section, two mouthpieces, spare build screws, two coil building tools (Phil’s is much better than Dimitris’), loose wire, prebuilt coils, multi-colored o-rings, and natural organic Japanese cotton for wicking.
There is also a QR code on the box that will direct you to tutorial videos that will help you work with and build the tank.
We truly hope you enjoy the Ares atomizer!


1x Organic cotton
2x Pre build coils
1x 1M wire ,
2x Sets of screws (Phillips and Straight),
Black orings installed
2x Green orings
2x White orings
2 Types of drip tips (wide and narrow bore)
Clear glass installed
1x Smoked glass replacement or different look
1x Multi Screwdriver
1x Phils Build Tool
1x Dimi build tool





Tutorial video

Ares – Part 1 – Introduction
In this video: Introduction of the Ares and the Contents of the Kit.

Ares – Part 2 – Building – Wicking – Filling – Airflow
In this video:

  • Building the Ares.
  • Wicking it.
  • Filling it.
  • Working with the Airflow Controller.
  • Creating your own Coils using the included Build Tools.

Ares – Part 3 – Maintenance
In this video:

  • Changing the Cotton.
  • Changing the O-rings.
  • Replacing the Glass.
  • Cleaning the Ares.

Ares – Part 4 – Troubleshooting
In this video:
Troubleshooting potential issues including:

  • Leaking
  • Flooding & Gurgling
  • Dry Hits
  • Short Circuits
  • Unstable Resistance

Review Videos
Ares RTA review

  1. When would this be available to buy? Which all websites will be carrying this? Love this already.

  2. I can’t wait to get this tank, it seems to check all my boxes and ring all my bells and it looks very nice also. I think a true mouth to lung tank is the Ares. I know it will be what Iv’e been searching for.

    Thank you Innokin and Phil and Dimitris, can’t wait to get this.

  3. Hello! Only 24mm? Or it will be in 22 mm too?

    • I am also interested if there will be a 22mm version of this rta. the digiflavor siren 2 is in 22mm but the innokin ares has a quite better topcap for filling!

  4. Hi, im from indonesia. How to get the whole sale?

  5. Where can i find Ares in Greece?…I want it NOW..!!!!!

  6. Will be getting one as soon as it lands in the local shop or online store. Hopefully coming to Europe or I’ll have to import it.

  7. This is so great. Can’t wait until I get one.

  8. Hi
    Can you please let me know where i can buy this? I need it to be sent to Denmark
    All the best

  9. Hello! Very much looking forward to picking this mod up. What is the release date?

  10. Hi, is the atomizer available yet?

  11. I have been a fan of Innokin products since I purchased my first coolfire 4 in 2014. Since then I now have two and sadly broke my original tank. I decided it was long overdue to change over and wanted to look for an RTA. Well, we’ll what do you know. My favourite user has brought out an RTA tank and it looks amazing. Question: where in London can I purchase one or when will it become available. As I want one yesterday. Please, please, please let me know. Keep doing what you guys do best. Love Innokin ?

  12. Hi where can I get the Area tank from in the BH11 8HZ post code Bournemouth dorset. Many thanks.

  13. Hi, with wich vaporizer is this tank compatible? Grtz

  14. Congrats to Phil, Dimi and Innokin! Those who prefer MTL now have the RTA that will satisfy their needs. Personally, I’m waiting for the DL version. I have no doubt that with this collaborative effort the DL RTA will be equally impressive.

  15. Hi!
    I am an owner of reviewers team. Please, contact me via e-mail (, i wpuld like to talk about reviews coopearation.


  16. Where can I buy this in India?

  17. I love this psardo explained it SO WELL BRILLIANThe made it so easycannot wait to buy one.I am in england can i get the 5ml glass also the 2ml glass you can buy a tank with no eliquid 2ml glass onit and the 5ml glass enclosed as spare looked it up that way you can get round the tpd regulations and it is LEGAL is there anyway i can get one like that ,i think it is BRILLIANT COMING WITH COILS ETC I AM IN AWE WITH THE COLLABARATION OF THIS

    • Not seen any conversion kits yet but I. Sure they will appear soon. The only issue will be they won’t be genuine Innokin.

  18. Where can I buy it in China?

  19. Have the Ares for a few days now and need more time to fully comment however one thing you should know is that the smaller bore drip tip does not fit my tank. I am a seasoned vaper & have lubricated the tip well & also tried taking off the o-rings but there is no way I can get this tip in the tank section. The tolerance is off so you might want someone to check this out as I may not be the only person with this problem.

    • Hi Harro,

      Thank you for the information! Could you please email with pictures of the issue, and cc as well? Thanks!

      • Hi Frank,

        Been fooling with the drip tip again & found that I actually could get the tip into the tank without o-rings however once I gently placed them back into place on the tip it now fits. I believe the bottom one & maybe the top one too was slightly twisted or a bit off the indent or channel they need to be in causing a slight bump. The o-rings are very elastic so easy to move about if not completely set into their proper channels.

        Let me know if you still want me to contact support or info. At least you now know there is an easy fix if these might have moved & others complain.

  20. Gian Maria Ferrari December 11, 2017 at 1:38 pm Reply

    need a wholesale supply in Italy

  21. Really enjoying the tank. Particularly the great throat hit. For a novice coil builder like me it’s a breeze. Currently I’m using 28g kanthal 1.5ohms at 15 watts on the Oceanus and it’s perfect for me.

    One minor thing: after changing a coil and cotton and reassembling, the airflow became very loose with some leaking. The leaking is temporary but returns when the airflow is adjusted. Any way of fixing this? Would screwing in or out the adjustable 510 connector pin make a difference?

    Otherwise a perfect MTL tank!

  22. Dominique Prémillieu December 14, 2017 at 2:01 pm Reply

    I cannot find the specifications for this atomizer. What are the materials used to make this?

  23. Hello,
    will there be a 22mm version of the Ares?
    And it would be nice with more like a 2ml tank.

  24. I just received my Ares and I can’t turn the AFC ring. I’m twisting as hard as I can and the ring just won’t turn at all. Any tips? Do I have a defective Ares?

  25. Great tank! Now build one that is 22 mm…

  26. Great, really great MTL. Ares, Siren 2 and Skyline – my top 3. All they are my favourite…imo slightly better than Kf Prime, Berserker, TGT 2, Tilemahos, OT22, Phenomenon or Eviva.

    Congrats and Thx 4 All designers :)

  27. Is the 2 ml version even available yet? I can’t find it anywhere except Fasttech, and they don’t show it as in stock. I’m in the US. Also, are you going to publish specs and dimensions for both models on your site?

  28. i love mtl tank ares its very good

  29. I bought an ares tank and was very pleased by it for 3 days. However the tank will no longer fire. I checked it with a meter and there is no continuity between the center pin and the post. I tried tightening the center pin, but it just spins. My dealer does not accept returns on tanks unless DOA. Can I get a warranty replacement on this?
    Thanks. I really did like this tank.

  30. I built my first ARES MTL/RTA tank using included pre built coils rated at 1.0 ohms. After following video, I checked the resistance w/ my device and it shows only 0.13 ohms. Is this a problem? What should I do to fix it? Either email me or call me preferably at 210-262-4868. Thanks, Ryan

  31. I got this tank a couple of weeks ago and it’s absolutely amazing. The sad part is that I really only do my MTL vaping in the evening when I’m sitting around reading and relaxing. During the day when I’m on the go, I use DTL tanks. I really think that although there are tons of DTL RTA’s on the market right now, none, not even dual coil ones seem to cover all the details like the Ares. You guys should really consider modifying the Ares to be DTL tank as well. Open up the airflow, put an 810 on top and you would have perfection for both style of vapers. Damn, just the thought makes my head explode. :)

    • Hey Raymond,

      Thanks so much for the feedback and suggestions! We are very pleased to hear that you are enjoying your Ares so much. Phil and Dimitris are masterminds of vaping and it’s great to be working with them! I hope we see a DTL offering collaborated with them in the future.

  32. Hi.what type of material and gauge wire is in the package.

  33. I bought this last week in the UK and it leaks through the fill hole(closed) if put on a side. I have to keep it standing or it leaks. Is that an early version with manufacturing error or I just got a bad unit?

    • Hi Alex,

      Make sure the cotton is covered the juice ports completely or else you may find the tank leaks. Also, make sure you are using enough cotton. The most common cause of leaking in an RTA is lack of wicking material.

  34. I have same problem like Alex. Beside using a lot of cotton (muji or cotton bacon) to be sure that it’s enough, my ares RTA leaks from the top cap. I am using RTAs for 3 years and I am sure it is not a wicking related problem. I think that mine atomiser’s “top cap-bell chimney” part has a manufactoring error (like missing/damaged o-rings etc.) and condensed vapor leaks from it via capilarity.

    Could you send me a spare part?

    Thanks for you attention.

    • Hi Can,

      I recommend contacting our support team to see what they have to say. Please email us at If they deem your Ares defective, they can offer to have it repaired, replaced, or have replacement parts sent out to you. Sorry for the inconvenience- hope you get the leak issue fixed quickly.

  35. I bought 2 Ares mtl 2ml, one immediately as it appeared that works relatively ok.
    But one bought now is disaster, whistle terribly regardless of the position of the ring and the flavor is rendered very badly. Both with the same setup and the same liquid. What happens to this atomizer ,what can I do to stop whistle?

    • Hi George,

      The standout differences between the two are within the coils that are built. It’s very likely that one of the coil builds is “better” than the other. Did you build them, or were they built by a shop?

  36. At first I used the resistance of the package after I tried over 10 setup.
    Whistles and when not COIL are mounted.
    I think it’s not a cool answer. I’ve tested all the good atomizers appeared in the last 10 years.
    Give me other solution,or mybe this are very defective atomizer.

  37. So far the ares 5ml is working fine. Would also buy the Innokin zenith tank but would like a third coil head option for it in near future that is re build- able similar to a clr.
    Would like to hear your thoughts .

  38. Best regards from Egypy
    I’m really enjoyed using Ares tank!
    I wonder, what is the specifications of the coils included.
    please e-mail me the spec
    Thanks in advance

  39. Are there plans to sell the 22 mm version?

  40. Where can I find the Ares extension kit in Belgium?

  41. I just got the Ares tank and I thought what better tank to get as it is designed by two people that have reviewed hundreds of them. I watched the videos on building it and I put one of the supplied coils in and wicked it just as suggested. The flavor is horrible, I tried it at 15, 12, 10 watts doesn’t matter taste is awful. Very disappointed.

    • Hi Robert,

      Flavor is very much dependent on the quality and type of cotton you use. It’s an easily glanced over detail, but make sure your hands are perfectly clean when handling your wick, as dirt from your hands can severely alter taste.

  42. Hi there, my Ares rta should b in my mailbox this week,& I can’t wait, feels like Xmas Eve when I was a child lol, but I’m serious!! A few of my YouTube reviewers use it & they LOVE it!! I’ve been using DL rtas & rdas for several years now & getn lil tired of them & finding myself needing more nic which u really can’t go past 6mg in DL, so I bought 12mg & 25mg salt nic for it already ?.. But yes u have to wick ANY RTA PERFECT for it NOT to leak, hopefully the couple thread’s I just read got there’s to stop,,,cause I know if my reviewers love it & I know I will as well, Ty very much Innokin!!! “this is Mike, A non-smoker for over 5yrs now from Pittsburgh”….

  43. Thank you innokin for this awesome mtl tank.
    Phil and Dimitris did a great job.
    Easy to build, easy to wick and great vape.
    2 years now to rtas, rdas, rtdas i know when i have something good in my hands and for sure Ares is one of them.
    Greetings from another vapinGreek.

    • Hey P. Ballas,

      Thanks so much for the glowing words and mini review! We sincerely appreciate your support for Innokin and hope our products continue to impress you. Much love!

  44. Hi… Feel free to edit & use this as you see fit, so long as you don’t change my obvious meanings…

    I’ve been using Atlantis/Triton tanks/coils for at least a year.

    I have 5 Atlantis2 tanks in service (+2 need/waiting for ordered glass) – I like to have flavor options like a pocket full of candy… So I carry 5-7 full tanks & bottles of spare juice constantly.

    1.8 ohm coils make my mod charge last 2 days minimum, & old mod lasts until main one is charged.

    I’m waiting on delivery of 5 (really – local vape board) “Atlantis Mega” tanks I just bought, used but “as new in box”.

    I always used 1.8 ohm coils which are becoming hard to find locally.

    I usually get a month of supplies (obviously) once a month – coils & juice, as that is my only chance to be near a decent shop.

    Ive tried rebuilding the Triton/Atlantis coils (YouTube) but… A nightmare…

    Tonight I bought 4 boxes of coils, discussed future availability of coils (shops closer to home can’t find them, online orders “backordered”) so I have begun realizing that there is no way I can be sure of getting supplies in the future.

    Salesman tonight showed me the Ares MTL/RTA, I too pics with phone planning to research & was leaving but went back & made a snap decision to buy one of these tanks/kits, figuring I could try out 1 as cheap as good/coils/etc for existing stuff…

    I followed the included simple instruction sheet, used only the tools etc in the box, installed one of the 2 premade coils, with the only exceptions described below…

    I twisted cotton clockwise to make it small enough to go through coil, then once perfectly even on both ends, I twisted cotton the other way to make it expand as much as possible…

    Next I saturated all the cotton with juice so it would fit the channels,
    & fluffed it around at bottom to aid wicking…

    By the way, the supplied cotton pieces – cut in half – gave me 2 coils per “sheet”.

    After a tank of juice I’m writing this…


    The flavor is amazing – the best I’ve ever experienced.

    Battery life seems superior to factory coils.

    When the cotton on my usual coils is burnt to the point that i’d ordinarily replace a coil, clearly I’ll be able to strip old cotton, clean the wire with Everclear & rewick, so buying 5-7 of these tanks & a year’s worth of cotton & wire (less than a usual will of could – 2% if currant costs) will cost me less than a box of coils -…

    Better flavor

    Less money,

    Not really harder than changing my old coils (given priming headaches, etc) – to me this is the best thing I’ve found in years of vaping.

    Bigger tanks I read about above would be even better!

    Thank you thank you!!

    I *WILL* update as things unfold in future!

    I *AM* WONDERING IF I SHOULD add cotton around bottom near ends of current, only piece ?!?!

    Better wicking? Waste? Just bad idea?


  45. stuart mathewson May 13, 2018 at 7:46 am Reply

    I have recently started to use my Ares tank (Black) and have been enjoying it apart from it leaking/seeping liquid from the sliding top cap.

    At first i thought it was just liquid getting caught from filling the tank but after wiping the area clean numerous times liquid continues to seep through. If i lay the tank on it’s side i can visibly see liquid seeping through where the tank and the top cap meet.Either the sliding mechanism isn’t tight enough or the seal on the top doesn’t protrude enough to come into contact with the sliding top cap.

    I have other atomizers that have the same style sliding top caps and none of them leak/seep liquid through the top cap like the Ares does.

    It’s a pity that it leaks as i can’t really find any other problems with the tank to be honest. If wicked well it gives good flavor and the airflow is perfect for me personally.

    • Hi Stuart,

      Just to verify, is the upper o-ring in place on your Ares? It sounds like it is missing based on your experience with the leak from the top.

      Also, you may be overfilling the tank. Try to leave a little bit of room when filling, it might help alleviate the issue.

      Hope this helps!

      • stuart mathewson May 25, 2018 at 1:59 pm Reply

        The top o-ring on the tank and the silicone part where you fill are present.

        It doesn’t matter if the tank is full or almost empty, it will still leek/seep liquid from the join in the sliding top cap. It seems to me that the sliding top cap is not close enough to seal on the silicone filling port thus letting liquid out of the tank and leaking/seeping from the sliding top cap seam.

        I have wiped the top area dry and if i leave the tank on it’s side there is liquid seeping from the top cap seam within less than a minute.

    • I have the same problems, i bought liquid with 80VG/20PG (very viscous), i try tree diferrent varieties of cotton – no changes, is leaking furthermore on the top cap and on the air flow. This Ares is a bad construction, how can i change it in a new one?

  46. Hi,
    i am Planning to order Innokin Ares RTA Tank Kit
    i would like to know whether the device is compatible with my
    1) Kangertech Subox Mini
    2) SmokStik X8
    Both are 510 thread, i use my Subox Mini Tank on Smokstik X8,.

  47. Laxmikant Chavan June 19, 2018 at 6:32 pm Reply

    List of compatible mods for INNOKIN Ares RTA tank…

    And Can i use it with My
    1] Kangertech Subox Mini Mod
    2] SMok Stick X8
    Both Are 510 thread,
    I am using My Kangertech Mini tank With Smok stick X8.

    • Hi Laxmikant,

      The Ares is compatible with both the Subox mini and Stick X8, however the output of the X8 may be too much for a standard Ares build. I’d recommend using the Subox as you can manually adjust the wattage to your desired setting at all times. Thanks!

  48. Hi,

    I am a happy Innokin Zenith owner, using to vape at 11-12 watt with the 1.6coil, (Nice flavor, cool hit). Thinking of buying Ares as my 1st RTA. Will it be easy to setup it for vape similar to Zenith? Any suggestions for the coils??

    Thank u in advance.

    • Hey Spy,

      It’s very easy to use, so long as you are comfortable with building your own coil for the Ares. As an RTA, it’s important to know the basics of coil building and wicking. If you need guidance, Phil Busardo offers a full tutorial on Youtube for building on the Ares. Thanks for your interest!

  49. hello there! I wanted to ask if I can find anywhere a deck because I broke my screw thread on 510 pole and my ares is ruined now.there is no extra deck anywhere here in Greece.thanks in advance.

  50. good afternoon. do you plan to release the interchangeable air nozzles? So my tank is constantly wet underneath. The air adjustment ring has an upward and downward mobility of half a millimeter.

    • Hi VV,

      The drip tip is 510 compatible. You can buy many different ones to test out online. That play shouldn’t be an issue- make sure the tank is tightened at each point of threading.

  51. Just got my ares tank, haven’t used it yet. This is my first RTA and was wondering what wattage is recommended for the supplied coil and also does the Kroma work well with the tank

    • Hi Shannon,

      The Kroma is indeed an excellent mod to use with the Ares. I’d try starting at 15W and going up from there to find your preferred wattage level with the supplied coil. Thank you!

  52. great tank with alot o goodies in the package. but the top cap leaks like crazy:(. can i fix this? im from a country from which the postal fees to send it to innokin are greater than the cost of the tank so….

    • Hi Cucu,

      Check the o-rings inside of your tank. Make sure they are in their proper place and not damaged in any way. Check with your local vendor for replacement o-ring kits if needed. Hope this helps!

  53. I’ve had the Ares 2ml for about 5 months now and really enjoy it. The only problem I’ve encountered is that I carry it in my pants pocket while at work and the top fill will occasionally slide open. If the mod happens to be upside down, the tank empties the ejuice into my pocket.

    I’ve tried vape bands but they eventually slide off the top. Today I just received the Zlide and am impressed with it so far but I’m not a big fan of drop in coils.

    Any suggestions on how to keep the fill port closed while mod rolls around in my pants pocket?

    (My setup if anybody’s interested. 2ml Ares, 5ml Ares (glass tends to break easier, broke in pocket 1st day so I quit using it for work), 4mm READYxWICK, 50mg/ml DIY Nic Salts 70/30 VG/PG juice, ~1.7 ohm, ~10 Watt, consume 1 – 1 1/2 ml per day)

    • Hey Greg,

      Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the Ares. We’ve heard issues like you describe and have been able to alleviate them in future products like the Zlide. The Zlide’s top slide-to-fill section is locked in place by the drip tip, so it won’t randomly open in your pocket. Unfortunately, the Ares will have that issue, so we advise to not let it roll around loose.

  54. I bought my Ares last year and loved it since. Unfortunately for me though, is that something inside the base broke causing a disconnect on the 510 screw. So now I have a dead Ares.
    I was able to find a replacement though, problem is, is that this one whistles on any airflow setting I put it on.
    Is there any solution?

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