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iSub V TC Tank

The iSub® V TC/VW Edition - includes the new flagship Innokin iSub V Tank and two iSub Coils for More Control , More Pure Flavor &More Clouds ! The iSub V TC tank has a large 3ml capacity and remaining eliquids is clear and easy to see with the sleek new stainless steel and Pyrex glass design .

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General Details

iSub® V TC Tank profile

  • Quick & Clean Top-Fill
  • 3.0 ML Pyrex Glass Tank
  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Removable Drip Tip
  • Replaceable Glass Tank
  • No Spill Coil Swap System
  • iSub Coils Compatible

The iSub® V TC/VW Edition – includes the new flagship Innokin iSub V Tank and two iSub Coils for More Control , More Pure Flavor &More Clouds !

The iSub V TC tank has a large 3ml capacity and remaining eliquids is clear and easy to see with the sleek new stainless steel and Pyrex glass design .

Set the optimal temperature for your favorite eliquid and prepare to experience vapor perfection with the iSub V Temperature Control Edition .

Vapes Perfect with the Innokin Cool Fire IV TC 100W !



iSub V TC Tank review

  1. what is the height of the tank, looking for a tank that is not too tall, thanks!

    • The tank is actually quite small and sleek. I don’t have the exact measurements off hand, but you could see it compared against the Aspire Cleito, iSubG and the TFV4 here:

    • Nearly identical, looks & all….. to the Tobeco Super Tank mini (which has been a fav for quite some time now; even out of the ton of sub ohm tanks I’ve bought over the last yr or 2 now) That said… this, it’s variety of coils, easy swap system, & frankly… lower price.. A STELLAR performer that’s even better (can use your own drip tip too!) Hope that helps! It’s definitely short… stealthy…. but in looks only. Holds a good amt, super easy to fill (ALWAYS close AFC before opening ANY top fill tank to refill….. keeping in mind that they haven’t always been “top fill” for a reason. Those who don’t, may get away w/ it if done quickly & by using juice control or…? But for those who say it’s not necessary? Well, I don’t EVER need to ask “does this tank leak” because frankly… by design, NONE of ’em should. Besides, if setup correctly, filled properly (not overfilled either) AFC closed prior to refill….. leaking is a non-issue. Over the past 5 yrs would wager to guess I’ve prob bought, jeez… a good 50, 100? tanks… not a one of ’em leaks. Kinda speaks for itself, no? Just wish more mfr’s would tell people how imperative setup/filling procedure is to get great performance… so they don’t feel like they’ve wasted their money on something (they think) doesn’t work properly or is a dud. =/ Anyhoooo… Hope that helps you decide.. vapes great in all aspects imho. :) ENJOY! Live long(ER) & vape on! #ABillionLives

  2. The best tank best flavor.

  3. Hi what is capacity of isub v as I have two which says 3 ml , But on a couple of reviews on YouTube they have 3.8 ml written on box. Can you please clarify this.

  4. Hi i recently recieved this tank as part of the tc100 kit and its junk, the spring loaded piece inside stays stuck in the down position not to mention every time you fill the tank and put the top back on it seems to pressurize the entire system, especially the coil. You mite as well be drinking your eliquid as the coil becomes completely filled with juice to the point its overflowing out of the top mesh and the bottom air holes, your best bet is to avoid this tank if you like to vape.

  5. I have the same trouble has Brandon in the comments the isub v the middle sticks and floods the coil I have contacted u with all the details through the proper channels and I haven’t had a reply spent a lot of money on the cool Fire iv tc 100 kit with the isub v Friday and have had nothing but trouble like Brandon says I just as well be drinking it maybe now u see this comment u might get intouch with me

  6. Hello! :)
    Im about to buy this but i wanna know how wide it is because my mod is only 22 mm in wide :)

  7. So i bought this tank from a local shop on friday. got home went to fill it up and of corse i drop it into my stainless steel sink an shatter the glass before even one use. Is there any way i can get just a replacement glass please?
    thank you

    • Hi Kile.

      I’m sorry to hear what happened, and as of this moment we do not offer spare glass for sale :( I would recommend returning it to your shop and seeing if they could exchange it for a new one. It’s an honest mistake.

      Hope this helps.

  8. Hi just recieved my tc 100 it come with a tank. It has a coil fitted but what is it please is it stainless steel? I can’t use it until I know the spare coil in the box is in a black seal bag. Thank you

  9. Hey! I got an iSub V in a kit with my Coolfire 4 TC100, and i love it! The problem is, I dropped it and shattered the glass on the iSub V. Unfortunately there was not a replacement glass with the kit (you should really look into adding one). I can’t find a replacement glass anywhere. I have looked in online shops and local shops that carry Innokin. Where can I find one? Would really love to get this tank back to operational.


  10. Hi,
    I’ve recently bought the Cool Fire IV TC 100 and I’m very happy with it! Even thinking about buying a second in a different colour! Looking forward to details of the upcoming Disruptor TC, and news on the MVP line too!

    I really like the Stainless Steel coil a lot for TC mode and in VW mode. So I’m wondering if there are plans to release more SS iSub coils with a few different ohm ratings??

    The 0.5ohm is great, but a 0.2ohm and a 1.0ohm for example, would be fantastic!
    If I know more SS iSub coils are in the works, then I won’t be tempted to go and buy another brand of tank which runs on 0.2ohm SS coils, lol.
    Any info on this would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,

  11. for the price you can NOT beat it !! I’ve got some more spendy tanks and this has quickly become my work horse tanks.. next to my Scion, if your looking for a good tank this is it (still has never leaked on me.) the only down fall I see is I didn’t get an extra glass and I can’t seem to find them anywhere including Innokin web site.. I plan to get and extra tank or two though.

  12. Would this tank fit and work with the coolfire ace

  13. The tank leaks from above the airflow ring, this is very annoying & constantly having to wipe it to avoid getting sticky fingers !

    • Hi Paul,

      Check to ensure that all o-rings are present and not damaged. Also, make sure the airflow is closed when filling the tank, and that the threading is properly aligned and snug.

  14. Hi, I can’t get the top off my I sub v to refill it. The top is stuck really hard please advise on how to get it open.

    • Hi Keith.

      Trying unscrewing the top of the tank while wearing a rubber latex glove. The added grip can help you get the traction you need to get it off. Be careful not to overtighten it in the future!

      • Hi, I’m having the same issues of getting the tank open to fill it up with liquid, I’ve tried various options, rubber gloves, rubber band around the ‘unscrewable’ part, I’ve put it in warm-hot water (it needed a little clean anyway) and now I have put it in the freezer to try and open it! I’ve tried opening it, nothing. I then put it into warm-hot water and no surprises, it will not open. I have not even tightened it hard, as I was able to open it yesterday morning. I’ve even used pliers, with a tea towel to protect it and that doesn’t work. Any other ideas would be hugely appreciated

        • Hi Luke,

          Hmm, you seem to have already gone through most of my troubleshooting steps when it comes to opening up a tank. How long did you leave it in the freezer? It might need to sit in there for at least 30 minutes. Try combining the freezer method with rubber gloves.

  15. Sometimes the battery is dead on my TC100 and I swap the Isub V tank over to my SMOK Alien 220w TC. The Alien mod asks for a TCR value when I select temperature control. What is the TCR rating for the Isub SS BVC coil?

  16. Has anyone had issues with the isub v tank over heating? I’ve had mine for about 3 weeks and it always gets really hot at the base of the tank (right above the AFC), it only take about 10 hits before it’s almost too hot to touch.

    • Hi Amanda,

      This is normal if you are chain vaping or vaping at a high wattage. Take a short pause between drags to help alleviate this. However, there is no escaping the heat that electricity makes, so if you find yourself in this situation often, your best bet would be to dial down the wattage level.

  17. I recently bought a coolfire 4 TC 100 , i just wanted to know what other tanks i can put on this mod.

  18. Hi
    Just got a tc100 with the I sub v tank
    I’ve seen the glass on sale but can’t get my glass to come off
    Are they meant to come apart for easy cleaning?
    I don’t want to put more pressure and end up breaking it
    Any help would be great
    Many thanks

  19. Hi
    Can anyone confirm if the glass can be removed
    I have seen it being sold but am unable to remove mine for easier cleaning

    • Hello Shane,

      The glass is removable. An easy way to get it loose is to leave your tank in a freezer for a few minutes. This will slightly shrink the seals and make it easier to pull the glass out. You can also wear rubber latex gloves for more traction. Hope this helps.

  20. How can I put the top back on this tank without all the juice from coming out of the bottom?? It is really hard to put the top back on without pressing down and twisting with a lot of pressure. Please help! Thanks.

    • Hi Jill,

      First, don’t fill the tank to the very top. Leave a little gap between the e-liquid level and the top of the airflow chimney. Then, make sure you have the airflow closed while you screw the top portion back on. Don’t open the bottom airflow for a few minutes afterwards. Hopefully this helps. Thank you!

  21. hi i bought mvp4 with 2ml isub v tank.

    i think it has SS coils .

    The SS setting says 100w + 400F.

    Is this ok ?

    Should i adjust it ?

    • Hi Chris,

      It sounds like you’re using your mod on the TC mode for SS. At 400F, that will be a perfect vape. 100W means you are instantly getting as much power as the mod can provide to get your coil to 400F.


  22. Hi
    Can the SS316L Ceramic Coils be used in the Isub VE tank with the Cool Fire 4 TC100?

  23. Good tank, but until there is a replacement glass made available for it, its garbage. I bought one and loved it for all the 2 hrs I had it before it was dropped and shattered. It’s basically like a disposable razor. I’d love to get some use out of it. Not sure why they have replacement coils, but not glass.

    • Hi Mike,

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve broken the glass section on your iSub V tank. We do offer replacements, however you’ll have to contact our warranty department and start a ticket to get one. Please email us at to begin your warranty process and our support team will review your situation and act accordingly. Please note that we do not typically cover physical abuse from drops under our warranty, however our support team are usually understanding in matters such as these. Hopefully we’ll get you back up and vaping as soon as we can. Thanks.

  24. i have the smartbox with this tnak and i love it i do have a question. My local shop sells isub stainless steel .5 ohm coils and i want to know if they will work in with my smartbox before i buy them i know that the smartbox has a 45 watt max but the ss coils are 30-60watt any help would be awesome

  25. Can i purchase this tank from this website?

  26. Hi I have a Smartbox with the 2ml isub v tank the glass was broken on it and needs replacing, I have tracked down the glass I need for it but the bottom o ring needs replaced as well is it possible to buy the o rings as they do not seem to come with the replacement glass thanks.

  27. I’ve vaped 233 times with my coolfire ultra and isub v tank and had to charge the battery 5 times.
    I thought this battery would last longer. Is there a problem with it. It also over heats quickly

    • Hi Adam,

      What wattage and temperature settings are you using? There are a lot of factors to consider battery life of your mod. For example, wattage, temperature, length of drag, chain vaping, etc. More info would allow me to help you further :)

  28. Hi. I have the coolfire mini with the isub v tank and its great. But just recently i purchased a 5pk of replacement coils, fitted the first new one out of the box, was fine for the first hour or two, then discovered there was a rather nasty leak from between the airflow controller and the tank, and also out of the air holes. Have stripped it down, cleaned it out and fitted another new coil to see if will still happen. Is this a common problem?

    • Hi Nick,

      No, it is not a common problem. Is it possible that you misplaced or lost an o-ring when you took the tank apart and cleaned it? Check that all o-rings are present, fill the tank with the airflow closed off, and allow it to wick up juice for a few minutes before your first vape. Make sure you open up the airflow before you vape as well.

  29. I have the same problem as posted by others.

    After just three fills the central air tube no longer has any spring tension (seems stuck in compression)

    The resulting flooding of the coil, hot spit back though the mouthpiece and liquid leakage from the side air hole. have made it unusable. Yes, the coil is located correctly in the notches.

    When it was working it was excellent. Is this a design issue or manufacturing glitch? Is there a fix?

    • Hi Scott,

      This issue occurs in a small percentage of iSub Vs. It is usually from excess pressure caused when tightening down the top cap, or manufacturer defect. If you’ve purchased it within 90 days, it is still under warranty and I recommend you ask to have a replacement sent to you. Please contact us at with proof of purchase as soon as you can if your purchase was within 90 days. Apologies for the issue.

  30. Hi!

    I bought this about a month ago and I love it. But today when I was changing coils, the new one, which came with the package, would not fit, no matter what I tried.
    Is there anything you can do about this? The old one still fits perfectly and since the new one looks identical, I’m out of ideas.

    • Hi Daniel.

      That’s odd! Could you snap a photo of the new coil for me? It should fit the same way as your old coils. Make sure they are genuine! Our authenticity checker can be found here:

      • Hi Frank,

        Yes, it’s really odd! I’ve examined it using a 30x magnifying glass and I can’t see any difference from the coil that works. I’m sure it’s genuine since this was the spare that came in the box.
        Picture here : The one that won’t fit is the one on the right.

        Luckily I bought a 5-pack of genuine coils and used one of those. Sadly though, the taste is very muted with the one I used and now I’m afraid to try another..

        • Hi Daniel,

          The coil on the right seems to be worn down a bit where it would slot into the tank. I imagine that is the cause of the leak. If it was the spare in the box it’s definitely genuine.

          Are you using your coils in TC or wattage mode?

          • Hi Frank,

            It’s not leaking, it won’t fit in the tank. So I have not even used it.
            I used the working coils in both TC and wattage mode with my Innokin Kroma.

            • Hi Daniel,

              Apologies for the misunderstanding. The coil seems to have a manufacturing flaw. It’s uncommon, and I wish it weren’t so, but a few bad coils slip through the cracks.

              What coil pack did you purchase? Flavor can vary based on the various iSub coils available.

              • Hi again! Sorry for the late reply.

                The coil pack I bought is a 5-pack of SS BVC coils @ 0.5 Ohm.
                Batch #: INK3091E17007
                The same type that came with the tank. But the spares have blue o-rings.
                I’ve tried two out of the five and the flavor is very muted compared to the one that came with the tank, using the same juice from the same bottle.

  31. Hi will this work with cool fire IV plus?

  32. Is it possible to get a replacement bottom airflow ring? I lost mine (cry)


  33. Will the iSub V tank work with the Innokin itaste MVP3.0 pro?

  34. Hi Innokin,
    I have seen that the cool fire mod is designed specifically to work with this tank, Im interested in the tank (after my Innokin introduction with the Zenith – wow thats a good MTL tank!), but the mods i run are a voopoo drag and a uwell nunchaku
    I cant think of any reason why these wouldn’t work with this tank, but I feel like I should double check :)

    Any advice you can give would be super appreciated, thank you

    • Hey Jack,

      Thanks for getting in touch with us!

      I can confirm that your iSub V TC tank will work just fine with your drag and nunchaku- just be sure to run it within the accepted wattage range and proper temperature control mode depending on your coil choice.

      Hope this helps!

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