iClear 16S

iClear 16S

◎Stainless Steel construction

◎Innovative Coil system

◎New Replaceable Bottom Dual Coil Design

◎1.5 Ohm and 2.1 Ohm resistance coils

◎1.4ml capacity

◎Various colors: Purple, Blue, Black , Red, Yellow, Green, Clear white

◎Rebuildable and detachable

  1. I have an Innokin itaste MVP 2.0.

    Is the iClear 16S compatible with this vaporizer?



  2. Hi i have just upgraded to the MVP3.0PRO can i use these tanks with my new one ?

  3. what voltage do you recommend for iclear16s?

  4. Aamir Khalid Shabazz March 1, 2016 at 7:40 am Reply

    I have the itaste clk are these cartridges compatible with it

  5. I cannot find these tanks for sale anywhere. Do you have a list of online retailers who carry this line?

  6. Hi what kits do these fit in as bought some by mistake and would rather change my pen and tank than buy right ones as can’t return these. Thanks

  7. I have an itaste kroma, the last tank broke on it, will this tank fit or will I need any adapters

    • Hi Nik,

      This tank will not work with the Kroma, and not with the adapter either. You’ll need a tank that has a regular 510 pin connector, and use the included adapter.

  8. I have a endura T22 do u have tanks that will give more cloud

    • Hey Chad,

      The T22 is regulated to always give a 14W output to your atomizer. For larger clouds, you’ll need a more powerful device. Might I recommend the BigBox Atlas, paired with our Scion 2 tank?

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