iClear 30S

iClear 30S Dual Coil Clearomizer

Uses the same technology as the original iClear30 dual coil clearomizer

PC fire-proof material tank, will not crack when used with special juices

Built in replaceable coils are easier, faster and more convenient to change

Stainless Steel Materials

iClear 30S Rotatable stainless steel drip tip

Non- Rotatable iClear 30S Rotatable stainless steel drip tip

  1. hello please– offer a pyrex tank for your i clear line of wonderfull products
    keep up the good work love my itazte 134 and itazte vtr
    Don Fugate

  2. hi

    When refilling these tanks do you refill from the top or from the bottom? I’m getting the classic gurgling sound what is that caused by the?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

    kindest Regards


  3. Hi, I have an itaste mvp 2.0 and an iclear30s is there an attachment i need to make them fit together ?


  4. Hi, I have just got a Disrupter and wondered if the iclear 30s would fit? Thanks Alistair.

  5. Hi, my names kyle. I bought a itaste 20w mvp with no top and was wondering what top I might need. Thanks.

  6. It had this tank for over a year now and it is by far the best tank I have ever used. Wicks are cheap and its overall a great vape. Would highly recommend for people using high content nic juices

  7. hi just been given a disrupter kit of parts the mouth piece of the tank I find is to large is there a smaller tank I with a smaller mouth piece that will fit many thanks

    • Hi Richard. Virtually all of our iSub line besides the original iSub tank are 510 drip tip compatible which means you can find a whole array of them in different shapes and sizes. Give it a search online! :)

  8. I have a 1.5 ohm occ atomizer in my tank. What voltage should I use?

  9. Hi I’ve got a endura t18 but my workmate broke the tank. Which tank woupd fit for it?

  10. Hello I’ve got a endura t18 and I would like to ask you which tank would fit? Thank you

  11. I’ve just bought a cool fire IV an iSub G and an Iclear 30s is the Iclear compatible with the cool fire IV?

  12. Hi guys just wanted to say great products. I have been vaping for about 2 years and using quite a few of your products. I have recently started a youtube channel for reviews and have done a quick review on the iclear 30s and the MPV 3 pro. Hope you don’t me posting the ink on here.


  13. Hi I have cool fire v plus can I put this onto it

  14. Hi. I’ve been having problems with the iClear 30S that I own. It’s time for me to replace the coil inside, but the cylindrical (the ones with holes in it) shaft that houses the coil itself refuses to budge. Can you help?

    • Hello!

      Try moving it with force. Try wearing latex gloves to improve your grip and give it a lot of torque- it should budge. Be careful of using pliers or other tools as it may crush the coil.

  15. Hi,
    I have been using the cool fire 2 for ages along with the iClear 30S, but just recently moved on to the cool fire 4.
    I am still using my 30S tanks on it set it to 10watts seems to be ok, but works better with the 1.5Ohm coils.

    Can you recommend a tank that would suit the 4 better? been happy with these 30S tanks and had some bad experiences using others and getting dry hits so always a bit wearing of changing.

    • Hey there!

      If you are looking for a nice lung hit, any of our iSub line of tanks will do. If you want more of a tighter draw like what you’re used to, check out our iSub S specifically. It has detents in the airflow control ring that allow you to set the tank up for a very constricted and warm hit. Hope this helps!

      • Hi Frank,
        Thanks for the reply, I have just ordered an iSub G, thought I would give this sub Ohm kick a go, tried one out in a shop this morning and it was pretty good, so came home and ordered one from my usual supplier who is a little cheaper than the high street.

        I will try it out for a while and see how I get on with it.
        Thanks again Frank.

  16. Hi,
    I’ve got the Iclear 30 tank and when my coil burnt out I used a spare t-22 coil I had, but now the taste is bad and the vape burns. I’m using a very high VG liquid so is the bad/burnt taste caused by the coil or liquid?

  17. Would the icear30 work on a cool fire 4? I had the isub tank, and i just didnt like it. Ended up going back to smoking.. Wanting to go back to my vape. Thanks

  18. Hi got a MVP3.0 Pro and wondered what Soil and Clearomiser I need for this unit thanks – It was a present sent from the States, so need to get the top gear.

  19. Whats this tank usually run at?

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