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iSub Apex Tank

General Details

The iSub® Apex Vape Tank Primary Features:

  • PRISM Flavor+ Boost
  • Quick & Clean Top-Fill
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Removable Drip Tip
  • 100%Stainless Steel
  • Pyrex Glass Tank
  • iSub Coil Compatible
  • Japanese Organic Cotton
  • No Spill Coil Swap System
  • 3ml Capacity

The iSub Apex Vape Tank has been created with expertise and passion to enhance your personal vaping experience; perfect for mouth to lung vaping for consistent full flavors, deep hits for huge clouds, or a great mix of both.

The Solid Spin Top Fill System refills quickly and cleanly and the raised adjustable airflow minimizes leaking and maximizes performance. Compact and quiet, the sleek high quality 100% Stainless Steel body and Pyrex Glass tank have been engineered for durability as well as outstanding flavor and cloud production. The iSub Apex is compatible with all 2.0Ω, 0.5Ω and 0.2Ω iSub Coils which are made with high quality 100% Japanese organic cotton for fast wicking and pure flavors.

Innokin’s advanced new design, Prism Flavor+, boosts flavors to bring out the best in your favorite eliquids. The patented Prism convection airflow system draws in air through the dual, raised, adjustable intakes, down into the heated outer chamber and then back up through the vaporizer coils, delivering maximum flavor and also minimizing leakage. The interior design of the iSub-Apex Prism system further focuses and enhances your eliquid vapor, delivering an exceptional burst of flavor with every vape.

Vape above it all with the Innokin iSub APEX.

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iSub Apex Vape Tank review



  1. Deborah Pennington June 8, 2015 at 3:06 am Reply

    I’m very impressed with all of Innokin Technology products! Can’t wait to get my hands on the new iSub Apex. The other iSub tanks are awesome & I’m sure this one is going to rock it!!

  2. I just received my Innokin Apex tank today and when I opened the package I have to admit I laughed at first because it says 20-35w. After opening the box and getting familiar with it I decided to fill it up and put it on my Sig 150 and crank it way down to 25w. I let it sit so it would wick up. After about 5 minutes I finally decided to try it out and damn was I impressed! I never thought at 25w I would be blowing Clouds and getting great flavor. Now in the spirit of paying it forward I will be giving this gem of a tank to my buddy Justin to hopefully help him make a full conversion over to vaping. Thank you Innokin Technology for the opportunity to try out this tank!

  3. just want to say i got my isub apex today, what an awsome tank, the best yet, the flavour is amazing, the clouds are awsome, the design is brilliant, simply the best tank i own and ive got a lot, keep it up innokin another 1st class product :-)

  4. Got the new Apex tank through today, must say, this is an excellent tank, great vape, flavour & clouds. Going to buy a second one me thinks

  5. What a legendary piece. I am a Innokin fan for life. You helped me quit those nasty cigarettes with this brilliant cool fire 4 & the I sub tank. Loving the ohms, watts & voltage. Innokin, you guys rock. Keep up the great work. Vaping is the way forward.

  6. Hi Innokin! I went out and purchased the iSub Apex Tank today and I must say I’m very impressed.
    This thing is well built and nice designed. The prism airflow system works very well as the vapor is flavorful and plentiful. I especially liked that you included extra o-rings and a clear drip tip in the package.
    I am only disappointed in 1 thing which is that you did not include a 2 ohm coil with it and instead included 2 .5 coils. Would have been a nice addition for those of us that don’t sub ohm a lot.
    I will be going back to my shop to purchase the 2 ohm coils otherwise I won’t be able to use this tank every day. Just a thought for future as you guys did say that it would be for both mouth to lung and lung inhalers to enjoy.
    I guess what I’m saying is to please don’t forget about those of us who don’t sub ohm. We are getting lost and forgotten in the race to produce the best sub ohm tanks.

  7. Got my cool fire 4 plus with an apex tank and it works great. Butt the tank was not correct as advertised mine did not have secondary air adjustments as it shoul

  8. I would love the Apex even more if I could use it on my Temperature Control mods. …its great flavor and easy to fill but missing that one innovation that I really need! I hope you design team makes this happen very soon!

  9. The Good: Apex tank top fill super easy, vapes nice. The Bad: goes through the juice really fast and fogging up of tank quite annoying where you can not see juice level. Would love to trade this tank in for the newest version.

  10. Brought a apex tank today very impressed with the design however mine is different to the picture on packaging and advert,it has no air holes in the drip tip I can’t understand why prehaps someone can help

    • We have removed the airflow in the drip tip section due to immense dislike of the feature from the vaping community. If you would like a version with the airflow slots, try to contact a vendor to see if they have old stock available.

  11. I’ve had the Apex for a week now. For the first tank I used the included .5 Ohm Coil. I thought it a bit on the harsh side so tried the 2.0 Ohm and this thing hits like a dream. Excellent vapor and flavor running on my Cool Fire IV.
    My problem is… It leaks. Everybody raves about how it doesn’t leak but mine does. Am I the only one?
    Mind you, it doesn’t leak out into my pocket, but the bottom cup that holds the coil in, fills up with liquid and if I tip it I can see the juice running up the outer level air-flow chamber. If I want to replace the coil, I lose a bunch of juice and it gets all over the place. I’d hate to give a negative review but if this problem persists I am going to have to…
    Does anyone have a solution as to what may be the cause? Everything else about this tank is awesome and I don’t want to toss this thing in a drawer and find something else to use if the problem can’t be fixed.

    • Hi Gregory, can you email me ( with pictures of your problem? I may be able to get support to help you with the issue. Thank you!

      • I di’ndt know where to find this info then kaboom it was here.

      • So I e-mailed pics awhile back and got no response. Seals are all there but still leaks into the bottom cup. Looking for a suitable replacement since this tank has ruined my nicest work-provided hoodie with the stains from leaking.

      • Still no reply to my e-mail and this thing has ruined an expensive hoodie (I was lucky that i was able to wash the juice out of my pants that it leaked into). As long as I keep it upright and don’t leave the filler open for more than a minute, it only leaks a little. I left the filler open long enough to go to boys room and it completely flooded the bottom and it was like drinking juice through a straw. This tank is going in the trash as soon as I can get a replacement (from another company).

    • Just wondering how the leak issue was resolved. Mine was leaking, and my husband pointed out that I had not set the coil in firmly. So far, no leaks, though it remains to be seen if it will today when I am out and about. I have set up a special pocket in my handbag lined with paper towels just in case it still decides to leak, though I have a feeling it won’t.

      • My coils have all been seated correctly and the seal inside for the coil is in its place. I think its been coming from down the center of the coil itself. I’ve used 4 coils so far and have had the same problem with all of them.

    • Not bad at all fellas and galsal. Thanks.

    • Hi, I just fixed a problem similar to this. There is a seal inside the coil housing that came off when I cleaned it. I email (where I bought the product and they didn’t seemed to resolve the issue) throw the videos i could find about this tank I was able to see the seal in place and was able to replace it and now its working for me.

  12. Great flavor, no leaking. Only problem is I’m burning through coils like there is no tomorrow, can anyone explain why this is happening? These coils are only lasting approximately 1-2 days. 0.5 running at 45w.

    • Hey Jared. Our maximum recommend wattage for our .5ohm coils is 35 watts. You will burn through them quicker beyond that power. Hope this helps.

      • I have an eleaf istick 50w
        box.. Received the tank, looked awesomely built, unique innovative design features, and best for me, primarily stainless, and polycarbonate site windows, and it’s compact so I can pocket it without getting a pocket full of Pyrex…Set it up, primed the coil ,
        filled it with the new V series
        100 VG Tribecca and let it soak..
        By the way, it is especially if the juice is rather clear, to see when it’s full..let it soak started at at
        24W and after one hit, then all all dry hits,regardless of where I set the wattage at..thought maybe it was the coil so I swapped it out..
        Same thing… Got really disappointed my box runs great with my Halo Reactor, or Aspire Triton at about 30w.. I’ve messed with it for three days, toasted my throat, finally got it to about 18.5
        and 1/3 open and air and getting fair results .. Kind of disappointed still… Any hints, ideal wattage settings, I really want this tank to work

        • Hi Ken.

          Our horizontal .5 ohm kanthal coils perform best with 30PG70VG liquids. Some 100VG liquids are too viscous to wick properly and can cause dry hits.

          • It was 100%
            But then I thinned it down with some Halo
            I pulled the coil and reprimed it, same…Cleared the tank and added
            70/30, seems to be much better, still can’t it over 18.5w without getting really harsh
            shots…not terrible production though. Have got it dialed in as well I can…

  13. Hi

    Please can you tell is the Apex tank Temp Control?

    a few reviews have different opinions.


  14. can i use 0.5 clapton coils with this tank , i have older vergin with airflow

  15. Got the Cool Fire IV Plus + iSub Apex kit a few days ago, and I have to say it is the best pre packaged kit I’ve seen. The mod has a great build quality, and the Apex tank is one of the best, if not the best replaceable coil tanks I’ve had the pleasure of using. Some great innovations in one unit. I love the top fill (which is becoming more popular with nowadays), and the quick change (while still full of juice) coils is brilliant. No more wasting juice when coils begin to burn. If you guys could make either a similar tank, or an add on, with a rebuildable deck (capable of holding double coils) that can be removed and refitted with out having to drain the juice, then you will probably have the best tanks all round.
    I have just placed an order for an Apex 5, I was that impressed with the standard model.
    Thanks for the great quality and innovations. Keep up the good work guys, and I look forward to your future products.

    • Fantastic post Leigh, thank you so much for the feedback. We will continue to innovate and deliver high quality devices and with the support of the community we hope to exceed every expectation :)

  16. Hi, I am new to this. Which is the best tank for the Cool Fire 4 or 4 plus? Is the iSub Apex better than the iSub G?

    • Hey Vic! “Best” tank is subjective, but I can address the main differences between the two tanks:

      iSub G has more airflow which allows you to take bigger hits. The Apex on the other hand is slightly more restricted which allows for better flavor. The Apex is also easier to fill as it features top fill.

      The iSub G holds slightly more eliquid and is also a bit more affordable. The choice between the two is yours, really!

  17. HI guys, was wondering if you could advise. I dropped my t22 yesterday and broke the tank… what tank would you recommend for the t22 battery? this seems good. Thankyou.

  18. I bought this tank about a week ago for both myself and my husband. He was already using a sub ohm tank and I couldn’t get adjusted to it as easily. This tank solved that problem. We both love it. The only problem I have is that the inside of the tank is already covered in fog and juice and I can’t see the juice level in the tank. Is there a way to clean this??

    • Hey Melissa! Glad to hear you and your husbands positive experience.

      In order to un-fog the Apex, simply wash it under cold water and let it air dry. It should remain fog-free for awhile afterwards. Thanks!

  19. Best tank tried up to date. Only problem is that am constantly have leakage through the mouthpiece … it’s like spitting out the juice & I can clearly taste it in my mouth.

    I tried changing the coil but problem still exist.

    Let me know if there’s away to sort out as it’s my fav. Tank out of the huge collection of different makers.

  20. I am having this same exact problem. The bottom metal cap fills up with juice and I don’t realize it until its all over my hands and battery. I’ve cleaned it so many times, checked the gaskets, replaced the coil, and its only a temporary fix. I love this tank. when it doesn’t leak, but its junk to me if I can’t resolve the problem. :(

  21. I am impressed with the size and power of the Cool Fire IV Plus which I bought and I love the design of the iSub Apex tank. However, I have a problem with the size of the opening on the tank. I received two tops. One is slightly smaller than the other. Even the smaller one gives me so much draw that I cannot get a good vape from it. I tried a smaller tank which I had on hand and get a terrific draw from when working properly. However, this tank when left sitting at an angle or on its side spits juice on a draw which takes time and effort to clean and clear. I tried changing the draw tube from that tank to the Apex tank but it will not fit. I believe I would love the Apex tank if I could get a tip for it with a much smaller draw opening, but I cannot find one to fit in any of the vape shops around my area. Please help be to enjoy my purchase by making me a tip with a smaller opening which fits my Apex unit.

  22. DAMN!!
    Just installed a Clapton coil in my isub mini..
    Awesome!!..Cranked it up to 45 watts.. Nice!
    Highly recommend the Claptons for this nifty little tank!!

    • oopps….I put the Clapton coil in my isub Apex…..It’s awesome!!!!!!!
      a tip for those of you like me and might have a hard time telling how full the tank on the Apex 3ml
      (clear tank) I put just just a very small drop of food coloring in the ejuice..Works like a charm!!

  23. I just got the cool fire 4 plus starter kit w/ isub a tank. How do you clean it ? It came with extra o rings , but no instructions for disassembly and cleaning. I am getting a metallic taste , out of the box. Works great otherwise , but I do like to change flavor so often and clean between each use.

    • Hi Glenn. The iSub Apex doesn’t fully come apart, so the best way to clean it would be to run it under water and let it air dry.

      If you’re getting metallic taste out of the box, it could be entirely your coil and not the tank itself.

      Hope this helps.

  24. Hi,
    Can I use isub rba with apex tank and can I use isub rba with Kanthal A1 Resistance Wire 26 ?

  25. Good Morning, I recently purchased a Coolfire 4 plus together with a sub apex tank and I’m extremely pleased with it,it’s a fantastic bit of kit and have just ordered another apex tank with the larger 5ml capacity to accompany it,I do have the issue’s with the tank steaming up after a few day’s usage but the pro’s far outweigh the very few minor issue’s the apex tank has.My question may seem silly but I’m at a loss to find a answer online so I hope you can advise me,I decided to clean the tank yesterday and install a new coil,no problems at all doing this ,that is until I came down to have my morning vape and discovered a quite large rubber grommet laying on the floor,could someone please let me know as to whereabouts on the tank ineed to relocate this grommet,thank you. And to all at innokin, please continue the very fine work you are doing,I have been a smoker for roughly 25 years and since using the Coolfire ,I’ve not touched a smoke in over a month,even after the stress of having a one month old little girl,any new parent will tell you,it’s a extremely stressful time so a massive thank you from my family, who get a much healthier daddy and a much nicer environment to grow up in,wishing you continued success and best wishes,regards-Lee.

  26. Love the flavor of this tank but my husband and myself are burning threw coils so fast – only lasting about 2 days. We both have the Cool Fire4 kit and vape at about 26w. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Amber.

      Coils are destroyed quickly by e-liquids that use artificial sweeteners in their recipes. Please make sure that you use sweetener free e-liquid to prolong the life out of your coils as much as possible. Thanks!

  27. Only ever owned innokin products,the cool fire 4 and now the plus version.great devices love them but not so keen on the tanks!
    Firstly had the isub g and was good except a few leaks!
    Now I have the apex tank and that is worse!
    You can see it is badly made as there is a gap difference on one side above the air flow which constantly leaks(only had it 3 days)
    Also innokin coils only last a couple days of days using 0.5 coils at a maximum of 30 watts but usually around 24 and still get dry hits!i always fully prime them before use and have even been to my local ecig store to make sure!!
    Such a shame and not on to be fair as it’s always money!

    • Hi Ant!

      If your tanks have obvious manufacturer defects, please take them back to your vendor and get them exchanged!

      What e-liquid are you using with our coils that results in dry hits?

      I hope I can help you resolve your issue. Thanks Ant.

  28. Just picked up a new Isub Apex tank and really love the design and started to vape with a 70vg/30pg juice this evening. I prepped the tank/coil filled up the tank at about 2/3 and let it sit for about 15 minutes to let the coil soak in the juice. Here is what is happening :

    For the first 5-10 minutes the flavor / clouds were amazing, then I was getting severe dry hits. Not sure why but I was, I played around with the temp still nothing changed, yet still one dry hit after another. One of these hit pretty much scorched my throat really bad, not fun !

    So I decided to pull out the coil and check it, when putting the coil back in, it would only go back in 2/3 of the way so I looked inside and see that there is a clear rubber seal inside that I guess holds the coil in place, but my question is why is this seal coming apart ( from the inner wall ) on a new tank by just pulling the coil out for the first time ?

    I was able to push it back down with some tweezers and get the coil back in and locked into the correct position, but still puzzled that it appears to be loose inside ? Is this a defective tank ? Is the seal suppose to be loose all the time and need to be push back against the inner walls in order to get the coil to sit properly ?

    Also I am getting heavy condensation and cannot see the juice level ? How can that be prevented so I know when to fill the tank up again ?

    Last question, what coil ohm should be used for a 70vg/30pg juice ? My tank came with 2 .5 ohm coils, one pre installed and the other in a package. I am hoping to hear back as I love the design and the strong reviews I have read. But so far my experience has started out rough with this Isub Apex tank. : (

    Thanks for listening,

    • Hi Steve.

      A few questions for you.

      You say you played around with the temp. Were you using a temperature control coil? The iSub Apex comes with .5ohm kanthal coils which are meant to be used in wattage mode only. You can get harsh and burnt hits by using TC mode with them.

      Secondly, the condensation is unavoidable but easily cleared out by blowing into the tank or washing it out wih water.

      .5 ohm coils should work fine with a 70vg 30pg blend :)

      • Thanks Frank, I meant wattage not temp. BTW I read that this tank can be used with Temp control mods with temp control nickel coils. Where I can buy temp control nickel coils for this tank ? Also you never commented on the loose seal inside that holds the coils. Is this suppose to be loose inside ?

        • Hi Steve.

          The seals should not be loose. If you are having significant issue with the tank, please return it to your vendor and have it exchanged. Or contact our support at for a warranty exchange.

          As far as TC coils go, the Apex is compatible with all iSub coils, including Nickle, Titanium, and Stainless Steel. A quick google search will find you many stores to choose from- please be sure to only purchase from an authorized Innokin Dealer. You can use our store locator found here to verify they are authorized:

          Thanks Steve!

  29. Wow!!! This Isub Apex tank is amazing. Using it on my Joyetech evic VTC mini. It’s cheap, quiet and gives amazing flavour. Love that it comes with 2 coils and 2 drip tips. I loved the Isub g tank but this tops it by far. Thanks Innokin for making great products.

  30. I hope you guys keep making this tank. I have about 5 of them and hope to god you will never stop making these. They are THE best tank for people that want an excellent without overdoing the the coils and needing super high wattage. I love the clapton coils.. the normal iSub 0.5 coils I have noticed are getting worse and worse. Please keep up the high quality – I love Innokin!

  31. Had the Apex for several weeks now. Really impressed with the design. Not quite the flavor that I get from one of my other tanks or from the “standard” coils in the Apex but it’s the ceramic coils that impress me the most. I get plenty of COOL vapor. And by COOL, I mean temperature. I prefer a cooler vape and the ceramic coils deliver it with good flavor. They may be a compromise but they are a great compromise. They are also very quiet.

    My concern is that every Innokin vendor but one either doesn’t carry the ceramics or shows them out of stock. I’m worried that these have been discontinued. Will the ceramic coils still be available?


    • Hi DG,

      Unfortunately, we no longer make or offer the ceramic coils as we cannot guarantee their safety for your health. I would absolutely recommend discontinuing use of ceramic in any vaporizer immediately. Kanthal and cotton are proven to be overall safe in terms of harm reduction- I recommend a coil like the .5ohm horizontal iSub coil to get a similar vape that you describe. Sorry for the bad news and hope this helps.

      • Thank you Frank. I have read many conflicting reports including another manufacturers decision to not use ceramic. Unfortunately, I just bought 10 ceramic coils from the one vendor that I found that had them in stock. Oh well, 20 bucks isn’t worth risking harm. I smoked for nearly 35 years. I want my vaping to be as risk free as possible. I think your advise will do it for me in terms of discontinuimg the ceramic. Thanks for the response.

  32. Hi, I can’t seem to find this tank online anywhere, one website suggesting it’s been discontinued yet it’s still on your website? Where can I purchase one! Don’t send me the store locator link either, I’ve spoken to couple on there and they don’t sell it. Also why does your website keep moving up and down on my screen, so annoying!

  33. why no one is answering me? I bought this tank and i cant find any rba coil for it. Will it be available ?
    I dont like your support, i also mailed your support department. No one is answering me…

  34. First I have to say I LOVE my Apex tank, I have had it over a year. I am having an issue though. While attempting to change the coil, I managed to dislodge and tear the ribbed seal. (I admit it I was drunk?)
    Can I get a replacement seal?
    Since I messed it up I have tried several borrowed tanks and I hate them I NEED my Apex.

    • Hello Kat,

      Sorry to hear that you damaged one of your o-rings! Please contact our support email at and request to purchase an o-ring replacement kit for the iSub Apex. Hope you get your tank back up and running soon!

      • Are there instructions on how to replace the O-rings on the apex tanks? I have a bunch of them and all but one is leaking. I would love to be able to repair these tanks myself and get them back in working order.

        I think the Apex design is the best tank that you guys make that is not in the super high wattage or rebuildable territory. Wish more stores would carry this product still.

  35. I’ve only had my Apex for a day and the tank is stuck closed. I can’t open it to refill anymore. I removed the top cap and o ring to try and get a better grip but it still won’t turn. Thinking about trying to just put some pliers on it to turn. Anyone have this issue?

    • Hi Joe,

      I wouldn’t recommend pliers as you will marr the finish of the tank. Instead, try sticking the Apex in the freezer for about 15 minutes, then try opening the airflow up normally. You can wear rubber gloves to increase your grip and torque. Hope this helps!

  36. I’m having trouble finding a replacement driptip that fits securely for this, any reccomendations?
    it shipped with a glass/pyrex one that got damaged, I used the plastic spare it shipped with for a white but it got caught on something and lost; I bought 2 replacements (why such a small thing so expensive!) with what should be the correct size but they are wobbly and fall out far to easily, even just taking a draw moving the vape away left the tip in my mouth

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