iSub-B Tank

The iSub-B is the first Innokin iSub tank powered by advanced Plex3D Coils which use less power to deliver bigger flavors and clouds

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General Details

Innokin iSub-B Tank

Innokin is very proud to introduce the iSub-B Tank, the sixth generation of internationally bestselling Innokin iSub Tanks.

The iSub-B is the first Innokin iSub tank powered by advanced Plex3D Coils with 3D mesh which use less power to deliver bigger flavors and clouds. Plex3D Coils advanced coil design with ‘Micro-Grooves’ increases the surface area and produce amazing flavors. Plex3D Coils rapidly heat up and cool-down faster than traditional coils, extending coil life and the organic cotton and wood pulp wicking improves eliquid coil flow and boosts flavors.

Crafted with high quality stainless steel and Rainbow tinted Pyrex Glass, the iSub-B twists to open and features automatic flood prevention when filling. Compatible with all 510 threaded Vaporizers the iSub-B features a replaceable 510 Resin Drip tip and is initially available in Stainless Steel, Black, Blue and Gunmetal.

Try the Innokin iSub-B today and enjoy more flavors with long lasting Plex3D Coils.

iSub-B TankiSub-B-Tank-Plex3D-CoilsiSub B Tank Plex3D CoilsiSub B Tank Plex3D Coils 4iSub B Tank Plex3D Coils
iSub-B Anti-flood System
iSub-B Anti-flood System

iSub-B Tank:

  • Twist to open Top-Cap.
  • ‘Four Point’ Adjustable Airflow.
  • High Quality Stainless Steel and Rainbow tinted Pyrex Glass.
  • Automatic fill-shield Prevents Flooding When Filling.
  • 510 Replaceable Mouthpiece.
  • Durable 510 Connection.
  • Available in Stainless Steel, Blue, Black, Gunmetal.
  • Compatible with All Innokin iSub Coils.

iSub – Plex3D Coils

  • Next Generation 3D Mesh Coil Technology
  • Plex3D Pattern with ‘Micro-Grooves’ Boosts Flavors.
  • Ultra-Rapid Heat-up and Cool-down Extends Coil Life.
  • High Efficiency Coil Power Flow.
  • Organic Cotton and Wood-Pulp Wicking.
  • 30 – 55 Wattage Range (0.35Ω KAL)
  • Plex3D Coil is Compatible with Innokin iSub Tanks.


1x iSub B Tank (0.35Ω Coil)
1x PLEX3D Coil (0.35Ω)
1x Vape Band
1x Spare Glass
1x Spare O-Ring Set
1x Quick Start Guide

Quick Guide

Innokin iSub-B Tank

iSub B Tank User Manual
iSub B Quick Guide

iSub B Quick Guide



“55 watts, every vape is nice and saturated. No leaking, no flooding.”  — Mike Vapes

“I do feel I get more clouds in flavor of this coil at lower wattage.”  — AmbitionZ VapeR

“Really efficient and it’s very flavorful output. I’m impressed.”  — VapingwithTwisted420

“The piston system is brilliant, I love that.” — Vapor Trail Channel

“What I like the most is that it’s a lower wattage mesh style tank.” –VapnFagan

“Plex 3D coils, they are a little bit different from other things I’ve seen in the past. These are tasty.” –Zophie Vapes

  1. Hi,
    Will this new 3D mesh be incorporated in the scion coils. For the plex tank

    • Hi Robbie,

      The PLEX3D coils are an evolution of the Plexus coils found previously with the Scion, Plex, and Zenith tanks. I’d expect to see more coil options and tanks featuring our PLEX3D coil technology in the future, but cannot say for certain that it will be grandfathered in on our older designs. Appreciate the interest and thank you!

  2. What does the B stand for?

  3. So hoping this one is better! Gave up on the last ones as there was no way to stop them from leaking.

  4. i live in Toronto Ontario and I cant find anyone that sells this tank.

  5. When is the isub b tank and plex coils going to be available in the uk? Look forward to use these coils in my redundant isub tanks new lease of life

    • Hey Joshua,

      Orders for our vendors have been live for over a week now, so order fulfillment begins soon and stock should appear at shops probably within 2 weeks or else. Hope you pick one up and enjoy it! The coils are indeed compatible with all of your older iSub tanks. Have a good one!

  6. I can’t find anywhere the size of the tank, what is the mm width?

  7. Hello and greetings from Austria, when will it be possible to order the iSub-B from my country. My Viennese offline vape shop “Dampfsaft” has been able to get me most of my desired Innokin products so far (Ares, Endura – all of them :-), Krona-A and Zenith, Jem/Gobi,…) but getting the iSub-B seems to be too much of a challenge for them. Why is that and where or how can I get it? The problem is: I was a chain smoker and so I’m a chain vaper today (well almost). The Zenith and the other tanks can’t handle it. I burn my coils and wicks every two to three days. Funny enough the EQ coils seem to last the longest. But I need a little more vapor than the pod is able provide. I really hope you can help me getting this (tuff?) problem solved. Happy New Year, Ruana.

  8. Are these coils compatible with the Zenith?

  9. hi, i m from Indonesia, can plex3d used in old blue isub?

  10. I recently purchased the Zennith kit. I love the product and was wondering if this tank would fit on the mod that came with the zennith tank? I know it looks similar to the Kroma-A mod but my device has engraved “Platform Series Edition”. I just wanted to make sure I could use this tank as well as my Zennith Tank on the mod I have.


  11. Hi I am from the U.K. and can’t find anywhere online to purchase this?

  12. This is the one. iSub-B will be the tank to get me off those cigs. Such a satisfying vape. Thank you Innokin. Thank you.

  13. Hi, just got the iSub-B tank and was wondering if it is safe to use it on the Riptide? No idea of the wattage output of the Riptide

  14. Can you use other coils beside the plex3d mesh coils with the iSub tank?

    • Hi Daniel,

      Yes, absolutely! The iSub-B is compatible with the full range of iSub coil line. The iSub line features nickel, stainless steel, and titanium temperature control coils, as well as standard vertical and horizontal kanthal coils, plus the Plex3D coil. Thanks!

  15. Put this on Kroma-a and a vast improvement in flavour snd cloud over the Zenith. Why oh why though during the design was their not a slideing refill though? Cross-threaded the top, now leaks. Also, unlike the Zenith it leaks from the air vents even before I cross-threaded it.

    Shame, disappointed as apart from the design issue it is a fabulous upgrade to the Zenith in performance.

    • Hey Jezza,

      Sorry to hear that your iSub-B has cross threaded. We went with the top threading design to prevent leaks when the tank is open for refills. In a standard atomizer, when the top cap is removed or slid over, the vacuum inside the tank breaks, and the coil can flood and start leaking. On the iSub-B, the spring loaded chimney design ensures that the juice ports are not exposed when the tank is open for filling. The pressure from the spring loaded chimney requires a threaded top section.

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