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iSub G Tank

General Details
The iSub G Primary Features:

◎100% stainless steel
◎High quality pyrex glass
◎Japanese organic cotton
◎Huge 3.8ml capacity
◎Full adjustable airflow
◎No-spill coil swap system
◎Available colors: Clear, Black, White

RHOS Report

  1. You guys make incredible products. My fiancé stole the green coolfire IV and iSub G I won in the weekly giveaway lol she loves it! Before she was using an Aspire Premium starter kit and I don’t think she will be going back to it any time soon!
    I say it alot but you guys really do set the golden standard for participating with customers and your product quality and customer appreciation and services. I love getting to interact and communicate directly with the manufacturer of the products I use and love on a daily basis. feel like you guys truly have my back when it vaping!
    Can’t thank you enough for your part in my success quitting tobacco. Here’s to the already great start to a long friendship!

  2. Hi, I have just purchased the I sub g tank, but when I got home I realised it’s a ‘mouth to lung’ hit, which I personally don’t like. Are there any other atomisers I can buy to get the traditional ‘cigarette style vape’? I’ve seen there is a 2.0 ohm atomiser, but will I still get a decent amount of vapour with the resistance being so high? Or is there a 1.2 ohm atomiser available for this tank? Thanks. Emily.

  3. I bought this tank about two months ago. Previously I had bought an iSub. The first iSub the center piece broke out of when filling, the second did the same. I decided to upgrade to the iSub G. Loved it for the first month, now it is constantly leaking. Has an amazing airflow and is easy to fill but it is constantly leaking. I wouldn’t recommend this tank. Neither of my first iSubs leaked. Would not recommend this tank.

    • Please try filling the tank with the airflow slots closed, as well as slightly pulling on the cotton to ensure there isn’t juice loosely spilling into the airflow. Sorry about your experience!

  4. Hi,
    I bought the Isub G today and noticed when filling
    it for the first time that the neck of the center tube did
    not extend past the glass like seen in a few videos on youtube,
    This was a selling point for me as you were able to fill the tank
    to the top and without any juice dripping down into the drip tip.
    Is there more than one version of the Isub G?
    Did i get an old version?
    I also plugged in the security code thinking i had a possible counterfeit
    but the site said it was legit.

  5. You say there is two versions of the iSub G tank. What are the differences between the two?
    I’m seeing a 3.8ml and a 4.5ml online at different vendors. I know there is now a black and a stainless, but was not aware of two different sizes!
    Thank you for letting us know.

    • The 4.5mL is our updated and improved version. The older model is no longer being manufactured.

      Thanks Scott.

      • Hello Frank i have a problem and a question, my 3.8ml not super sure on the size of tank but it is a iSub G tank and the glass has broke making the tank useless, i really like my tank i would like to find a replacement glass for it IF they make replacement glass for this tank, if so do you have any ideas where i could acquire a replacement online if so that would be great and thank you for taking the tiime to read, please help,

  6. So are you saying the old version is 3.8 and the new version is 4.5?

    • Apologies, I had the wrong information at first.

      The slightly less ml is indeed the new version. The chimney is a bit larger which reduces overall liquid capacity. The redesign is aimed to prevent leaks. Sorry Vince!

  7. I don’t think that is correct. If it is why was the old version sold as a 4.5 and the new versions apparently are marked 3.8? Also for the person who asked about replacement glass make sure you are getting the correct one. The old version with the chimney sticking out of the glass takes a 23 mm glass the new version takes a 28 mm glass. Why am I teaching Innokin about there own tanks?lol

  8. From Vapeclub UK:The Innokin iSub G Tank is a slightly updated version of the original Innokin iSub Tank. … The capacity of the tank too has been changed to 3.8ml from the original 4ml.

    An Email from My Freedom Smokes:With the last few shipments we received from them the boxes have been marked 3.8 which caused some confusion when some customers received them. We contacted Innokin to inquire about the size difference and apparently they redesigned the chimney and coil housing so it’s more efficient but does hold a little less liquid.

    We as customers have no idea which version we are getting and I recently was given a version 1 tank to replace a defective version 2 tank which is what has me researching this in the first place.
    Signed:A truly frustrated and unhappy customer.

  9. Can anyone help me as the bottom of my tank the bit I need to take of so I can refil won’t come off

    • Hi Oli. Wear some latex kitchen gloves and try unscrewing the base from the glass. The gloves should help you get a better grip.

    • Oli
      Just had the same thing happen with my isub G (original version) once I got it apart it turned out that the chimney had come loose from the top of the tank so it was spinning while I was trying to unscrew the bottom. I love Innokin products but I think they rushed this tank to market and then realized it needed improvements which is why they released the new version. This tank also has a chip in the glass and finding replacement glass is a complete pain. Most sites either don’t carry the glass or if they do they don’t differentiate between the new and old version glass(which is two different sizes). I have also had the leaking and flooding problems too. Its a real shame because when it works its a great inexpensive tank. I decided to retire this tank and am waiting for my isub s to arrive.

  10. I made a mistake and purchased the .5ohm clapton coils instead of the standard .5ohm ones. Can I use them in the iSub G? I have the new white one that comes with the Storm edition.

  11. I ordered an iSub G Tank and the drip tip is plastic. The description says 100% stainless steel. I entered the code and the site says it’s genuine. Can you shed any light on this?

  12. Hi vapers,

    This is definitely one of the greatest tanks in recent months what we have tested.
    We suggest to try it.

    Also, we were so amazed, that we wrote a review in-depth –

  13. Hi,

    I’ve read a few of the previous reviews, and I’m also new to vaping. I just purchased an isub-g tank yesterday. After looking at some of the older youtube videos from last year, and all the reviews showed the users having the tank flow system that extended past the glass, and now you are saying that the ones with the shorter glass are the older model and don’t allow you to fill them as much. Please help me understand which version is which is, and why isn’t this being explained anyplace else. This comes across as a major issue and is quite frustrating being that this devices is my first and it doesn’t appear to be correct.


    • Hi Greg,

      Yes you’re right, the newer version is the one with less e-liquid capacity. I need to update my comment, so thanks for reminding me.

      • Well, thanks for responding. I think that it’s pretty messed up that vendors are selling the older version isub-g tanks lIke they are the latest version and then you look at the YouTube videos and see something completely different. Definitely not the best way to promote your company.



      • Hi,
        Sorry to be a bit late coming in on this but have only just purchased a sub g. As I understand the posts there are 2 versions of this tank. Can the glass be replaced on both versions?
        On the version I have the glass appears to be fixed into the tank at the top with little metal clamps. I could see this because the glass shattered when I tried to remove it.
        Is my tank a fake?

    • I have the original I Sub G and I love this tank. The original has the chimny that extends past the glass, and I have had no leaking issue’s what so ever with this tank.
      You can order both glass pieces here.

  14. I’ve just bought the iSub G and I’m finding it lets too much air in even when the vents are nearly closed. It’s like smoking a Silk Cut. Can I still use it with the vents completely closed?

  15. I’ve just bought the iSub G and I’m finding it lets too much air in even when the vents are nearly closed. It’s like smoking a Silk Cut. Can I still use it with the vents completely closed as I can’t use it as it is.

  16. Hi I just purchased the I sub G tank and it came with a 0.5 ohm coil,would it be OK to use 1.5 ohm coils

  17. I have recently bought the iSub G tank and have been using it for a few days now, had absolutely no problem with it whatsoever, I was a little skeptical about it being bottom fill, but once I got to use it, it wasn’t a problem after all.
    It is easy to fill and change the coil, comes with spare ‘O’ Rings, tried a similar tank, and found it was getting really hot around the coil after only a few hits, whereas this tank, same value coil does not.

    So, despite other posts here, I really do recommend this tank, I am really happy with it, I think some of the problems posted here are just one off’s, or the tanks are fake, I now have 3 of these tanks, and they all perform the same perfect way.

  18. Hello, I would like to ask if is any chance to buy replacement glass tube for newer version of sub G tank (I think it is 3,8ml), the tube has to be longer/higher than 23mm otherwise the tube is not fitted well and moving. Thanks

    • Hi David.

      As of right now, we do not offer glass tanks for sale. However, spare parts have been requested a lot in the past, and we are discussing how to make it easier for our customers to get spare parts around the world.

      I apologize and hope you can find glass that can fit in the meantime.

  19. I bought the isub g tank and its only been about 3 days and the ‘top section’ of my ‘metal cap’ doesnt unscrew anymore and is stuck so if i want i cant change the coil. Any recommendations on how i can fix this?

  20. I recently purchased the Isub g tank. The box is marked that it is a 4.5 ml capacity but the chimney does not extend past the glass. So there for I can not fill the tank to its capacity. Why is this? I love the tank but I is a piss off that I can’t completely fill the tank.

    • Hi Ryan. The tank is designed to have a full 4.5ml capacity when the eliquid just reaches the edge of the chimney. There is leftover room, but that is not meant for eliquid. I hope this helps.

  21. Hi. I’m new to vaping. Have bought a Cool Fire IV with ISub G tank and 0.5 ohm coil. I’m finding the recommended wattage of 20-35 is producing vapour which is too hot for me. Would I be better using a 2.0 ohm coil and lower wattage?

  22. my isub-g leaks how can i fix this? is there a manual that describes where the gaskets go?

  23. Hello! I am recently having issues with my iSub G tank. I cannot seem to find replacement o-rings. How would I go about finding some?

  24. I bought the iSub G and have never had a problem with it in the year that I have had it. I now see that you are doing Plex 3D mesh coils. Are they compatible with Isub G tanks ?

    • Hey John,

      Yes! The iSub-G is fully compatible with the PLEX3D iSub coils. In fact, the PLEX3D iSub coils will work in every iSub atomizer! Thanks and hope you enjoy the PLEX3D tech!

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