iSub S Tank – A Better Vape Experience
iSub S | Tank - Innokin

iSub S Tank

The iSub S Primary Features:

  • Quick & Clean Top-Fill
  • Large 4.5 ML Pyrex Glass Tank
  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Open & Point Adjustable Airflow
  • Removable Delrin Drip Tip
  • Replaceable Glass Tank
  • Japanese Organic Cotton
  • No Spill Coil Swap System
  • iSub Coil Compatible

Temperature Control Edition :

Includes the iSub-S Tank & 2 Ni200 iSub coils for More Flavor, More Clouds, & More Control!

The iSub-S has a large 4.5 ml capacity and the amount of eliquid inside is easy to see with this sleek new design.

Refills are quick & clean with the iSub APEX Top-Fill System and the new ‘Open & Point’ airflow design delivers the complete spectrum of flavors and clouds.

Set the optimal temperature for your favorite eliquid and experience vape perfection with the iSub-S – Temperature Control Edition. Vapes Perfect with the Innokin CORTEX!

T.C. Coils only for use with Temperature Control Vaporizers.

Titanium, Stainless Steel coils sold separately!

Flavors & Clouds Edition :

Includes the iSub-S Tank, (1)0.5Ω iSub Coil and (1)0.5Ω Clapton BVC iSub Coil for MAXIMUM FLAVORS AND CLOUDS!

The iSub-S has a large 4.5 ml capacity and the amount of eliquid inside is easy to see with this sleek new Stainless Steel & Pyrex Glass design.

Refills are quick & clean with the iSub APEX Top-Fill System and the new ‘Open & Point’ airflow design delivers the complete spectrum of flavors and clouds.

Get ready to experience MASSIVE CLOUDS & INCREDIBLE FLAVORS with the iSub-S – Flavors & Clouds Edition.

Vapes Perfect with the Innokin Cool Fire 4 Plus!


  1. I have now successfully been vaping with innokin products for 18 months I have owned the taste clk 1280 in black & steel. I now own the disrupted in gold mod with black & purple innocells. Also the isub isub g tanks. I love & enjoy all of my innokin stuff so much that I pre ordered a temp. control disrupted but it was canceled by the company what happened? Morey at please let know the stattis THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME KNOW.

    • Hi Morey. It was not canceled, it is still in development :)

      Thank you for supporting Innokin! Vape on!

    • ALL the Innokin products rock!!!
      I have 5 cool fire, one cool fire plus, and one MVP 3.0 Pro batteries and many, many Innokin tanks. As a matter of fact, Innokin products are all I use!!!!!

      As is said INNOKIN ROCKS!!!!!

    • I am in total agreement with you Frank. I bought the first Innokin cool fire when it first came out. Unfortunately I am a mod box dropper so it didn’t last long which was disappointing. I bought my son one when I bought mine. He works in construction and drops his all of the time as well. I must have hit mine just the right way and it broke. After that I tried the Kangertech products. I hated them. No matter how much you primed the coil it would burn real quick. I decided to give innokin another try because I love the top fill tanks. I bought the Cortex and have had it almost two years and million of drops and it is still vaping like a beast. I love the sub ohm S tank that came with it. I love the top fill, easy coil swap and price of coils is pretty darn good. I am going to buy another sub ohm tank before they run out. I saw the new one with the PVC and why they moved away from their top fill tanks is beyond me. I am going to grab a few more of the S’s before they quit making them. I also upgraded to the CoolFire Ultra TC 150 that came with the scion tank. It makes huge clouds but will go through a bottle of juice a day if you vape it like me. I take small vapes often just more out of habit than anything. The new mod is nice but I’ll have to see how long it holds out once I keep dropping it. I tried to buy another Cortex but they no longer make them. I swear that thing has been through it and works like a charm. Has hit concrete, tile and everything else when I drop it. Had to get a back up though so thought for 15 more bucks why not get the latest. I prefer to vape in TC so I need to get some new tanks because scion is only for wattage. They don’t make any nickel, stainless or titanium coils which was a big disappointment.

      • Hello Twiganne,

        Appreciate sharing your experiences, kind words, and feedback. Glad to hear your Cortex has been serving you well for so long! Thanks for picking up a TC150 and happy vaping :)

  2. Where can I get one? I don’t see isub s or the 5 ml apex available anywhere.

  3. I’ve got one of theses coming with the Cortex 80. I have a question about using your other iSub tanks. Original, the S, and the 5ml Apex, can they all be used with temperature control coils safely or is the S the only one for TC usage?

  4. Just would like a price. Wanted a couple of extra tanks for the new cool fire IV plus

  5. I have and love my cool fire 4 plus. I have the apex tank and use the bvc coils… What a set up. You guys make great hardware. Im looking at the new Isub S (flavors and clouds edition) if this is an intended upgrade over the apex tank with bvc coils….how good is this gonna be?

    • Upgrade is not the word I would describe it. It’s simply a different experience. The iSub S offers a better mouth to lung experience and a larger airflow on max than the Apex. However, the flavor is different. It depends on your preference :)

  6. I love my Innokin products and I have quite a few. Just got the iSub Apex (with the RBA head) and really do like it. The ONLY drawback I have found is it is a bit difficult to see the juice level. So, now you have this lovely iSub S! I would love to buy just the tank as I already have a MVP Pro and Coolfire. Don’t really need another mod. Can you tell me where I may be able to purchase this tank on it’s own? That or can I buy it direct from you? Thanks so much for your time.

    • Authorized vendors should have the iSub S Flavors & Clouds as well as the Temperature Control editions in stock. Try searching through our store finder and see if any vendors in your area are carrying them :)

  7. What is the standard of the drip chip?

  8. Have ordered an Isub S so have a few questions:

    1. Do you have an ETA for the SS316 coils?

    2. Are the various coils different in regards to airflow through the actual coil or is it merely resistance and wire sort that sets them apart? For instance, is the 2.0 ohm coil more suited for mouth to lung or do they all work? Same thing with the 1.0 ohm SS316 compared to 0.5 or 1.5 clapton?

    Thank you!

    • Hi there! No ETA for the SS coils yet but they are coming.

      The 2.0 ohm coil is horizontal and higher resistance and is thus suited better for mouth to lung. The TC coils and claptons are vertical and lower resistance and thus suited better for lung hits.


  9. Hello,

    So what is the ‘best’ tank right now for a MVP 3.0 Pro??

    I want to cut down nicotine soon to 3-6 mg and heard with these isub tanks that a good choice as they will hit harder. I am concerned with flavour and throat hit (feeling like a cigarette – till I get down to 0 mg)

    So the isub apex and isub s are ‘better’ than the isub g – so are these the main models right now?

    How can I compare them?

    Finally are there some other newer tanks coming, should I wait or get one of these?

    Really appreciate your help in this matter


    • Hello Rishi!

      The “best” is subjective as there are many factors and personal preferences to weigh when considering sub ohm tanks. If you are looking for a full lung hit, I would recommend either the iSub or iSub S as they have the greatest amount of airflow from our subohm tanks that are offered.

      Hope this helps.

  10. Thanks Frank for the reply, not just to me but a lot of good info from the other reply’s you gave. Looking forward to Innokins 2016 products

  11. Why don’t you guys carry and rba tanks? I’m gonna have to go buy from a different company cause my vaping has evolved.

  12. Got the isub s flavor sand clouds for the cortex Tempature control system (as I had broken my origional tank unfortunately) pretty new to this so a little help with what settings it needs to be on would be greatly appriciated? Thanks

  13. hi will all these tanks fit on the itaste clk1280 ?

  14. What is the difference between the apex 5 and the isub s? In terms of how they perform, does one give off a better flavour? Does one have more airflow?

    • Hi Petar! The iSub S has more options for airflow adjustment. At the most open setting, it’s airier than the Apex. At the lower settings, it’s tighter than the Apex. The Apex has top airflow which should make it more leakproof, and it gives off a cooler vape than the iSub S as the air takes longer to reach your mouth.

      Flavor is subjective, but they are both fairly equal in my eyes, maybe with the Apex being ever so slightly better.

      • What kind of coils can I use for my cortex no stores near me carry them for I sub s can I get one from a kanger ? I’m new to this

        • Hi Michael! No shame being new, we all were at some point.

          Unfortunately, you must use iSub coils with our line-Kanger coils will not work. If you can’t find them locally, maybe try buying online! We have many authorized vendors that ship our authentic products globally. Thanks!

  15. so i won a giveaway and received your new cortex with the isub s tank. beautiful product and i love it. What coils will the isub s tank support. I have used the ni 200 and clapton bvc, but curious if i can run titanium and stainless temp control coils ( trying to find my perfect setup ). thanks for your great products.

    • Hi Miles, congrats on your win! The Cortex and iSub S combination will support any of our kanthal coils (2.0, .5, .2, clapton, etc), NI200 coils, and TI coils. Currently, the Cortex does not support stainless steel in temperature control(it may in the future!)

  16. Hi Frank,
    Thanks for all your great answers to everyone’s questions.
    I was very excited to read 2 months ago that the Cortex would do temp control with Kanthal, but that was not introduced on the roll out model. Then I read that feature would be included in the Temp control Disprupter Mod. Is there any way you can confirm that, and if so when is it expected to be hitting the market? I really am anticipating all the great Innokin products to come in the future but temp control with Kanthal I feel is the safest way to go over Ni, Ti, or SS.
    I believe many are hesitant about temp vaping just because of the unknown with the wire!

    Thanks in advance for addressing my questions!

  17. Hello!
    The diameter of this iSubS?

  18. Hey I currently have the Cool Fire 4, not the plus that I know of. This is my first box mod and totally love it and the starter pack it came with. Been using it a few weeks now and feel like I’d like to get a bit more out of it if possible. Would this tank help with that? And if so is it compatible?

    • For sure Boogle! The tank and all kanthal coils are totally compatible- just be careful not to buy any temperature control coils as the Cool Fire 4 does not support that technology.

      Thanks :)

  19. i have bought two of the Cortex’s in the last two weeks and my friends have ordered a few the iSub-S Tank is freaking amazing. I love the Spiral design and I am going to be extremly honest I dropped my brand new one from 6 feet on to cement and the only thing I needed to replace was the atomizer cause it came apart at threading. Freaking amazing. I have not seen the tanks by themselves yet but this is a winning design.. I love Innokin and they have me and my wife as loyal customers forever. Getting an Apex just to try it out. Thanks Guys… By the way just because you have time to ‘Tinker” and make your own coils don’t mean your anymore evolved. I just choose to let the Pros make mine. im too busy to play but I know I could with Innokin. Alright I’m done ass kissing now where is my free vape…lol

  20. I love my iSub S tanks! What none of the reviewers are talking about (and I will when I do my Cortex and iSub S review) is how great this tank works with the 2.0 atomizers on my older Innokin devices like my SVD, MVP 2, and Cool Fire 2. That atomizer has really good flavor and with the great selection of air holes on the iSub S tank, it’s great for mouth to lung and direct lung hits. I haven’t done any reviews lately because my SVD worked so well I hadn’t bought anything in over a year and a half. Hands down the easiest tank I’ve ever used and NO leaks!

  21. Hello Innokin, I have owned several tanks and mods from Smok, Kangertech, Sense, Uwell, Eleaf you name it, however I keep going back to my old trusty iSub G with my Coolfire 4. I guess it’s just something about Innokin products that I really love… And I think it’s the simplicity and great design of your products that makes them come out on top in my book.

    Now for my question, I owned the Apex tank however, although the flavor is a bit superior than the iSub G, the double glass design of the tank makes it get foggy and I can’t see the amount of liquid left so I went back to my iSub g.

    What is the difference between this one and the iSub g flavor wise? Is the flavor the same due to similar design or does it improve?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Izo. As I’m sure you know, flavor is very subjective. That being said, the tanks use the same coils, so you’ll find similar performance from both. I find the iSub S’s improved airflow control allows me to get warmer and flavorful hits compared to the iSub G. Hope this helps.

  22. Hi innokin frank recently got the cool fire 4 with i sub tank on 0.5ohms coils, which is fantastic for lung hits, but ime looking to use a tank on the cool fire 4 for a mouth to lung hit as a change what tank do you advise for this and flavour please many thanks Rob Wilkinson

    • Hello Rob!

      For mouth to lung, our best option to use with a Cool fire IV is the iSub S. The iSub S airflow can be adjusted for a very restrictive mouth to lung draw, while using the same coils you know and love from our iSub line.

      Thank you for supporting Innokin!

  23. Hello, I have two of the Isub S temperature control edition tanks coming in the mail soon. They have been a little hard to come by in the flavor and clouds edition. Anyways, I wanted to know if the temperature control edition of the isub S is compatible with the Clapton bvc coils? As I have a mvp pro 3.0 which is not a temperature control device. I ordered extra Clapton coils and plan on NOT using the ni200 coils it comes with. I appreciate any info you can give. Thanks.

    • Hi Andrew.

      The only difference between the two iSub S editions are the coils they’re bundled with. They are both cross compatible with any of our iSub line of coils. Hope this helps!

  24. Bought a Coolfire IV and an Apex tank last year. My first Innokin setup and I couldn’t be happier. Fits your hand so comfortably and love the way it is rounded instead of square so it follows the lines of the apex tank.

    I have bought a few of the really expensive sub ohm tanks(I won’t mention any names), and not a one of them is nearly as good as the Apex. Love the top fill! Nothing to remove, just twist. Also the flavor and vapor is just superior to anything else I have tried. I am recommending them to everyone I know and have even given a few out as gifts. I always get a call or text about how much they love the tank!

    Two weeks ago I bought the Disrupter and I love it too! Easy to use, love the separate body and battery so that you can just slide on a new battery when needed. Also, if the body wears out, all you have to buy a new one and still utilize all the batteries you already have. It is just a really innovative design IMHO. And for the price of a battery, you get to change colors! The only thing I would like to see is maybe colored o rings for the Apex tanks kinda like the Kanger Subtank has. Maybe to color coordinate with the battery colors.

    Can you tell I LOVE Innokin products? You have a customer for life!

  25. This is the first one I bought the cortex I love it think its the best thing I bought.But I just got this new juice and it keeps popping and crackling what do I do

  26. If we get a black isub s ill be a happy vaper.

  27. Can you use other brand coil for the cortex or does it have to be for the I sub tanks

  28. I wondered if I would be able to purchase a replacement glass tube for the isub s tank should it get broken. I recently purchased a w*mec am*r plus and the glass broke as I pushed it over the o rings after a clean. There is no replacement available, so it now unusable! I want to buy the isub s as this should be of good quality like my previous Innokin products I purchased.

    • Hi Les,

      We do not currently offer replacement glass tanks for the iSub S to my knowledge. However, due to its design, the glass should be well protected by the stainless steel cage of the outer section. Thanks!

  29. Ive recently bought some clapton coils for isub s but cant get used to them what wattage is best for them?

  30. Hi, I don’t know much about these coils but am I right in saying the iSub Clapton coils do not contain ni200 and are safe to use in wattage mode?

  31. love my Cortex, amazing bit of kit!

    gutted i dropped it and smashed the glass in my isub s tank (totally my fault)
    i am having trouble finding a replacement glass in the UK, Any advice?

  32. Will these subohm tanks work on an old iTaste VTR?

  33. The sides fog up on my 3ml Apex. Is that normal or maybe something with my juice? I mix around 30-70 (pg/vg). I’m assuming the sides of the new “5” will also fog? I just purchased the “S” mail order and looking forward to giving it a go! The fogging issue is not a problem and the Apex is a great design with the top fill along with excellent vapor production.

    • The fogging is a normal side effect of condensation buildup within the tank. The inside of the tank becomes warmer than the outside tank temperature and creates the fog. A quick rinse will fix it!

  34. Hey, Frank… I just ordered an iSub-S for use with my Cool Fire IV+, but just realized it’s an iSub-S TC. I realize the TC coils would be the big issue here (I’d need a TC compatible box, right?), but I have several boxes of Clapton BVC coils. Would there be any other issue with using the TC version of this tank with my Cool Fire IV+?

  35. Yes I was thinking about getting this tank to go with one of my mods it’s 2200 mah, 510 threading, and can fire down to atleast .3 ohms would the flavor and clouds tank fit good on this mod?

    • Sounds like it’d fit the bill just fine DJ.

      • Hi Frank,

        Is an Eleaf istick 40WTC battery suitable for the Isub S temperature control coils?

        • Hi Dave.

          It would be fine, however the iStick 40W TC’s temperatures are off by a pretty significant margin. The actual temperature is about 70-100F cooler than shown on the screen, so you may have to raise your temps up higher than usual to get a satisfying vape.

          • Hi Frank,

            Thanks for the info. I may save up my pennies (UK) for the Cortex battery but I haven’t yet tried TC so will give it a try on the Eleaf first.

            Whilst here, I sent an email to Innokin support re a query on my isub g tank quite a few days ago but have had no reply. Is it possible you could check? I had also sent you a personal email on the same subject. Just wanted to check that my email server is not playing up.

            Thanks. Have a good day.

            • Hey Dave.

              Yes I received your email :) I can say that your product was indeed authentic, however the glass should pop out with a little force and twisting/turning. Out of curiousity, what color mod was the tank that shattered bundled with?

              You should receive a reply from our support email soon. Hopefully they can arrange a replacement glass for you.

              • Hi Frank,

                Thanks for the reply. It was when trying to twist/turn the glass out when it shattered. Part of the glass is still at the top of the tank and appears to be held in with small steel clips, no sign of a seal, and no way can I remove the remaining glass which made me query if the tank was a copy. No point in sending a replacement glass because I can’t fit it. I have contacted the seller who asked for photos of the tank, which I sent 2 days ago and am awaiting his reply.
                Any thoughts? Anything to do with their apparently being 2 versions of the i sub g?

              • I would wait for the seller to get back to you. They should replace your atomizer.

                I do not have an updated iSub G on hand to check for the metal teeth. However, the glass should be easily removable, so a copy is certainly a possibility.

  36. Hi, Frank,

    Thanks for all the prompt replies to the questions and comments, lots of good information, I am bit confused though about a couple of things;

    1. The ‘S’ claims to have better flavor and vapor cloud which you state is due to, besides the effect the Clapton coils have on flavor, the increased airflow. But I noticed on one of your replies you stated you like the Apex’s flavor lightly more (I know taste is subjective). Assuming im just an avg person with avg taste buds, which tank would produce more flavor?

    2. I have a Coolfire IV which maxes out at 40 watts and although you stated in one reply that the ‘S’ is compatible with it, in another you state that the best wattage for vaping with the ‘S’ with Clapton coils is at least 48 watts. So, should I assume that the ‘S’ would be a great option with my regular CF IV if Im using the standard isub coils, but would not have sufficient power to produce quality vapor with the Clapton coils?

    BTW, hope to get the CF IV+ soon and like others on here, no matter how many times I try a different brand, I keep coming back to innokin,

    • Hi John!

      It’s worth noting that most of my comments here reflect my own personal taste and opinion; not necessarily Innokin’s. However, I do believe the Apex has good flavor, mainly due to the slightly more restrictive airflow. The iSub S is certainly capable of a flavorful hit, you just need to adjust the AFC ring to the small holes. Generally in my experience, the more airflow you have the more dense the vapor is, but lighter the flavor. Restrictive, warmer hits usually have more intense flavor.

      I would agree that the original CF4 is not well suited to use our clapton coils. 40W would work, but I can’t say if the experience would be as good as it could be with a CF4 Plus, Disrupter, or Cortex.

      Thanks again John!

  37. Hi, I’ve just bought the Isub S – can I use the innokin Isub G coils on this?

  38. I’m a massive advocate of innokin products, and I love my Apex tank, my only gripe with it is with condensation between the Pyrex with which it makes virtually impossible to see liquid levels especially if you have a clear juice, are innokin working on a way to resolve this ?

    • Hi there Steve. With the way the Apex is designed, internal condensation is unavoidable and is likely not going to be fixable with two tank systems. However, a quick blow into the top of the tank should clear the condensation.

  39. Hi Innokin, For some time now I have been using Innokin products and have been thrilled with them. Recently, I have upgraded to Itaste mpv 3.0 pro ( in fact three of them) and bought some sub G tanks to go with them. Within a couple of days one of the tanks started leaking juice from the air vent so I rechecked eveything but it still seems to leak when I’m not vaping and left for some time. Last week I thought I’d try a sub S tank and like the sub G tank started leaking very badly from the air vent when not being used. In fact it drained the full tank within a couple of hours.II have double and treble checked the coils installation and all seems to be correct. Please could you advise on what may be the problem or is this a known issue with sub ohm tanks.

    • Hi Peter.

      A good way to prevent leaking like this is to ensure that the airflow holes are closed while you screw the tank back on. Let it sit for a few minutes before you open up the airflow. Over time, pressure changes in the air could make leaking occur, so it’s unfortunately impossible to fully prevent any leaks, but this should help. And thank for your support!

  40. On the Ti coil packaging it says .4 Ohm and 356 degrees F to 464 degrees F. Is this a suggested temperature range? Is it ok to use the full 600 degrees that the Cortex provides? Or is there a safety issue over 464 degrees?

  41. I’ve tryd every isub tank out there..
    They leak terribly through the air holes..
    Its a shame because this/these tank offers the best flavor out of any tank ive tryd..Maybe if they change the o’ring at the bottom of the coils to a flat wider washer style ; then maybe they would’nt leak..I see plenty of room at the coil base to make the orings wider,i still see metal..look into this Frank & fix it and i’ll become a isub customer/fan again..feel free to email me..thanks

    • Hey Danny.

      The feedback is much appreciated. Since all of our iSub lines use the same coil structure, it is probably due to the seal of the coil while it’s seated. I will pass your suggestion along to the engineering team.

      Thank you.

  42. hi is there any difference between i sub s cloud edition and the tempreture control one? flavour wise i mean

  43. Can the I sub s tank work on the cool fire tc 100?

  44. Anthony Davies May 2, 2016 at 4:33 pm Reply

    Hi Guys
    Could you tell me if there is a rebuildable deck available for the new i sub v-vortex tank that is supplied with the coolfire 4 tc100 mod box



  45. Will you offer 1 or 2 ohm “bvc” coils anytime in the future?

  46. Where do I find a parts / assembly diagram?

    I have a small metal ring, has some holes in it. Where does that go?

    Where do all the replacement seals go? – I think I might be missing one.

    My iSub leaks terribly. Need an assembly diagram.

    Cheers, Duncan.

  47. I would like to know how i can get a replacement tank for my isubs tank

  48. Want to buy another one of these why are they no longer available?
    In UK


  49. Like others have said Innokin rocks and is without a doubt the best product in the vaping market place keep up the good work

  50. Hi there I have a innokin smartbox can I use a Melo 3 eleaf tank on it?

  51. Does the isub 0.5 coil burning tanks suppose to be popping when ur vaping I’m new at this

  52. Im new to Vaping so go easy on me please. I currently own the INNOKIN Silver Cool Fire IV Box Mod Vaporizer, ive used two different tanks, the first one i bought was a JAC Vapour, S22 TF TANK. This tank leaked everywhere, literally flooding out of the air holes (by the way my friend recommended this combination of tank and vaporizer as he uses the same combo and has had no problems with it) i obviously thought the tank was broken so i recently purchased the Innokin 200W Scion Atomizer Tank With 0.5ohm Coils For MVP4 510 Thread and low an behold it is also leaking from the same place. ive changed the coils, ive used different liquids, different temps etc and still the same. it tends to happen when i fill the tank up but also if left stood for an hour its starts to trickle through also. Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Craig,

      Don’t overprime your coils as that can cause leaking. Also, I suggest closing the airflow off when filling your tanks to ensure a proper vacuum is formed.

      Finally, the Scion is not a great tank to use with the original Cool Fire IV as the Cool Fire IV can only provide 40W of power which is not enough to power the Scion. I would suggest looking into a Kroma-A instead. Hope this helps.

  53. Can you use the I sub s with the cool fire ace?
    If not are there any other 4.5 or 5 ml tanks suitable for cool fire ace? I got the starter kit and love everything about it except I’m constantly having to refill. Also note I use a cinnamon base juice

    • Hi Pam,

      You can indeed! Just be sure to use the standard iSub coils as the Ace does not have enough wattage for the iSub clapton coils.

      Thanks for your support.

  54. Innokin, I’ve got to tell you something. I’ve been using ecig products since 2009, been through many reservoir designs of various brands, but I stopped buying so many tanks when I was introduced to the Innokin iSub-S. I’m here to witness, brother/sister vapers. I’ve been using the SAME pair of iSub-S tanks going on nearly 3 years now. I’ve rebuilt them only ONCE with new seals and they’re still going strong like champions! I’m NOT a light vaper either, I’m a chain-vaping FREAK! I’m telling you, this tank, the way you designed it with the quick top-fill design, SS cage protected glass, easy coil swap feature, easy disassembly for cleaning, and large capacity reservoir, has spoiled me rotten to the CORE! I fell in love with it on day 1, I’m still madly in love with it today. I would literally cry if I lost them or broke them. It’s like you made them just for ME! Holy Vapes! It’s the best of the best of the entire iSub series you have, and mostly because it’s the easiest, strongest, most user-friendly, fastest top-fill tank I’ve ever seen (probably the best on the planet in it’s tank class, no kidding). Innokin already hit superiority with this tank. You will never be able to “out do yourself” beyond this tank, but feel free to keep trying, I’m watching and waiting, 😉

  55. I love the isub replaceable coils 2.0 ohm (10-16W) But I can’t get them. The place I get them is out and don’t no when they will get them in. I just don’t like any thing else. Can you please help me? I’m 60 years old so I’m old enough to smoke. Please let me know.

    Thank You

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