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iSub | Tank - Innokin
General Details
The Innokin iSub is a new top quality Vaporizer Tank which is made of Stainless Steel and high quality German made P.C.

This tank has Japanese Organic cotton wicking for superior flavor and it is packaged with 2 0.5 Ω coils.

This tank has a compact sleek new design, a huge 4ml capacity which is perfect for sub-ohm vaping and a fully adjustable airflow system.

Utilizing the innovative Innokin ‘No-Spill Easy Swap’ Vertical DeepCoil System the new Innokin iSub Tank delivers huge clouds & intense flavor at an extremely low price!

Technical Info
◎100% Stainless Steel

◎German Made P.C.

◎Japanese Organic Cotton

◎Huge 4ml Capacity

◎Full Adjustable Airflow

◎No-Spill Coil Swap System

Manual & Certificate
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  1. Thank you for the add George! I just wanted to stop by and say how much I love your product (I have the iSub tank) and how much I appreciate the innovation that Innokin has been displaying. The disruptor looks amazing, game-changing, and I hope you have all the success with it that you imagined. Thanks for being a trusted, quality manufacturer of vaping equipment, and I look forward to trying out more Innokin products soon!

  2. I really like the flavor this tank provides but I can’t handle the mouth piece. Any chance it could be customized?

  3. Love your products but, I took the time to write positive reviews on here and they never were posted! I wrote three on the isub, isubg, and isubs. Frustrating.

  4. Does this not work with the mvp20w

  5. Hello there,

    Just both a cool fire IV last week and when I got home and started using it. I noticed that the coil part of the tank was leaking in the air flow hole. Is this something known to you?


    • Hello Awaleh!

      What atomizer are you using with the device?

      • I am having the same issue with mine leaking through the air flow hole. I’m using 2.0 with mine. I taken back to where I bought it and they have looked at it and cleaned it and it’s still leaking.

        • Hi Robin,

          Check that the coil is perfectly aligned in it’s slot. Also, thicker juices help prevent leaking better. Finally, screw the airflow base back on with the airflow slots closed, and let it sit for a few minutes before vaping.

          Hope this helps you.

  6. Got the Cool Fire IV last week with the iSub… Love them both. Provides a great flavour and a great vape. Think I may stick to the Innokin line of products from now on. Thanks Innokin 😉

  7. I bought the cool fire 4 with tank last month and the seal at the mouthpiece already broke! Very disappointing!!!

    • Hi Michelle.

      What eliquids were you using with the tank? Certain flavors are known to degrade and break plastic tanks. Please avoid using citrus, menthol, or licorice flavors with our iSub tanks.

      • I’ve just had a similar problem. I was using a pear drops liquid and the tank literally dissolved. Not best pleased as I loved the tank.

  8. I bought my cool fire 4 not knowing there was a difference between I sub and I sub g. The picture used to encourage me to purchase was I found out of an isub g. I wouldn’t have been that bothered about the misrepresentation by the picture had the tank been of quality. However I’ve had it for three days and being plastic and not pyrex it has cracked and stained, almost as it the plastic were burning. Its awful I had expected more, I had expected a pyrex tank at least then it was suitable for the job. I bought the unit from Amazon a seller known as world of things 123 and I’m not impressed by his customer service.
    Just thought u should know

    Kind regards

    • Hi Claire.

      Apologies about your experience. Hopefully Amazon has taken care of you and made the seller update his product photo.

      The iSub G, being plastic, will degrade and break if used with certain eliquids (citrus, menthol, licorice, etc).

  9. As for the drip tip, I’ve been using the rubber 901 tips – fit is a little loose but it beats “tailpiping”. I had some leftover from mega cartomizers.
    If you find leakage from the airflow adjustment hole, check your atomizer O-ring. I noticed that the last iSub I received, they included 2 of each of the 3 rings needed. I would be nice if you could purchase the O-rings separately.

    • hello,

      I just would like to find out where the heck the o-ring goes. my tank is leaking thru the air vent.


      • Hi David,

        The iSub has a large o-ring at the bottom of the tank, where the polycarbonate tank meets the stainless steel base.

        Also, make sure your tank isn’t cracked. Polycarbonate can be damaged from certain vape flavors such as citrus or cinnamon flavors, which can cause leaks and ultimately total failure of the tank section.

        Hope this helps!

  10. I have used this tank for a month now and was very pleased with it for the price,But not really with the mouthpiece it is thin at the top and seems very sharp if you hit your lip or teeth with it i feel if it was made with a thicker rim or with some other material it would be a big improvement.and this morning whilst filling it on screwing it together the ring of threads snapped off from the body it does look like the plastic body does work harden with the heat or the fluid has an hardening effect on the plastic. I also found the wick used in the coil to be a lot better taken out and replaced with cotton wool whilst the coil itself is really good and can stand being re-wicked many times and because of it’s size is really easy to do.all in all a really good atomizer for the price but wishing the plastic threaded body hadn’t have broken quiet as easy.and forgot to mention i was pleased to find a full set of replacement rubber ring seals included in the box.

  11. is it safe to use the isub Clapton coils with the regular isub tank, as I’m using the isub tank with the 0.5 normal coils on istick 40 w and never faced any issues, but now and with the 0.5 Clapton coil, the tank and Mod are getting hot very quickly

  12. I have the isub tank and it just broke. It broke where the chimney attaches to mouth piece so chimney just fell out leaking ejuice everywhere. I just called my E liquid store I buy my juice from and they said all the ejuice is safe for the isub tank and nothing contained in their juice would breakdown the plastic. I’ve never dropped it or over tighten it so did I get a defective one? I went with the isub cause issues of breaking the glass on other tanks and now it’s broken. Not happy right now.

  13. How about selling replacement O-rings. They seem to fail quite often.

  14. I wanted to love the iSub that came with my CoolFire 4 (which I *do* love) but the tank is horrible (IMHO) because it leaks, it pops loudly and it doesn’t vape nicely at all. I feel like I wasted my money on the tank. Now I’m afraid to try any others (G & Apex) because I absolutely LOVE my Innokin mods (T-18’s for example, I now own three!) and my CF4 which is my newest baby. Is there any way to make the iSub behave quietly and not gurgle & leak? Thank you SO much!!

  15. Great tanks! I started with the original, then purchased an Apex, then purchased an “S”. I like them all and think they are all excellent tanks. I have a question in regards to the original iSub, and hope someone can answer. My original iSub has a problem, the airflow tube (after about a year) had separated from the top portion of the tank. The base is fine, no problems there, but hate to just toss it now being such a great performer. I got my moneys worth out of this tank, not at all upset with the broken off airflow tube, but would really love to see replacement tanks become available. I have searched and can’t seem to find any anywhere. I will hold onto the base in hopes that someday replacement tank sections will someday surface. Thanks for the great lineup of tanks!


  16. When opening my iSub tank for refilling the chimney fell to one side of the tank. So I lifted it out and noticed that the black plastic push fit insert that connects the chimney to the base of the dip tip had suffered from cracking and was now broken. This has rendered a 14 month old tank U/S. This part is not included in the spares packet of seals and being press fitted is basically unreplaceable. I note from previous comments by ‘Frank’ that menthol juices should not be used in these tanks, so where is the warning message on the tank box? This is the second innokin tank failure that I have encountered, my iSub S rotating top jamming solid. I am not impressed!

    • Hi David,

      The polymer used in the iSub tank can crack from menthols, anise flavors, spicy flavors, and many others depending on their ingredients. You can find lists of eliquid flavors online that are known to crack polymer tanks. If you want to vape menthol, please use one of our many pyrex glass equipped tanks. Thank you!

  17. The iSub is a great tank… the only downfall is I have owned two of them and both broke is the same exact spot within 4 months! (Using 70VG/30PG tobacco mix) If Innokin could fix this I would be happy to own more them.

    • Hey Logan,

      Where have your iSubs been breaking? Tobacco juices can have ingredients that cause polymer tanks to crack, weaken, or break. I would recommend a tank with Pyrex glass for tobacco flavors, and only use the iSub for flavors that don’t have tank cracking ingredients.


  18. Thanks to all the comments I now know it has a plastic tank… thanks guys… Innokin really should spicify that as the tech info only says 100% Stainless Steel well no its not obviously but if you ever do create an see thru Stainless Steel please let me know

    • Hi Steve,

      The box of the iSub states that it is made of German PC (polycarbonate). Apologies for the mishap.

      Check out the iSub G, iSub S, iSub Apex, or iSub V for similar atomizers with glass tanks.

  19. Hi ive had a coolfire iv but the chimney of it has come off can it be fixed if not what isubs is compatible with the cool fire iv

    • Hi Andy,

      I assume you are referring to the chimney on your atomizer? If that’s the case, you can use any atomizer that is 510 threaded as a replacement. I suggest the Innokin Zenith, Ares, or Scion.

  20. Victor L Hernandez January 30, 2018 at 11:31 pm Reply

    Why did you guys get rid of your 1.0 ohm coils. My customers are having to get different tanks because for some reason you now only offer 2.0 coils for 1.0 + regulated devices. My customers are upset. They’re having to buy new tanks for their 1.0+ regulated devices. They are opting for your competitors tanks because they offer more options 1.0 and above.
    I really really really need those 1.0 ohm coils to come back from Innokin. It is really hard for me to move your tanks now with only the 2.0 as an option for 1.0 + regulated devices.

  21. Hello,
    I’ve owned several of these and like them for the most part. However, every one of them has broken the same way. As many comments have stated, the chimney becomes unsealed from the inside of the tank, opposite of the mouthpiece. This has occurred using all types and flavors of juices. I don’t buy that a particular flavor is the cause of all of these failures. Sometimes it lasts six weeks, sometimes longer but this always happens. Have you guys ever considered changing the adhesive that you are using to create this seal? I’m sure many people opt for a different take after going through a couple of these In short order.

  22. Hi, does the Isub tank work with an Innokin SD20 properly?

  23. Why is it impossible to buy a set of o rings/seals for an Isub G tank?
    I’ve emailed your support email and still no solution.

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