The World’s First Siphon System, Convert your RDA to RDTA in one step, No long messy cotton, No need to squeeze all the time

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Innokin  SiPHON Tank Adapter

The World’s First Siphon System
Convert your RDA to RDTA in one step
No long messy cotton
No need to squeeze all the time

It becomes an eliquid container after screwing the  cap, easy to carry and portable.
Size: 25mm*20mm
Capacity: 4ML


1x  SiPHON Tank Adapter
1x Cap
2 X O-Rings

Colors Available: Stainless steel



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LIFT review

  1. Andrew Summerfield November 7, 2017 at 4:53 pm Reply

    I’ve been following this product since it’s been announced and I’m desperately wanting to get hold of ( at least one ) of these in 22mm. How and when can I get hold of one please ? ? ?

  2. I’ve been loving this idea!! I’d love to review this. Jay haze is a great person to have review too! Looks soooo beautiful. Awesome job dudes!

  3. I originally posted this on your Facebook page :-

    “Normally , the websites that I’ve used in the past and even the one’s that I’ve been searching haven’t even got a listing for them on a “Pre-Order” when these sites normally have pre-orders weeks in advance. I asked on your website too , but that just suggested going to Innokin Distributor list and again there is no listing on their sites either. Even a Google search for “Innokin Lift” doesn’t produce any results in Europe , in fact there was ONLY 1 site in the first 4 pages that had it “Coming Soon” anywhere in the world which was from Myvaporstore in America. I really think if your wanting to promote this properly you need to get it into web sites and shops otherwise it won’t sell. By the way I’m in the UK.”

    Just thought you should know here as well. I’m fully aware of the Ares taking centre stage at the moment , but not having another new product available anywhere , not even for pre-order is something that seriously needs looking into.

  4. Need to make a black one. I only have black rda’s and do not want a SS one on my black rda. Will buy one if a black one comes out.

  5. Can a bottom feed pin be inserted into the bottom of this? Wondering if I can squonk juice into the tank from the bottom. Can the 510 pin be replaced with a bf pin?

    • Hi Ben,

      Honestly, I am not sure, but I would hazard a guess and say no, the pins aren’t interchangeable.

    • Hi Ben,

      Why would you even wanna do that when this product is aimed specifically at bottombfeed atomizers and people who would like to use RDA but without having to drip all the time and without getting a squonk box.

      If you have a squonk mod why would you even add this and squonk into this instead of using the rda directly?

      This question is quite absurd looking at the fact that the product is meant to enable using RDA for people who do not want to drip or squonk!

      Hope that clears it and no it cannot be converted into a bottom feeder if you still want to know.

  6. Hey Innokin,
    I’m so happy that you listened to your customers and enlarged the capacity from 2ml to a much more useful 4ml. Now all you need to do is offer it in Black,Brass and Stainless in 22mm,24mm and 25mm..Matchy-Matchy you know!

  7. Hiya, is it possible to get a new glass as I smashed mine the day I got it ?

  8. I’m very interested in this, only one question. Is tgis product able to mount on a hybrid connector?

  9. I want to buy TC 150, can you suggest me in details like – If I buy TC 150 , how many things I have to purchase , like tanks, cotton , coil , and after how much time what I have to change & how.

    I am New for e cigarette & I don’t know, pls help me to purchase innokin product.

    Thanks & waiting for your reply.


    • Hi Gaurav,

      If you buy a TC150, you’ll also need at least one tank, a pack of coils, and e-liquid. A good tank for the TC150 would be the upcoming Scion 2, or the original Scion if you can’t wait. Start with 3mg or 6mg nicotine e-liquid. With regular use, we recommend you replace your coil once a week. If you’re more of a light user, every two weeks is fine.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

  10. How do I purchase this product from this website or where?

  11. Directions would be appreciated

    • Hello Noah,

      Here are our quick help directions for the LIFT Siphon tank adapter:

      -Attach LIFT-Siphon tank adapter to vaporizer.
      -Fill LIFT with e-liquid.
      -Attach LIFT cap to RDA 510 thread.
      -Connect LIFT to a bottom fed-RDA
      -Ensure tight seal between LIFT & RDA.
      -Allow time for the wick to soak and then enjoy your vape!

  12. about innokin lift it the biggest or the smallest hole will suck up more liquid

  13. What I meant to say was “I assume this would go with/work with the Thermo.

  14. Hi,

    By an utter stroke of bad luck I broke the glass on the lift. I had it attached to a drop (eerie lol) RDA and was attaching it to my drag when the thread slipped and I dropped it I tried to cushion the fall and got it to land on my foot before it got to the floor but on picking it up I found it was done for.

    Can I get a spare glass for it and do you guys make a bigger tank for it too? The juice consumption is higher than others thus even 4 ml feels small.

    With all the technology at hand can’t you guys make it out of tempered reinforced glass or some kind of resin/fiber or whatever so that this doesn’t break.

    I fear that the answer may be no replacement glass buy a new one and that’ll be bad as it was pure luck I got my hands on this one itself.

    Please let me know what I can do.

    • Hi Shantanu,

      So sorry to hear about what happened with your LIFT STA. Unfortunately, we do not usually provide warranty services specifically regarding atomizers (or adapters as in this case). We are working on providing more shipping options for non-US residents on soon.

      The glass used in our products is Pyrex, which is more tough and resistant to breakage than normal glass. Unfortunately your assumption is correct- I recommend you purchase a replacement and try to be more careful when screwing it onto your mod.

  15. Hi! This will work with mesh RDA by Cand Vape as the squonk hole is covered by cotton?

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