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SCION Tank - Innokin


General Details
Designed for vapers seeking terrific flavor AND deep, rich clouds……the SCION is sure to please! The SCION’s perfect airflow design allows users to experience the best of both worlds.

Manufactured with only top quality stainless steel, pyrex glass, and a threaded wide-bore delrin drip tip, the SCION is built to last.
The best part is…….it’s also extremely affordable!

Crafted by vapers for vapers, the SCION will exceed expectations while providing THE superior vaping experience

Key Features/Specs:
Sleek, compact design
24mm diameter
3.5ml liquid capacity
Easy top-fill
Each SCION is packaged with X2ea 0.28Ω Kanthal BVC coils, tested and rated at 100W-200W
0.5Ω Kanthal BVC coils are also available, rated at 70W-110W
Replacement coils available in 3-packs
Available in black, silver, white, blue, purple, rainbow

Review Videos
SCION Tank review

  1. can i fit it on my cool fire 4 plus ? thanks

  2. i am having a problem with the .50 ohm coil, it is burning out very quickly on a 78 watt…any advice

    • Hi Anika,

      The .5ohm coils should handle 78 watts no problem. Check to make sure that your mod is properly applying the right amount of power, and that the connection between your coil and mod is clean. If the problem persists, replace the coil. Thank you!

  3. The review by Vaping Biker showed a larger capacity spare pyrex glass in the box, but mine just had the standard one. Is the larger ‘bubble’ glass not available? That extra capacity was one of the reasons I purchased this tank.

  4. the bottom of glass is very hard to twist off to replace coils im afraid i might break something is there a simpiler way?

    • Hi Zach,

      Leave your Scion tank in the freezer for a few minutes to shrink the o-rings. This should make it easier to take apart so you can replace the coil.

      Thank you for supporting Innokin!

  5. It did not last longer than 3 weeks before the mouth piece threads stripped out and I began sucking in pure juice.

    • Hello Timothy,

      I am sorry to hear that your Scion drip tip threads and stripped so easily and quickly. Please contact our support email at to begin your warranty process, as this tank is covered under our 90 day limited warranty. If you need any more help or guidance, please respond to this comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

      • I contacted the support team, showed my proof of purchase and in the end was told there was nothing they could do. I was told the tanks are not covered by the warranty as they are a “consumable item”. Currently the tips are not being sold separately and they can’t provide spare parts to consumers directly.

  6. The bottom glass o-ring was missing from scion tank, I tried to use of the spares but I can’t get the glass to seat. It’s like it’s too big. Are there replacement o-rings available or should the spare work?

  7. Christopher Huckleberry September 1, 2017 at 12:31 am Reply

    Can the scion tank use tfv8 coils also?

  8. My .5 coil burns out in about 2 days I’ve tried different juices replacing coils and the problem still occurs I brought it to a local vape shop and they don’t know what is causing the issue either

    • Hi Jon,

      There are a lot of reasons why this could be happening, so I’ll go over a few of them in hopes they solve your issue.

      1. Make sure the juices you’re using aren’t high in sugar or sugar substitute. Sweeteners will kill coils very quickly.

      2. Don’t run your coil too hot. Double check the recommended wattage range for your specific cool and stay within the parameters.

      3. Clean the contacts of your tanks 510 connector and your mods 510 threading.

      Hope this helps.

  9. When I purchased my tank I was told there would be a Rta section included along with a larger glass. I got spare orings , standard glass and .28 ohm coil. Is there other packages or is it sold separately. If so where can I purchase. Tank is awesome in current configuration very impressed by the amount of flavor and clouds.

  10. Where can I get the rta section and bigger glass?

    • Hey there Zach,

      You can find accessories for our Scion tank online at various authorized Innokin dealers. If you’re having a particularly hard time finding a specific product in stock, try using Also, you can contact our support at to request direct replacements for your Scion. Thank you!

  11. Wondering if you can use this tank at a lower wattage.. 30w-40w without it leaking, using the 0.5 coil..Thxs

  12. Do you guys make replacement parts for your tanks? If not, you guys definitely should.

  13. What is the lowest you wattage you can use for the .028 coils?

  14. To whom it concerns,

    I’m desperately seeking at least, 2 Innokin scion RTA coils and at least 4 of the extended scion “bubble” glass replacement tanks.

    Any/All vendors I’ve been able to locate here in America are, “out of stock” without any restock date available

    PLEASE contact me immediately as i am ready to purchase previously mentioned items ASAP

    Thank you for your time & considerations,

  15. Hi,
    I’d very much like to purchase the RBA coil for my Scion. I have searched thoroughly and only found one overseas (USA here) retailer that even listed it and they were of course unavailable.
    May I please purchase one directly from you? Please advise.

  16. The threads on my tip have stripped out . Not looking for a warranty just want to buy a replacement if possible


    • Hey Jose,

      You should start your coils at a lower wattage, and then gradually increase the power over time as the coil breaks in. If you’re still having issues, try switching juices, as your choice of juice could be causing extreme coil degradation. You can also request to have a replacement pack of coils sent to you via our support. Email us at Thank you!

  18. Hello Frank,

    I’m also having the stripped drip tip (say that 3 times fast) problem. I know this is considered a “value” tank, but you’d think that a material other than plastic would have been used for the threads. If not that, replacements should be made easily available, with at least one shipping with the tank.

    My other complaint also involves the drip tip. It’s slippery and hard to turn. Perhaps some knurling on the lower portion (towards the tank) would make things easier. That might even relieve a bit of stress (twisting hard with uneven pressure) on those delicate threads and prolonging their life a bit. Vape bands are helpful, although I don’t think I should need to use one just to top off my juice.

    • Hi James,

      Thanks a lot for your feedback! I agree that there should be some type of knurling to help unscrew the drip tip in any future Scion iterations.

      I believe the delrin was used as threading material to prevent the drip tip from getting too hot. We’ve had reports in the past of people burning their lips on metal drip tips.

      • Hello again, Frank! I know, it’s been a while. I hope you are doing well.

        I recently found the store link to the new drip tips and, I must say, they are a VAST improvement over the original ones. The material is much harder, and it’s not as “slippery”. It should hold up for a long time and I’ve not had a problem being able to grab onto it. I love this tank and it’s great to have it back in my “active lineup”. And those “Plexus” coils… YES!

        Although it wasn’t necessary, I just wanted to let you know my thoughts. Kudos to engineering for this simple, yet effective (and cheap) solution. Stay well!

        • Hello again James,

          I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the new replacement drip tips! I agree, they were definitely an improvement. The Plexus coils have been my favorite lately! Great flavor and I don’t have to worry about replacing my coil as often. Been quite happy with it.

          We always appreciate hearing feedback and thoughts from our customers, so thank you! Happy vaping!

  19. Hello

    What is the best wattage for 0.5coil?


  20. is the scion tank a 510 drip tip?

  21. Great tank. Shame about the plastic tip. 24hrs old. One light bump and the thing won’t stay on anymore. Lucky it came with a spare tip!

    Please please please release something more durable for this fantastic tank. Tip seems to be the only thing letting it down.

  22. I’m filling my Scion tank for the first time. Where is the fill line (i.e., how far should I fill it)? Feel free to email me a picture or if anyone could describe the proper fill level, that’d be great.

  23. I purchased the tank today and I am pleased with the wattage I have a gx2/4 smok mod and it seems to take a minute to get a good puff, is the tank compatible with this mod or is there always a little delay? First time using innokin so curious as to why this is?

    • Hi Daniel,

      I cannot say with certainty about the compatibility of the Scion with the Gx2/4. However, the issue you describe does sound like the mod is the culprit rather than the tank. The batteries may not be able to handle the wattage you are using.

  24. Which coil settings do I need when using on the MVP4?

    • Hi Richard,

      I like to start my Scion coils off at around 70W. As it breaks in, I up the wattage in 5 watt increments until I’m happy with the flavor, usually settling around 85W. Hope this helps!

  25. I’ve purchased two of these tanks (one from Kanger and one from a local vape store). I used the first one for several months, and then the black tip quit tightening. Cleaning didn’t help. It wouldn’t screw in at all. So it would just pop off; couldn’t carry it in my purse or lay it down sideways. The second one has now started doing the same thing. It’s worthless. I haven’t been using it more than a month and a half. Maybe not even that long. Haven’t dropped it or abused it in any way. I have about 12 coils, so I don’t want to choose a different tank altogether. I feel like I have wasted my money.

  26. Are there any tanks/coils that would support wax that I would be able to use on my oceanus?

    • Hi Jordan,

      I cannot give you specific recommendations on this matter. However, the Oceanus is a 510 compatible device, so I would begin your search with 510 atomizers that suit your specific needs. Thanks.

  27. I really want a cool mouth piece instead of just solid black. Any options on that? Or am I stuck with black?

  28. Hi
    I’ve just got the tank but find it really hard to fill up, every time I squeeze the bottle the juice comes back out the top and it takes ages to fill the tank. Is there an easy way or is there something I’m not doing right? Apart from the filling it up I’m loving the tank! Just a shame that lets it down!

    • Hi Andrew,

      I imagine this issue is down to your filling method. In my experience, it’s best to squeeze in a little bit, back off, and wait. Then, once the juice has settled, squeeze in a little bit more. Repeat this until the tank is topped off. If you fill too quickly, especially with thicker juice, it won’t have enough time to settle at the bottom and will come back out of the top. Filling can also be made quicker if you use the larger glass tank. Hope this helps!

  29. I just received the Innokin Proton starter kit which includes the Scion 2 Tank.I am pleased with both the vaporizer and the tank.One question though-I wish to switch over to the 5 ml tank but it seems too big and the o rings that came in the package are too small.The smaller glass seems to have a rubber gasket on the inside of the chimney at the top (drip tip end) and nothing on the other end but fits snugly.My question then is should I attempt to get the o ring out of the smaller glass tube or is one available that fits properly?Any direction on this problem would be appreciated.

    • Hello Anthony,

      You’ll need both o-rings from the smaller glass for the large glass. One on top, one on bottom. It will be a snug fit but everything should all fit together snugly. There’s also a spare supply of o-rings within your starter kit. Let me know if you require further assistance.

  30. I had very bad experience with this scion tank, it drips a lots of juice, it leaks. I will never buy this products again. I will choose a better brand that it’s not leaking.

    • Hi Steve,

      It’s likely a defective coil. Please replace the coil in your Scion and see if the leak issue is alleviated. Make sure to only fill your tank with the airflow slots completely closed and do NOT overfill or overprime your coil with e-liquid. Thank you.

  31. I’ve been using an MVP2 with a Kanger Protank 2 on 6.0 watts for years and just received the MVP4. Can you tell me what setting to place the unit on for the included Scion tank and Coil? I’m thinking wattage mode as there is no Ni, SS or Ti on coil. I prefer low wattage and low temps. Thanks

  32. I’m absolutely loving the scion2. I’m using the proton mod and plexus coils. However I have now got an issue where the top seal where you fill the rank has swollen and the fill hole has closed up slightly making it harder to fill. It’s also made the open and close tighter. Has anyone else had this problem?

  33. are the new plexus coils compatible with the original scion tank

  34. How do I make a purchase on this site?

  35. Hi,

    Can i use this tank on Coolfire Iv tc100?

    Kind regards,

  36. I bought this tank and I have to say that the taste is excellent, its probably one of the best tanks I have tried for flavour. The one downfall I had though with this was the 0.5ohms coil, I found this coil was no good. I had this coil on for around three days and at the beginning the flavour was just as good as the .28ohms coil but it started to basically have no flavour at all and just produce clouds. I did not mind the fact that this did that because it was not a burning flavour but by the time the tank was empty I switched back to the .28ohms. If anyone is thinking about buying this tank just use the .28ohms coils and you will be 100% satisfied.

    • Hi Chad,

      We appreciate the feedback. Is it possible the juice you’re using has artificial sweeteners in it? They are known for gunking up coils quickly and causing burnt taste faster than expected.

  37. First time user of these gadgets and already experienced a problem with leakage. Did not overtighten and took extra care trying to identify problem. Now I can see one of the gaskets is broken and needs replacing but I cannot find a diagram that shows me how/ what needs to be done. Any help appreciated.

  38. I just got this Scion tank , could please help me to find a good mod for it ?

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