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THERMO Tank - Innokin


The innovative WindStorm design whips up clouds of vapor in the Cyclonic Chamber, resulting in a combination of massive clouds and terrific flavor.....and eliminates spitback!

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Prepare for an unbelievably new vaping experience with the Thermo RDA from Innokin.
The innovative WindStorm design whips up clouds of vapor in the Cyclonic Chamber, resulting in a combination of massive clouds and terrific flavor…..and eliminates spitback!
The ready to build dual clamp style deck can be easily swapped out for the included velocity style posts, making the Thermo one of the most versatile RDA’s on the market.
The huge juice/wicking channels allow users to spend more time vaping and less time dripping.
With a large build deck and 2.5mm post holes, avid builders are able to install all of their favorite coil builds with ease.
Fixed bottom and adjustable top airflow, allowing for maximum power and massive clouds.
The stylish Thermo packaging includes everything you need to get vaping: prebuilt coils, organic cotton, spare screws and much more.
The Thermo RDA also comes included with a beautiful, widebore resin driptip.
Available in 25mm and 27mm diameters.

Windstorm Cyclone System

Wide-Bore Resin Tip
Spit-Back Guard
Large Build Deck
Clamp Style Posts
Air Flow Control
Deep Juice Well

Thermo RDA,
Extra Velocity Style Posts,
Bottom Feed Pin,
Screw Driver,
Coils (4),
Glass Tube,
User Guide

User Manual
  1. How can make a purchase

  2. When can we expect them in the stores cant wait to try the 25 series…..

    • Hey Aad,

      You can expect the Thermo to release very soon. Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter and check back on our site frequently for the latest updates, releases, and announcements. Thanks for supporting us!

  3. How do I buy your products?

  4. when will this be ready for sale i would like to buy one and add it to my collection

    • Hi Aaron,

      The Thermo will be available very soon. Be sure to check back here often as well as subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date all on releases and announcements! Thanks for the love.

  5. Hi
    I like your thermo rda design would love to try this, we have a small vaping community in my city we vape on different devices and checked your products and we all like the products.

    Regards Zeeshan Dadabhai
    Kolkata Cloud Chasers

  6. When will this be released?

  7. whens this going to be on the market?

  8. Hi I’ve just got the thermo tank and it really good but my bf pin snapped when installing,where can I get one from???im a big squonker fan ??

  9. I won one on the Instagram giveaway, which one will I get, the 25 or 27mm? Also just wondering why it will be shipped out. Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway. Definitely can’t wait to give it a try. One more question, how deep is the juice well? I have an RDA that the juice well is really shallow so after 5 puffs and I’m having to refill.

    • Hi Geoffrey,

      Sorry I didn’t get to your question sooner! Have you received your Thermo yet from our Instagram giveaway? I believe you should be getting the 25mm (or you should have been asked which one you’d like). Off-hand I do not know the exact measurements of the juice well however the refilling speed will vary from vaper to vaper depending on usage, coil build, and nicotine strength. Thanks and congratulations on your win!

      • I haven’t received it yet and I wasn’t asked if I wanted the 25 or 27. I would actually like the 25 due to my mods. With the 25, I won’t have to worry about overhang. I haven’t received any other email except for the original one when I was asked for my info. Thanks for your help.

  10. I was wonder how i would go about purchasing extra replacement glass

  11. Hi, i buy innokin thermo last day…and now the drip trip has broken…can i use the universal drip tip (after market driptip) ? If yes, what size is it?

  12. is new colors drip tips will be available ?

    • Hi Stephane,

      At this time I am not certain if we will offer different color drip tips for the Thermo. When there is more news on the matter if necessary, I’ll update this comment. Thank you!

  13. Is there a website i can purchase the in okin thermo online?

  14. Hey. recently purchased the 27 mm Thermo rda. Best rda I’ve used so far, brilliant device. Annoyingly, i dropped it the other day and the drip tip has shattered. Painful not being able to use at the moment! Looked online and cant seem to find where i can purchase just the drip tip, or another of the right size. Would innokin be willing to supply a new drip tip?

    • Hey there Dean,

      Sorry to hear about what happened to your Thermo drip tip! Send us a message at with a request to have a replacement drip tip sent out to you. Be ready to provide proof of purchase if they deem it necessary. Thanks and hope you get your Thermo back up and running soon!

  15. Is there a replacement drip tip my broke into 3 pieces

  16. I purchased the RDA and love it, however, I was just curious about what type of wire the prebuilt coils were made out of. Great work on the RDA, absolutely love it! Thanks in advanced for the info!

    • Hey Tad,

      That’s great to hear! I believe the pre-built coils were using Kanthal.

      • Ive seen on here the support link to request a new drip tip. I dropped mine and it shattered and I wrote them three times on how I can purchase a new one and still no reply. Its been almost two months now. Is there any way you can send me the link via e-mail? I’m sure it’s something on my end. I just really want to get back using this great device and it’s frustrating that its this hard to get a drip tip. You always seem to reply on here and just seeing what you can do to help. I wish you guys sold it here on your site because its impossible to find anywhere else. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  17. i like it and get massive clouds but i get no flavor like at all and i’ve tried the clamp and velocity deck, both pre built coils, only thing i have left to try is making my own coils and see if there is a difference. i did notice more flavor without using the drip tip on it. any other tips cause I”m kinda not happy with it since i thought it was going to out perform my other RDA’s but so far its kinda a let down. i have the 25MM version. So any other tips?

    • Hi Fabian,

      If you want a bigger focus on flavor, I would recommend the basics; reduce your airflow and build coils with more surface area touching cotton.

      • I’ve tried everything between parallel to alien, 7 wraps to make sure there’s tons of contact and the flavour is still muted at best unless you absolutely haul on the thing. Great for cloud chasing but flavour isn’t my favourite on it compared to my Kennedy or twisted messes

  18. How many ML does the tank hold?

  19. Dose anyone know we’re I can get another tip for mine mine fell off and broke

  20. how to built the velocity clamp please make a viedo or send explicative plans thank in advance

  21. First off, love the tank. But unfortunately the squonk pin is useless. It will not screw into the posts, straight out of the box I notice the end was burred with no thread. This would have been my go to tank but being mostly a sqonker Or rdta vaper it’s a disappointment. Get the build quality right on the sqonk pin and it is a winner!

  22. Reached out to your support. Was told it was under reconstruction and to try my local importer. They are looking into getting another pin. The 27 mm Thermo I also ordered arrived today, guess what BF pin doesn’t screw in. You have a problem. Two tanks same problem. Such a shame as it’s a good design, just can’t use as a squonk tank. I find it hard to believe that you guys didn’t realise that the BF pin you supply is badly designed. The walls of the pin are to thin (whole is to big) when you try to screw it in the pin is compressed and the walls of the pin fail. Disappointing from a company such as Innokin to supply what any engineer would have told them it would fail in its purpose!

  23. Hi I was wondering if this tank would work on the innokin coolfire ultra?

  24. Hi, I’m struggling changing from the clamp to the deck… Any advice?

  25. Can I use this on the MVP 3 Pro?

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