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Reshape, Replace, Redefine

3-in-1 Vaping for Sustainability

Reshape your vaping experience with TRINE Solution for pod-system! Featuring a 3-in-1 integration of ABC: Atomizer, Battery (removable & rechargeable), and Control panel, Trine redefines sustainability, savings, and outstanding performance with a battery replacement system and EcoDrain technology.

3-in-1 Structure
Removable & Rechargeable Battery
Powered by EcoDrain™

Industry's First Eco-Safe Battery Recycling Solution

Enhance safety with our patented EcoDrain™ battery discharge technology! EcoDrain allows you to discharge batteries before disposal, minimizing the risk of fire hazards.

3 Pod Variants for a Tailored Experience

Effortlessly harness optimal power with Trine's intelligent pod recognition. From the smooth 1.2Ω pod at 10W to the intense 0.6Ω pod at 25W, enjoy tailored vaping experiences with ease.

Enhanced Flavour Experience

Ultra-high flavour purity delivers consistent performance until the last puff, with rich layers of intensity and every subtle note of your e-liquid highlighted.

Compatible with Freebase and NicSalt E-liquids

Experience versatility with Trine's pods—compatible with both NicSalt and Freebase e-liquids for your preferred vaping style.

Leak-Proof Top Refills

Effortlessly refill with a top-mounted design, preventing messy leaks and providing ultimate convenience.


Rechargeable & Replaceable Battery

You can charge the device using Type-C or easily swap between replaceable 1000mAh batteries for extended runtime when you need it most.


Accurate Airflow Adjustment

Find the perfect draw every time with Trine's simple and accurate sliding airflow system.


Fine-Tuned 6-25W Power Control

Customize your vaping satisfaction with 0.5W increments for precise power output.

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OLED Precision at a Glance

Stay informed with ease using the OLED screen and user-friendly interface, effortlessly tracking all essential details at a glance.


Choose from 6 Stunning Colours

Unicorn Gold-pink)
Ivory White)
Klein Blue)
Slate Black)


Looking for a quick start guide to Trine ?
Download the User Manual.

  • Specification

    Pod Name Vcap
    Battery Name Model B1000
    Dimensions 110.93*25.86*15.57 mm (with pod)
    Pod Capacity 2mL
    Coil Resistance 0.6Ω/0.8Ω/1.2Ω
    Battery Capacity 1000mAh (removable & rechargeable)
    Power Output 6-25W
    Output Voltage 2.0-4.35V
    Charging Current DC5.0V/1A
    Device Material Aluminium Alloy
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