Mr. John Dunne from UKVIA Visited Innokin HQ in Shenzhen

December 25 2019

Mr. John Dunne, the Board Director and Spokesman of the United Kingdom Vaping Industry Association, the UKVIA, visited Innokin HQ in Shenzhen. Mr. Dunne spoke with George and Tao about vaping in 2019 and shared insights about what’s next in 2020!

Innokin was proud to welcome Mr. John Dunne, the Board Director and Spokesman of UKVIA to Innokin Headquarters in Shenzhen, China!

Accompanied by Mr. George Xia , Co-Founder and Vice President, and Tao Cui, Director of Strategic Resource, Mr. John Dunne visited the main departments at Innokin HQ and was given in-depth look into Innokin history and our vision for 2020.

In this photo: Tao and George Interview Mr. John Dunne, the Board Director and Spokesman of UKVIA and together they share advanced insights into the Vaping industry.
Please watch the video for the full interview and share it with anyone who should learn more about vaping.

Mr. Dunne had a great afternoon with Mr. Fisher Hu, the Vice Director of Marketing and learned all about Chinese brush Calligraphy.

Thank you, Mr. John Dunne for the visit and we firmly believe that together we can make a big difference for smokers and vapers around the world!
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