Undermined Factor of E-cigarette

July 22 2015

When users of e cigarette purchase their products, they tend to mainly look at the vaporizers or the batteries. However, as customers advance their products into bigger and more enhanced e-cigarettes, they also need to take into consideration which tank they would like to use for their products. It is important to note that not all vaporizers are compatible with the tanks available on the market. Also, depends on the tank, the taste or feel while vaping may differ. According to the Quit Smoking Community, “Many people have no idea what they do or what the difference between them is. But understanding these components of electronic cigarettes is the key to making smart purchasing decisions and ensuring you have the best vape experience”. Many people tend to undermine the importance of tanks while only thinking about the vaporizer themselves but there exist a great variety of tanks and choosing the right one may determine the satisfaction of the product.

The three categories that divide the function of the e-cigarette are the atomizer, clearomizer, and the cartomizer. It is clear that every electronic cigarette contains an atomizer, as it is the atomizer that converts the e-juice into vapor. Basically, the clearomizer and the cartomizer have the atomizer that allows it to function.

First, the battery that allows the coils to heat up the e-juice, creating it into vapor, powers the atomizer. The difference, according to the Quit Smoking Community, is that “when the atomizer is by itself in the pen (i.e. without a clearomizer or cartomizer) then the liquid usually drips straight onto the atomizer. The atomizer has a soft wick on it that absorbs the liquid and helps regulate how much liquid is permitted near the coil at once. This ensures that not too much vapor is being produced and that the liquid burns at a reasonable rate to allow for lengthy vaping sessions. This is called ‘drippin’”. It is said that because dripping allows the e-juice to directly get in contact with the atomizer, it created the most flavor but it is also has a negative aspect in that it is more inconvenient in the sense that you must clean your device more often and it is ore prone to leaking. Also, another downside is that it is diffilcult to determine how much e-juice you have left.

The clearomizer is beneficial in that, like the name, it is clear allowing users to see how much e-juice one has left in their device. Clearomizers come in difference sizes and according to the preference of the users; one may choose a bigger one that enables it to contain more e-juice. Clearomizers are also customizable in the sense that users may “add more coils to produce more vapor” (Quit Smoking Community). Even amongst the clearomizers, there are a variety of choices, each appealing different aspects that must be considered when purchasing. The Quit Smoking Community has conveniently indicated these differences as they list the different types. First, the “top coil clearomizer creates a nice, warm vapor. That’s because it is so close to the atomizer head. These are the easiest kinds of clearomizers to refill, since you can fill them up from the top”. The next is the ‘bottom coil’ which “has great wicking, and the vapor quality is excellent. And it produces a very cool vapor, which is great if that is what you prefer. You won’t have to worry about the vapor burning your throat. Lastly, the ‘multiple coils’ allows “you can receive more vapor and a stronger throat hit. And it may surprise you that two coils make for a cooler vapor. That’s because the coils are spread out, so that heat is spread out as well, making for a cooler interior temperature”.

The Quit Smoking Community also explains the difference between the cartomizers and the clearomizers as “both of them have a coil and a tank, but they work a little differently in the way they send liquid to the coil. A cartomizer can be packed with a material known as a poly-fill, which is an artificial filler. This basically makes the cartomizer cartridge un-fillable”. The cartomizer also has different types and these are divided into the ‘vertical coil’ and the ‘horizontal coil’. The vertical coil “runs the length of the cartridge, and it is surrounded by poly-fill. There is no wick involved at all” while “with the horizontal coil, there is no poly-fill. But you don’t have to contend with the wicks. The wick can sometimes be too thick and hard to keep wet”.

As one can see from the information provided above, there are a variety of different choices that users have to choose from. According to what the vaper wants from their devices, they should be keen on choosing the right product that will produce the desired outcome.