BigBox Atlas Kit

200W temperature control, Replaceable dual 18650 battery, High quality light-weight resin

General Details
The BigBox Atlas Vaporizer

200W temperature control
Replaceable dual 18650 battery
High quality light-weight resin
Full resin body with unique honeycomb design
Ultra compact size

1x BigBox Atlas Mod
1x Resin 810 Drip Tip
1x Micro USB Charging Cable
1x Quick Start Guide
Colors Available : Green, Red,Purple

Review Videos
BigBox Atlas review

User Manual
BigBox Atlas User Manual

bigbox-atlas vape

  1. When can we expect to be able to buy one of these?

  2. Love the look of this, I have two questions:

    1. ) Are there protections in place that make this safe to charge 18650s internally?
    2.) Will atomizers sit flush? Love my Innokin products but hate that most have gaps due to me not being able to screw down my atties all the way.

    • Hi Adam,

      1. Yes, but we always recommend you charge your 18650 batteries in an external battery charger to prolong their lifespan.

      2. Yes, this features our latest 510 connector which sits flush with most 510 compatible atomizers on the market.

      Thanks for your interest!

  3. I think you made it too big. Its a very good looking device but in comparison to other small box mods 2*18650 its alot bigger
    For example voopoo drag or smok majesty..

  4. Great looking mod, can you give the sizes?

  5. Dear Innokin,

    If the Liftbox and the Bigbox Atlas have a baby you’ll have a real winner in your hands.
    Imagine a Reauleaux or Minikin form factor with the LIFT system and a beautiful all resin body… I’d buy it in a hearbeat and I’m sure there are a lot of people who would do the same.

    • Hey Mihai,

      Thank you for the great feedback! I think a mod offering the LIFT Siphon system, a full screen interface, and attractive colors & materials would be amazing. We are currently limited by physical space- a mod offering all of those features would be quite large. But I hope it becomes a reality someday!

  6. Dear Innokin,

    Please come out with an all black version.

  7. Hi, just brought this amazing mod! No lag whatsoever, I’m am just wondering when do you start releasing firmware updates? Cheers

    • Hey Andrew,

      Thanks for purchasing a BigBox Atlas! No word on firmware upgrades yet, but check back to this page every so often to see if there’s any updates! Happy vaping!

  8. I put fully charged batteries in and it won’t turn on. I put them in correctly and everything and still won’t turn on

  9. What are the dimensions? I need to know if i can put a 30mm diameter RDTA on the Atlas with NO overhang.

  10. Hey great-looking mods! My main curiosity is how durable is the honeycomb resin? Incase of impact or toughness? Please let me know what you think

  11. Hello, I have purchased two of the green devices this month. The magnet from the battery cover came out and broke. I have a hole in the top of the panel that covers the batteries. The panel is unusable now. The online store that i purchased it from won’t even reply back. I am willing to buy a replacement green panel. Is this an option? PLEASE HELP… THANKS

  12. HI Innokin Frank,

    This is the perfect MOD, PLEASE come out with one in YELLOW. I’ll even pre-order Yellow.
    Please let me know how to order it :)
    Thank you!!!!

  13. I just bought one of these is there any way to adjust the ohms resistance setting? Would be pretty disappointing if there’s no way to do that on a so called “designer” mod especially when it constantly sets it wrong

    • Hi Eric,

      Ohms resistance is not adjustable via any mod. The ohms reading is based on the coil you are using in your chosen atomizer. The only way to “adjust” your ohms is to change your coil build. Hope this helps.

  14. I purchased a purple one about 2 weeks ago. I am in love with the design. But the quality is terrible. Just from pulling it out of my pocket. The resin cracked and now is very flimsy. I am also unable to get my tank off of the mod now. It just spins and spins. I’m pretty sure the only way I will get my tank off is to destroy this thing

    • Hi Brett,

      Very sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having with your BigBox Atlas. I would recommend bringing up this matter with our lovely support team. As you’ve only had it for two weeks, it’s still eligible for our limited warranty service. Please email us with pictures and proof of purchase as soon as you can at and we will do our best to make things right. Sorry again for the trouble. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

  15. Hi Innokin,

    Does Atlas have an passtrough?

  16. Hi just bought one of these and i want to know where can i get a protective sleeve/ case for it? Just a silicone one will do, iv googled it but haven’t had much luck, its just iv read online that if dropped they tend to break easily, i bought it because i loved how light it is and want to use it as my out and about vape…by the way its an excellent and well made mod…love it :)

    • Hi Clint,

      Thank you for your support! We do not sell a silicone sleeve for the Atlas, however you can probably find a third party vendor out there who makes skins, sleeves, and holders for any mod. It may have to be custom made. Check ebay, etsy, amazon, etc.

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